Must Read SHEIN Reviews, Singapore

by Starry

Apr 09 2021

Do you look for SHEIN reviews, especially SHEIN Singapore reviews to facilitate your buying decision? Here comes the best post that gives you a full picture of SHEIN.

All about the Brand – SHEIN Reviews

Established in 2008, SHEIN is a prestigious apparel brand that particularly targets ladies. However, the brand now also offers men’s apparel. It is a dream destination for fashion influencers as the brand provides an exclusive collection of trendy apparel. However, before shopping from a new website, you should know more about the brand and this is where reading Shien SG (Singapore) reviews can really come in handy. The categories from which you can shop at Shien are women’s apparel, men’s clothing, kids’ apparel, shoes, and accessories. They have a wide range of clothes and attires, and most importantly, the products are very budget-friendly.

As a Chinese brand formerly known as Sheinside, SHEIN fundamentally targets customers in America, Europe, and Middle Eastern nations alongside the shopper markets in different countries. Be it boho dresses, realistic tees, stylish swimwear, or designed pullovers, SHEIN has something for everybody. Many famous fashion bloggers around the world have shared professional reviews and comments on SHEIN’s clothes. Keep reading to know more about the brand and the quality of its products, so that you can make an informed choice.

Common positives highlighted in SHEIN Singapore Reviews

  1. SHEIN provides a wide variety of clothes for men as well as women. The brand works with a brilliant team of fashion designers.
  2. Prices are very low and that’s why you can buy up to 5-10 clothes for just S$100, without any hustle.
  3. The brand provides a very easy return policy. You can search for info on SHEIN return Singapore from its official website.
  4. You will always get the same products, as shown on the website. So you don’t have to worry about the quality of the product.
  5. The brand has become so popular that Amazon has as many as 500 Shien products on its shopping platform.
  6. You can return the order within 15 days of delivery, which is the accepted SHEIN return policy. Sound friendly, yes?
  7. On the off chance that you have a decent build, the garments from SHEIN will look marvelous on you. The clothes surprisingly are an ideal fit.
  8. The SHEIN clothing brand offers a lot of coupons on their clothes. So make sure to always look for the coupons in the offers section of the website.
  9. You would now be able to get S$4 off your first order and enjoy free delivery on orders above S$40. How long does SHEIN take to deliver to Singapore? You can search for SHEIN delivery Singapore policy from its website or turn to customer service.
  10. SHEIN is a protected and dependable online retailer which you can purchase fashionable products from. The reason why some SHEIN items are super cheap is that the brand takes into account the high delivery cost and longer transportation time, and legitimizes it by offering products at lower sticker prices.

Common criticisms noticed in SHEIN Reviews Singapore

  1. SHEIN takes approximately 15-16 days to deliver a product which is way too longer than many other clothing websites. Does SHEIN have a warehouse in Singapore? YES! SHEIN has launched a new hub in Singapore, aiming to resolve the problem of SHEIN shipping to Singapore.
  2. As the expression goes, “you get what you pay for.” Do not anticipate top-notch textures and designs from SHEIN. Even though you will certainly get what you pay for at Shien, don’t go expecting the Sun and the Moon, or else you will feel disappointed.
  3. Some products, regardless of how high-quality they are, only look good on the fit and toned physiques of models and when you try them on yourself, you don’t get the look that you have imagined while shopping. So keep that in mind.
  4. The cost of delivery is very high for some places. In some cases, it is equal to the price of the dress itself.
  5. The dresses are good for one-time use, as the fabric material does get a bit craggy after one wash.
  6. Some customers have faced difficulties in getting their refunds on time, and sometimes, customers haven’t gotten any refunds for their returns.
  7. The colors are not as bright as may seem in the pictures.
  8. Some dresses are not available in all sizes.
  9. According to some customers, the customer support services are not up to par.
  10. Sometimes, it takes up to 30 days for a product to get delivered.

