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by Starry

Apr 29 2021

Have your feet felt sore after a long walk? Or have you had blisters on the back of your foot? Then we have news for you. Your shoes are not the right ones for you. Because shoes are supposed to make your walks and daily routines easy, not miserable, IF your shoes hurt you, it’s about time you change them.

Shoes have become a sense of style and fashion over the years. But basically, they are a comfort-based need for every human to work throughout the day with comfort. Shoes might look good, but some might feel horrible. A good shoe must have a blend of all;

  • Stylish look
  • Durability
  • Comfort level
  • Ease in walk
  • Economical

A shoe like this is guaranteed to be found at novels sg. It is undoubtedly the best shop for shoes.

Choosing the right shoe for you

Among the variety of shoes; comfort is the first thing everyone demands and looks at. Because let’s face it, if a beautiful shoe is uncomfortable on your feet and hurts your feet. You would never wear it; no sane person would. That is why novelship sg helps in identifying the best shoes for you. Also, it helps in identifying them.


When choosing a shoe that you will be wearing daily or where you need to move fast and for a longer time, such as exercise; you need to find a shoe with better midsole cushioning. The cushion helps the body adapt well to the shoe. This technique helps the shoe become lighter and enhances the movement.

The novelship sg provides a wide variety of brands providing the best cushioning. They even have jordans and Adidas if you wonder what makes them special.


When you are choosing a shoe, it should feel air-light because it should support your foot and not add weight to it. An example of such a shoe is Dunk Low’ Hyper cobalt which is available at novelship sg.

They should align your foot with your body once your foot touches the ground. This helps provide a better and more efficient movement. It will hold your feet in position.


Nothing can be more important than being comfortable. If a shoe is comfortable on your feet, that means it is already cushioning enough and supports your foot. Some shoes are comfortable for a little while, but they get uncomfortable after a few steps or a mile. But these circumstances can be resisted with ordering shoes from novelship sg.

Having the most comfortable shoes to choose from allows everyone to feel the comfort at its best. A shoe that does not feel comfortable will deteriorate quickly and will become deshaped.


Always wear a shoe before the final purchase. Or when you choose a shoe online, remember to have 1 to 1.5cm of space at the toe end, at the heel end, and it should be wide enough for your foot to fit in. Your foot should not feel like it is stuck; you should be able to move your toes, although your toe should not touch the end of the shoe.

Your feet shout not to feel tight or loose. They should be just the right size. With the size chart available at novelship sg, you can be sure of getting the right size.

Which shoe to choose

Depending on the occasion you want your shoes for. But if you have a love for sneakers, you have come to the right place. novelship sg has the most amazing and authentic sneakers in all of Asia. Their motto is, everyone deserves an authentic shoe.

While you can wear joggers for a good run, sandals as casuals, but sneakers are shoes that can be worn with almost every look. Wither efficiently makes them help in daily workouts and even as office shoes.

Novels sg has several sneakers to choose from and have plenty of affiliated brands that can root for their service. But depending on your likes and dislikes, there are plenty of shoes out there that you can buy.


Joggers are shoes originally made for exercise. They are highly comfortable, lasting, and light; made for athletic use. But due to their heavy look and subtle colors, many people have exchanged them with sneakers.


Sandals are casual wear for both males and females; they are usually worn in summers when people need to cut the heat. They can be streetwear items, but mostly kids and teens wear them.


Used for office use and professional gatherings. They have a tapered toe and have a slight heel. It helps give more gentlemen and a professional look, and these are mostly worn with a three-piece suit or a tuxedo.

These are the major forms of shoes, but sneakers have been used and bought the most among all shoes. Because they are a hybrid of all of the above, and you can buy the best sneakers on novelship sg.

Is Novelship available online?

Yes, Novelship sg is available online, and you can purchase your likings of shoes online. But to make it even more convenient; a Singaporean website Atome has collaborated with all the best fashion brands to bring them all on one platform. The app allows you to purchase your desired shoes online. Also, it allows you to pay in three easy installments.

Motto of Atome is “Buy now pay later”. This helps you all who are on a budget to have the best and authentic shoes right now. But pay slowly when you have the money. It has been established in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia.


Shoes are an important element of your look for females and males. But it matters for males the most because they have a limited option for fashion and accessories. For the same reason, novelship sg has elaborated their search with the best branded and authentic shoes.

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