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by Starry

Feb 22 2022

Fendi, the legendary Italian fashion business, began as a small family-run fur and luxury leather boutique in Rome in 1925. When the store’s parents’ five daughters’ Adele and Edoardo Fendi took over in 1946, they began the process of converting the family firm into the luxury powerhouse it is today.

Fendi carved out its unique design codes “Lagerfeld famously designed the brand’s signature double-F “Zucca” logo in three seconds”, and became one of the most formidable and in-demand European luxury brands.

In this post, we’ll go over some of Fendi’s most classic styles, as well as how to properly shop for their beautiful bags.

1. Fendi Tote Bag

The larger-than-life shopping tote is the perfect statement bag for those who despise the idea of carrying minimal. The shopping tote, in contrast to the current trend of teeny-tiny micro bags, is an expansive item that can fit your complete life within.

The functional bag’s typically squared-off form guarantees that the space it gives inside is maximised, whether you’re using it for vacation, shopping, or everyday living. For a complete celebrity-worthy appearance, pair this carryall with similarly huge sunglasses.

2. Fendi Bucket Bag

Bucket bags have never gone out of style, and the Mon Tresor from Fendi is proof of that. It may be worn as a crossbody bag or dangling from your shoulder.

With this bag, which has the traditional monogram in a variety of eye-catching hues, you’ll make a statement.

This little yet capacious Fendi purse is a must-have, whether you want the basic brown monogram or something more flamboyant like the hand-painted green, orange, or pink designs.

The shoulder and crossbody straps on this leather Fendi purse make it extremely flexible. However, you’ll like that both straps are removable, giving you a more streamlined look no matter which way you wear them.

3. Fendi Shoulder Bag

Every woman’s accessory armoury should include a sleek, compact shoulder bag. Fendi’s offering is a robust, boxy design that assures these trend-defying bags will last.

Thanks to its functional construction, striking hefty chain strap, and, inside card slot, not to mention that attention-grabbing all-over double-F emblem, Kan Fendi’s U purse is the ultimate day-to-night item.

4. Fendi Pocketbook

The Fendi Karligraphy Pocket handbag should be at the top of your list if you’re searching for a show-stopping clutch that’s equal parts classic and timeless.

Fans of Karl Lagerfeld will appreciate the fact that instead of block letters, this eye-catching clutch bears his distinctive touch on the Fendi emblem written in a double F script shape. This little clutch has a strap that makes it easy to carry by hand, as well as a fixed chain strap that you can drape over your wrist or wear in the crook of your elbow.

You’ll like the fact that this adorable design is available in both black and white. The white colouring is contrasted with black, while the black matte pattern is contrasted with a tan.

5. Fendi vintage Bag

Vintage and pre-loved versions of Fendi’s most prized and classic designs are still in great demand, thanks to the brand’s continuing appeal.

While navigating the antique designer bag market can be intimidating, especially for newcomers to the designer resale sector, authorised sites such as Vestiaire or Farfetch Collective can make the process both easier and safer. Not to mention that buying antique designer bags is a green way to gratify your shopping addiction.

6. Fendi Clutch Bags

Fendi’s clutch bags are the perfect addition to an exquisite evening ensemble, and they come in a variety of sizes, colours, shapes, and finishes, so there’s something for everyone.

The black canvas or leather pouches give an inconspicuous spot to store your things for individuals searching for casual daytime purses. The elegant Peekaboo Click draws design inspiration from Fendi’s original Peekaboo bag but is scaled down to pochette sizes for the trend-savvy. It comes with a slim gold chain so you can put it over your shoulder if you get tired of carrying it by hand, and it comes in seasonal colours like green or pink suede.

7. Fendi Sling Bag

Not everyone wants to lug along a big bag. And if this describes you, the Fendi Double F Small is the bag for you. The dual strap design of this small handbag allows it to function as both a crossbody and a clutch.

The colouring is lighter than the more well-known dark brown monogram style, which sets this design different from some of the other “classic” monogram Fendi bags. We love how this little yet fashionable Fendi sling bag creates visual appeal by providing a contrast. The front shows a tan hue of the traditional Fendi monogram, while the rear is solid tan with metal-accent Fendi initials on the flap.

8. Fendi Karligraphy

Karligraphy, a useful and elegant pen that was released in 2019, has become a modern icon. This elegant bag has a boxy shape with foldover flap closure and was designed as a tribute to the late Karl Lagerfeld and debuted months after his loss.

Two pockets and a fastened internal cardholder are included in the well-organized gusset design. The calligraphic double F logo, developed by Lagerfeld in 1981, is the highlight of the exhibition. This cursive style stands out against the brand’s normal blocky typography, and it’s a fitting homage to the designer’s half-century with the Italian luxury label.

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