What to Learn from SHEIN Reviews Singapore

After reading through SHEIN reviews, what should you do before shopping for SHEIN products? You should always analyze the good and bad aspects highlighted in the reviews of any product that you are going to buy so that you can make a well-informed purchase. The above list of positive and negative points emphasized in SHEIN reviews in Singapore will surely help you get the trending products that have been used by your favorite social media celebrity.

SHEIN reviews Singapore

SHEIN Store Singapore

Contrary to popular perception, SHEIN Store Singapore is not exclusively an apparel industry. Rather, SHEIN SG has a diverse array of products such as Skincare and beauty products, hair care products, bedding, and home décor products, kitchen and dining products, bathroom essentials and jewelry, and much more.

Within the clothing line, there are a plethora of options, which basically cater to all age groups, sexes, and weather conditions. Starting off with SHEIN Men, SHEIN SG has a myriad of tops, bottoms, and SHEIN shoes. SHEIN Men also has undergarments and SHEIN swimwear, knitwear and outerwear, and accessories like ties and cufflinks. Moreover, there is an entire section of the website dedicated to SHEIN Kids; click here to find out!

Coming over to SHEIN Women, this website is a dream come true for women. It has a huge variety of clothing lines for women, such as SHEIN dresses, denim, jeans and pants, undergarments, lingerie and loungewear, fitness wear, formalwear, and beachwear. In short, you name it, and SHEIN SG has it!

 Always stay trendy and make a fashion statement with SHEIN Fashion, displaying the most trending outfits at the forefront of the store, with thousands of new products paving their way each day!

What makes SHEIN SG stand out is the fact how rewarding it makes the shopping experience for you, with 30-Day free returns, exclusive payment offers, E-gift cards, and a truckload of discounts, SHEIN vouchers, and promotions!

SHEIN promo code

Products You Get at SHEIN Singapore Stores

  • Fitness wear
  • Blazers, coats & jackets for winters
  • Formal wear for office use
  • Dresses for beaches and parties
  • Loungewear to feel more comfortable in your home
  • Lingerie
  • Jeans & pants
  • Beachwear for a perfect beach evening.
  • Accessories/Jewellery
  • Beauty products
  • Maternity clothes
  • Personal care products
  • Skincare products
  • Hair Care products
  • Home decor products
  • Bedding
  • Kitchen & dining products
  • Bathroom essentials.

Tips for SHEIN online shopping

SHEIN has a very user-friendly platform which makes it accessible enough for even the toddlers to shop because it’s simply such an easy interface. However, sometimes users run into some issues with SHEIN SG, but you need not worry as there is a solution for almost every query online! And even if you fail to find the solution to your problem online, there’s always SHEIN customer service you could rely on. We will be handing out some tips and tricks for shopping at SHEIN SG and trying to answer some of the frequently asked questions.

Firstly, before placing an order, make sure to search through filters and thoroughly go through the prices. Next, please read the product description carefully so that your neglect shouldn’t be guised as SHEIN’s scam; carefully go through the sizing and fabric type. After that, read the customer reviews under the product to be confident about your purchase. Take full advantage of shopping points, rewards, SHEIN promo codes, and discounts.

Before proceeding to the checkout, make sure to go through the online return policy to avoid nuisance in the future. Also, make sure to check the shipping and delivery process and the time for SHEIN delivery to Singapore and for SHEIN Shipping to Singapore so that you don’t make a purchase on short notice and fail to get the product in time.

SHEIN home products

SHEIN discounts, coupons, vouchers, and promo codes

This right here deserves individual attention since it’s one thing that makes SHEIN special. SHEIN SG offers whopping waivers in the form of SHEIN promo codes, SHEIN coupon codes, SHEIN discount codes, SHEIN voucher codes, SHEIN Student discounts, and SHEIN first order coupon codes. When you visit the website, you’ll be bombarded with countless offers, with the biggest sales flashing right at the top of the screen.

