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by Starry

May 12 2021

Sneakers and streetwear that are one-of-a-kind

Novelship Review is the most trusted marketplace for exclusive footwear and streetwear in Southeast Asia. We have Southeast Asia’s biggest range of limited edition merchandise you know and love, from your beloved Air Jordans to the new and greatest Supreme launches.

Never Fake, Always Authentic

Our love for genuine footwear and streetwear is undeniable. The foundation of Novelship Review is the conviction that you should be able to purchase and sell 100% genuine, deadstock sneakers and streetwear. Any product purchased and sold on our platform is checked, authenticated, and safely traded.

Novelship Buyer’s Guide (Buy Now)

Step 1: In the search box shown by the red box, look for the commodity you want to buy. Enter the name of the substance you’re looking for, or press the magnifying glass (search icon). You can also see the Hot Releases by clicking Browse Everything or scrolling down.

Step 2: After the search engine has finished its magic, you will be redirected to a page with the appropriate items. To be guided to the Sales Page, click on the product you want to buy.

Step 3: The Product Details, Brand, Name, and SKU will all be shown on the Product Page. You can find product descriptions and related items by scrolling down.

Step 4: When you press BUY NOW, you’ll be taken to the Choose Size tab, where you can see all of the active listings as well as the price of the sneaker in each size. After that, you can pick the size that you choose to buy.

Step 5: You should then check the Purchase information on the Review Purchase tab. The first red box on the first Review Purchase picture would show the size, product price, delivery fee, emergency courier surcharge fee, processing fee, and total price.

Step 6: Before your order is completed, you will be prompted to validate your payment information. After you’ve double-checked all of the details, click the CONFIRM button to complete your order.

Step 7: Congratulate yourself. Your purchase has been completed. The vendor has two business days to ship the order to our fulfilment centre.


To Sell Now, simply follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to the top right corner of the website and click the Sell button. You may also use the red box to look for the product you wish to add to the List in the search box. Enter the name of the substance you’re looking for, or press the magnifying glass (search icon). You can also see the Hot Releases by clicking Browse Everything or scrolling down.

Step 2: When you press the Sell button, you’ll be taken to the Products Search tab. Then, using the search box shown by the red box in the first picture, look for the product you want to sell. This will take you directly to Step 3’s size selection tab. You will be routed to the product page after you have clicked on the product that you want to list whether you looked for it on the main page, by clicking or scrolling through the main page.

Step 3: After you’ve found your product in the Check for Products box or by pressing the Sell Now button on the Product Tab, you’ll be taken to the SELECT SIZE page, where you can see all of the active Offers for each model. Then you can choose which size you’d like to Sell Now to. If you haven’t already done so, you’ll need to log in at this point after checking the height.
After you’ve signed in, press the Sell Now button as seen in the second screenshot, and you’ll be guided to the Review Sale tab.

Note: You can sell to the bidder who makes the best bid price right away. You will be creating a new listing if you set the sale price higher than the highest bid price.

Step 4: Following that, you’ll be taken to the Review Sale tab. You can check the specifics of your Sale on this list. The first red box would show the size, product price, shipping fee, selling fee, processing fee, and total payout. You can then enter/confirm your Shipping/Billing Address, Payment, and Payout information after the sale details have been verified. Once you’ve completed those measures, you’ll need to check the appropriate checkboxes before clicking the CONFIRM SALE icon.

Step 5: Before you approve your sale, you’ll be reminded one more time to double-check the final information. If all looks right, press the CONFIRM button to confirm your sale and initiate a transaction.

Step 6: Congratulate yourself. Your purchase has been authenticated. You have two working days to ship the order to the fulfilment centre.

Novelship Reviews

“Checkout is fast and safe. The Jordans that I got were genuine. The delivery should have been a bit quicker. Due to the vendor, there was some pause. If you’re looking for authentic shoes or streetwear in Singapore, I’d consider using.”

“I’m very grateful for the support offered by your firm. Your customer care staff handled the situation professionally and responsibly. I will undoubtedly recommend your firm to others. Keep up the good job, and I hope your business will continue to provide users with more opportunities in the future.”

“Hello there, New Zealand.

First and foremost, thank you to Footlocker PORIRUA NZ for referring me to this website to purchase my Gdragon Nike AF1 Paranoise 2.0.

I absolutely love this site; the fast service and distribution are fantastic, and I can be assured that my shoes are 100% genuine.”

“Amazing customer experience!

There are no issues at all. Easy to work with, excellent coordination, and prompt delivery. It’s practically hassle-free! Thank you for your efforts, and please continue to do so.”


We appreciate how frightening it is to purchase and sell on the internet. That’s why we’ve worked with some of the best payment services in the world to ensure that your purchases and payouts are always safe. We invite you to visit our local group and interact with like-minded mavericks, whether you’ve been with Supreme since the 1990s or are just getting your first pair of Yeezys. It’s never been easier to find your own on Novelship Review.

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