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We empower a new generation of digital-savvy, mobile-first consumers by giving them smarter access to their aspirations.

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Atome is one of Southeast Asia's leading digital consumer financing platform. Short for "Available to Me", Atome offers shoppers flexible payment solutions at popular online and offline retailers across categories like fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel, fitness and homeware.

Atome is part of Atome Financial, a leading fintech company with extensive experience in consumer finance and promoting financial inclusivity through AI technology.

Atome Financial is part of Advance Intelligence Group, one of the largest independent technology startups based in Singapore. Founded in 2016, the Group has presence across South and Southeast Asia and Greater China.

Our three brand pillars


Enabling one’s deepest passions


Affordability and availability of quality products and services


Customisable features for smarter shopping

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Our brand colour is called Spriteburst, a yellow-green tennis ball hue symbolising energy, progress, positivity and brilliance.


Our tagline, “Time to Own It” plays on the core concept of time.

We believe in empowering shoppers to afford products and services over time. At a deeper level, it's also an immediate call to action to own one's deepest passions and aspirations.

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Through the power of AI, savvy consumers can now access a diverse range of lifestyle brands and services matched to individual passions and means.

With flexible interest-free payments, personalised controls and a commitment to develop best-in-class features, we empower our users to own their passions in their own time.

In turn, merchants partnering to increase access and choice will benefit from greater sales driven by new customers empowered across generations.

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Apaylater Financials Pte. Ltd.

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