You get an extra 10% off when you download the app and use the code: ASAPP10. You get up to 15% off when you share the link to the app with your friends. Moreover, as you scroll down, you’ll realize that it gets cheaper and cheaper as your order starts exceeding a particular amount. For example, you get 10 % off on orders above 60$, 15 % on orders above 100%, and 20% off on orders above 150$, using the code: SGCG. Not just that, you can avail all the coupons, discounts, and SHEIN vouchers when you search for the SHEIN promo code Singapore on the internet!

Getting to know Atome

Headquartered in Singapore, Atome is an online shopping platform partnered with more than 10,000 online and offline merchants throughout Southeast Asia. Available on Android and the IOS, Atome is a lifesaver, making shopping convenient for all with its three-month interest-free payment method. Interested to know how Atome works? Click the link and find out! 

When you download the Atome app for the first time, you get a 10$ shopping voucher. So, what are you waiting for? Download the Atome app now!

First Order Up To $10 Off! Download Atome!
First Order Up To $10 Off! Download Atome!

Pay with Atome

  1. First things first, choose the items you wish to shop for and add them to the cart.
  2. Then choose Atome as a payment method.
  3. Next, sign in to your Atome account. If you don’t have one, sign up today completely free!
  4. You then have to make a small initial payment at the checkout, followed by three monthly payments without any interest.

Frequently asked Questions

  1. What’s SHEIN’s promo code for new users/ How to get SHEIN’s first order coupon code?

SHEIN offers two amazing coupons for its new users. When you make the first SHEIN login, you receive a 15% off for orders above 0 USD and 20% for orders above 69 USD. Come to take your best pick at these marvelous moments! Hira Raya! Mother’s Day!

  • Where to get the SHEIN coupon code or SHEIN discount code?

When you visit the website, you’ll find all the coupons and discounts codes flashing right on the screen. If you’re looking for more coupons and discount codes, you can easily find them on several websites when you search for them on Google.

  • What’s SHEIN SG’s return policy?

SHEIN accepts returns within 30 days of receiving the order. For complete step-by-step details about returning your order, click on this link.

  • How long does SHEIN shipping to Singapore take?

SHEIN takes approximately 15-16 days to deliver a product. Meanwhile, you can use SHEIN ‘track order’ from your account to check the progress of your shipment.

  • Are there any SHEIN student discount policies?

Yes. SHEIN SG offers discounts to all the students currently enrolled in university. You’ll need a university email address to verify your student status at UNiDAYS, and then you’ll be eligible for the discount.

  • Is SHEIN brand good for online shopping?

Don’t take our word for it. Check SHEIN SG reviews online and judge for yourself!

  • Is SHEIN’s customer service trustworthy?

Is SHEIN good? Absolutely! If you have ever encountered a problem shopping online at SHEIN, you would appreciate how helpful and reliable the customer service is!

  • What will you do when encountering SHEIN login failure?

First, go to your Play Store and ensure your SHEIN app is updated. Most of the time, updating the app makes the login error disappear. If this doesn’t work, tap on the phone settings and tap “apps.” Find the manage apps option and tap on that. After this, in the search bar, type SHEIN and tap on it. You’ll find three options at the bottom of your screen: stop, uninstall, and clear data. Press clear data, followed by clearing cache data. This should fix your login problem.

  • Are there any SHEIN fashion alternatives?

There are plenty of alternatives to SHEIN, a good example is ZALORA. You can find almost all your daily essentials at its online store.


SHEIN is a brand that has largely garnered mixed reviews for its products. Given the mix of favorable and unfavorable opinions out there about the brand, it’s better that you should keep an eye on both sides. Usually, SHEIN mainly delivers products via its online websites, but recently, the brand has also opened up some pop-up stores to showcase its products. So you can now easily visit the nearest SHEIN Singapore outlet to buy some trendy dresses for your upcoming party.

Lastly, the above-mentioned SHEIN reviews Singapore is all you need to start shopping at SHEIN, so read properly and get the perfect outfit without compromising on the quality.

You never know precisely what you will be getting with SHEIN. However, with low costs and free returns, it’s a nice approach to attempt new styles and experiment with new patterns.

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