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by Starry

Sep 03 2021

Sneaker lovers can be found in people all around the globe. Sneakers are a great way of adding personality to your outfit. But the sad thing is many popular sneaker brands are not available in many parts of the world. Novelship is the most-trusted Singapore streetwear brands marketplace. They offer many exclusive and limited-edition products from Air Jordans to Supreme.

The founders of Novelship faced the same problem. They could not find an authentic platform for buying and selling limited-edition pairs. Enthusiastic buyers and resellers granted this platform its success within two years.

Shop from Novelship today. At checkout, select ATOME as the payment option. ATOME divides your bill into three parts.

Never Fake

Novelship does not deal with fake or substandard products. Their brand motto is to provide unique and authentic products. Every single product bought or sold on their website is verified. The products come with an authenticity certificate. They are shipped safely to your doorstep.

Local First

This brand focuses on its local consumers. They go to great lengths to ensure that all the best quality products are made available in the region. Ordering products from other countries come with lengthy delivery periods. Orders often go missing from time to time. Novelship provides timely delivery.

Selling Sneakers

Reselling trendy sneakers is a profitable business. Novelship allows users to sell original sneakers. The process is very smooth. Search up the pair you have and sell at the listed price. The experts at Novelship will run an authenticity check. They check the quality of your item before processing the delivery.

Purchasing Sneakers

Many scammers have spoiled the market in hopes of earning easy money. Novelship has a guide for differentiating fake products from real ones. They try to assist their customers in every way possible.

Many people today prefer to buy limited addition pairs online instead of resale markets. Novelship is the leading online brand that allows users to purchase 100% authentic products.


Novelship has already made a name for itself as the best sneakers resale website. If you are looking to expand your sneaker collection, this is the best platform for you. Limited addition pairs that have already been taken off the market can be found here. Popular pairs like Air Jordan 1 are selling like hotcakes.

They have adequately trained staff and perform rigorous authenticity checks on sneakers.


Adidas is undoubtedly one of the largest sporty accessories brands in the world. Their athletic sneakers are one of a kind. It is another top Streetwear brand in Singapore.  They have changed the game with their classic three-striped sneakers. Sneakers are happy to know that many of Adidas iconic products are available on Novelship.


Nike is a renowned brand in the sneaker world. Many Nike enthusiasts and resellers can be found on the Novelship website.


Converse is an American footwear brand. You can find its original retro sneakers on Novelship’s website.


Balenciaga is a French luxury brand most famous for its chunky sneakers. It offers the most comfortable shoes among its competitors. Its sneakers are available for purchase on Novelship.


This platform offers exclusive Singapore streetwear brands. Many athletic brands release merch or collaboration items. These products are sold within seconds. Their shipping is usually not available in South Asian countries. Novelship is a platform where you can buy and sell these products. Here are some of the streetwear brands you may find on our website.


Supreme and its New York-style products appeal to many young people. Many celebrities are seen to be wearing their merch. Their premium quality streetwear is now accessible to South Asians.

Travis Scott

Famous American celebrity and rapper Travis Scott has collaborated with several brands to release streetwear merchandise. You can access it on Novelship.


Novelship offers unique collectible items. They make a great gift for a friend. Their value increases with time and can be resold whenever you want.


Novelship has figurines of famous characters and artists. It includes Van Gogh, the joker, Winnie the pooh, and the cookie monster.


Game sets, CD players, and video games can be found in this section. Most noteworthy items include Xbox, Minecraft game set, PS5, and Spiderman video games.

Surfing Boards

They also have unique collectible surfing boards. This collection includes Supreme smurfs deck, Takashi Murakami flaming skull, and BAPE Flame wide ape.

Mobile App

Novelship has recently released its mobile app. It is available exclusively on the Apple app store. This app allows you to get Singaporean streetwear brands at home. Now you can trade shoes without even having to leave your house. With this app, you may get exclusive offers, premium drops, and more. This app currently has a 4.9 rating on App Store. Download now and get access to sneakers before anyone else.

 Sneakers are a great way of increasing confidence. Especially wearing those that are limited edition and nowhere to be found in the markets. Every step on the baseball court will give you the attention and boldness of an NBA player.


By selecting ATOME as the payment option, you would only have to pay one-third of the amount. You can choose to pay the other two installments 30 days apart. With ATOME, there is no need to worry about hidden interests. All payments are free of any hidden charges. It is the best place to buy Singapore streetwear brands. So, what are you waiting for? Go check them out and get your desired products with ease.

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