Things You Must Know About Lacoste vs. Crocodile

by Starry

Apr 30 2021

The ongoing long-running trademark dispute between the Lacoste vs. Crocodile international tangle began with the complaint made by Lacoste to the Singaporean International Trade Tribunal. Lacoste had first asked for $15 million in damages, citing the infringing nature of the “artistic” portrayal of the crocodile. Lacoste then allegedly stated that Crocodile was intentionally using its intellectual property without their permission. Later on, the crocodile singed up a trademark in New Zealand, which included a rightly-facing image of a crocodile and the stylized word Lacoste vs. Crocodile battle began.

Based on the Singapore Crocodile international law they were arguing in 2008 that Lacoste hadn’t dared to utilize the Crocodile logos for nearly 3 consecutive years and therefore they should be revoked their trademark. However, their registration 70068 trademarks were revoked for $25,000 and were favored by Crocodile International.

Lacoste vs Crocodile battles was not ended either, Lacoste insisted that though they didn’t use the logo in the state of being registered, it did utilize the same trademark in various ways, which implies that they were still using it though. The judges concluded that Crocodile was not unfairly disadvantaged and that both companies are still free to use the logo, which might be fine for some fans, but for brand owners, one should be very careful.

Last year, the Crocodile International Group (CIG) obtained the victory in the Hague court against Lacoste in their long-running dispute for the use of the brand name ‘Crocodile’. The fight had to reach the Hague court due to Lacoste’s strong objection to the appeals filed by the Lacoste side.

To make this Lacoste vs. Crocodile amicable and discussable if they needed to take a further step, Crocodile admitted that they are not in the position to fight the damages done to them, as well as claimed they were at fault. Yet, Lacoste was in disbelief that they would ask for the same damages that they committed.

Lacoste has shown how tough they can be if they feel that they have a strong brand in their marketing strategies.

Singapore Crocodile has been growing over one-third of its international business with China for the last 12 years. These endeavours will be for naught if the organization fails the court ruling, according to Ang.

Who are the Lacoste?

Founded by the well-known Rene Lacoste who was a French tennis professional player was branded as “the crocodile” Lacoste is a company that is attributed towards the luxury brand. The Lacoste fashion firm was established in 1933 and claims that if this brand is linked to the tennis player it can be well understood that they had their popularity. In the Lacoste logo, the crocodile was incorporated in the unique pattern that was shown in the Lacoste tennis apparel. But now, in the era of the marketing world, the crocodile logo has also been dissolved into Lacoste sports brand and nothing is gained from that because, at the basis, the new Lacoste against Crocodile team logo is still at rivals.

The Crocodile

With the popularity of such a great extent of Lacoste whereas Crocodile rival, no label won that war. To be honest, Crocodile is one of the greatest brands of sportswear in the world right now and they don’t even need the Lacoste to be renamed in their market.

It’s easy to say that it has been gradually growing in terms of popularity and sales over the last few decades and this is how the brand was able to outshine all the other rivals. Not only that, it managed to make Lacoste well-known worldwide too.

What makes Lacoste vs Crocodile so different?

Both companies are immersed in the fashion business, but, unlike the iconic direction of the crocodiles. The Lacoste crocodile faces the right direction while the Crocodile faces towards the left direction. Each label got its great appeal and established a future for themselves with the popularity they gained.

The History of the Two Brands

While Lacoste was created in 1933, the renowned brand Crocodile was born in 1958. The popularity of the two of them never stopped though and they were always present in the same market.


The Lacoste other than the Crocodile logo is considered as one of the most iconic logos in the world, with its glossy green and bright blue color schemes making it a classic. The colors, the style, and the look of the Lacoste logo are slightly different, with the crocodile covering most of the logo except for the Lacoste name and the initial “L.” The logo is a recognizable symbol of quality and timeless style too. If you want to discover more about these two labels has all the information you require.

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