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by Starry

Apr 19 2021

Baubax shoes review is a tell-all about the stylish Baubax Shoes. These shoes are uniquely made using natural materials. It is specially made for travellers, to ease their walk and make it very comfortable and feather-like. The story behind the manufacturing of Baubax’s travel shoes and jackets is also very fascinating. The owners of this company are a married couple Hiral and Yoganshi Shah. Up until a year after getting married, the couple had to continue with a long-distance relationship, because of their work commitments. During this time, in order to spend quality time together, the duo travelled a lot. And that’s when they stumbled upon the idea of making travel-friendly clothing series. This led to various successful offshoots of the brand, in both shoes and clothing. The Baubax shoes are built to be used every day, anywhere, and anytime. Over 2,00,000 travellers worldwide, prefer Baubax Shoes as they get a home-like feeling of comfort while wearing them. Keep reading this Baubax shoes review to find out more about these amazing shoes.

Baubax Shoes Review

Baubax Shoes are very light and breathable. These shoes are made up of coconut noir midsole which makes them very comfy for your feet. They are available both for Men and women, and irrespective of the shoe type, they deliver the same level of comfort. There is a natural latex attached to the sole which makes it cushiony so that you feel like sitting on rose petals. It is made up of Australian Merino wools which have antimicrobial properties that prevent odour. It will absorb moisture from your feet. Aren’t these shoes amazingly multipurpose?

Baubax shoes review covers the following list of Baubax shoes:

Men’s Loungy

The Men’s lounge collection is something that you can wear daily. It is available in two distinctive styles and both cost $128. The first one is “Loungy laced” which is comfortable for your office wardrobe, it is more like a classy sneaker, with laces. You can pair it up with Suits, blazers, or a slim-fit shirt. Another one is “Loungy Loafers”. It is designed for casual or streetwear to give a funky look to your attire. The absence of laces in the shoes makes it easy to wear when you are short of time.

Men’s Breezy

The review of Baubax shoes will help you choose among the best. Men’s breezy do justice to their name and offer great comfort and ease. They too cost $128. These shoes also come in two styles, one is Laced and the other one is loafers. It comes in three popular colours, Khaki, olive, and black. You can wear the laced one with both formals and casual clothing, but these are more on the casual side. The breezy loafers are the best picks for travelling and trekking because they provide a breeze-like comfort to feet.

Women’s Loungy

Women who love to wear shoes while travelling appreciate comfort and Baubax shoes are offering just that, in spades. Providing immense comfort and easy movement, these light-as-air shoes are also suitable for day-to-day usage. Especially those who have incredibly busy lifestyles would prefer these breathable shoes to pamper their feet. It also comes in two styles, laced and loafers, so pick the one which suits you the best.

Women’s Breezy

These come with cushioned arch support in pink, black and khaki colours. You can wear them all day long whether you are sitting in your office, window shopping or going on an adventurous trek, it is equally suitable for all purposes. It comes in two kinds, laced and loafers and you can buy them at just $128.

Sizes Available- Men’s shoes are available in the size range 7 to 14, whereas, Women’s shoes are available in sizes 5 to 11.

Customer’s Baubax Shoes Review

One of the easiest ways to decide whether the shoes you are going to buy are good or bad is by going through some reviews online. In the same vein, Baubax shoes reviews are helping you decide what’s best for your feet. There are almost 2000 product reviews of Baubax shoes.

  • Below are some of the common positive aspects that are highlighted across many of those reviews, again and again:
    1.Very nice performance.
    2.The Comfort level is very good for long journeys.
    3.The shoes feel Cushiony.
    4.Quality matches the level of hype surrounding the shoes.
  • Below are some of the Criticisms mentioned in reviews:
    1.The size range is a bit tight. More options can be included.
    2.Some features are not exactly how they are presented in advertisements and promotions.
    3.Inferior quality of some shoes.
  • Baubax Promotion and discounts
    When you log in with your email on their official website, you will receive $20 off on your first purchase. You can avail of the discount by using the BauBax promo code WELCOME20.
    Get $25 off your order with the code “THANKYOU25”
    Get 15% off on spending more than $100 with BauBax promo code BUDDY15.
    Get $10 off on your first order with BauBax promo code WELCOME10.

How does it feel to wear a Baubax shoe?

By looking at any random Baubax shoe review, it quickly becomes obvious that many customers felt great once they started wearing these shoes. Given the numerous features offered by these shoes, it is understandable why other brands pale in comparison. Not many shoes offer the vast variety of features that are being offered by Baubax, and that is what makes them unique. The word organic attached to the shoes makes them more wearable and natural. Go and grab your pair of loafers today and travel your heart out as you will feel like you are walking on clouds whenever you will put on Baubax shoes.

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