ISSEY MIYAKE BAG And Fashion Line: Exploring the brand

by mylovesiren1

Aug 15 2023

ISSEY MIYAKE bag concepts inspired by the triangular shape and its unique clothing line are a huge success in the market. If you, being a fashion enthusiast, have yet to hear about the international success of this brand and its range of product lines, then you are surely missing out on something very special and unique. 

However, if you are already familiar with this brand, you must know how incredible the ISSEY MIYAKE perfume and clothing range is. For all of those who want to know more about ISSEY MIYAKE, its specialties, and fabric details, this article is for you.

So let’s get started from the very beginning of this brand. 


Issey Kazunaru was a Japanese fashion designer who started the brand ISSEY MIYAKE. He began with fusion T-shirts and coats using Japanese tattoos and embroidery techniques. He conducted his first solo show in Paris in the 1980s, and since then, his brand has started getting international recognition. 

ISSEY MIYAKE has a remarkable history of winning several awards and prizes. Kazunaru was also the first and the only designer who won a lifetime achievement Kyoto Prize in Arts and Philosophy in Japan. In addition, he was the first to experiment and launch A-POC (a piece of cloth) in the market for commercial use. 

What is ISSEY MIYAKE Known For? 

ISSEY MIYAKE, a brand known for its exclusive designs and wide range of products, is immensely loved by people all around the globe. Initially, the brand got recognition due to its fusion clothing line. The clothes had a blend of both eastern and western wear that made them distinctive from other brands and became the brand’s hallmark. 

It is also majorly known for the ISSEY MIYAKE Pleats Please collection, which uses the heat press technique to add permanent pleats to dresses. The utmost aim of the collection was to create dress clothing that is beautiful, flexible, and easy to care for. 

The pleats please garment techniques are highly trendy in today’s world. Women like this clothing concept due to its versatility, functionality, and flexibility. 

Moreover, ISSEY MIYAKE is known for A-POC, which is a short form for a piece of clothing. The concept of A-Poc was to introduce the two-dimensional side of clothing to minimize the waste caused during tailoring. Further, the idea was to provide a stretchable fabric that could easily fit all wearers. 

Other than its outstanding and fine-quality clothing line, ISSEY MIYAKE is also known for its other products, such as

  • ISSEY MIYAKE perfume line
  • ISSEY MIYAKE bag range 
  • ISSEY MIYAKE men‘s and women’s clothing
  • ISSEY MIYAKE Watches   

The range of fragrances for men and women is suitable for all occasions. ISSEY MIYAKE perfume for men has spicy, woody, aquatic, and aromatic ranges that have something to offer for everyone. All the product lines launched by ISSEY MIYAKE are hitting jackpots because of their elite quality and highly innovative designs. 

Why Is ISSEY MIYAKE Different From Other Brands?

ISSEY MIYAKE has a variety of products that can serve millennials of every taste. Its idea of innovative clothing, designing and creating garments from scratch and original materials, distinguishes it from other brands. 

In addition, the brand aims to create technology-driven products that are smart, creative, and suitable for the modern lifestyle. For instance, the 132 5 ISSEY MIYAKE clothing line shares the unique 5D production method with its audience. In this technique, computer engineers explain the use of 1d plain fabric that is shaped into a three-dimensional design and then folded into a 2d flattened surface to create a comfortable and beautiful fabric. 

Similarly, the ISSEY MIYAKE bag range, known as BAOBAO, engineered exclusively to enhance handbags’ beauty, practicality, and style is nowhere else to be found. All these critically designed techniques to target the comfort and needs of people and enhancement of graceful modern wear make Issey Miyake different from all other brands. 

The Fabric Used In ISSEY MIYAKE

As previously mentioned, ISSEY MIYAKE is constantly researching and exploring technically engineered products that are more comfortable, easy to pack, and clean. Therefore, the fabric that this brand majorly uses is polyester. The reason behind choosing this material is that it helps in holding the pleats well and firmly. 

This steam stretch technique used by the brand makes the clothing more flexible, durable, and wavy, giving it an origami reflection. Moreover, for men’s clothing lines, recycled material is used to produce new designs and clothes that are perfect for daily wear. Men prefer this range because of its ease, comfort, and fulfilling the needs of modern-day life. 

How to Care For ISSEY MIYAKE

ISSEY MIYAKE products must be cleaned carefully and stored properly. While cleaning pleated dresses, you must handle them gently and unfold them with light hands. If the pleated dresses get wet while you wear them, try to remove them as soon as possible to avoid any damage or stretching of the pleats. 

As these products are critically engineered and uniquely created, the hem or sleeves of pleated clothes are unalterable. So it is better to get a perfect fit for your size and avoid altering the pleated clothes. 

For washing the dresses, try to avoid washing them in warm water or high temperature. Make sure the water temperature is not above thirty-degree Celsius. It is recommended to wash the clothes gently by hand because there are high chances of pleats getting worn out in machines. Moreover, never dry clean any product from the ISSEU MIYAKE pleat please collection. 

After washing the dresses, gently remove the excess water. Do not tumble dry, or never try to twist the clothes. After removing extra water, unfold the dress in the direction of the pleats and put it in a highly ventilated space. During this step, make sure you put the clothes away from Sunlight, unlike regular clothes. However, it is also highly recommended to wash the clothes without soap gently after every wear to maintain the shape of the pleats.

After drying the clothes, fold them lightly in the direction of pleats and store them in your closet without sandwiching them between other garments. Lastly, remember that you should not iron the ISSEY MIYAKE pleated clothes and must keep them away from any sort of high temperature or heat. 

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Although the ISSEY MIYAKE clothing range has more unique care instructions than other brands, it is still one of the most graceful and innovative brands with intricate and unique designs that you will not see anywhere else. Its technology-driven refined products make it stand out and give an exquisite look to its wearer.

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