Is Your Skin Acting Weird This Season? Unnie Is Here To Help!

by jiatongma

Sep 15 2022

There is a lot of confusion regarding which skincare products one should buy and which skincare brand should they trust. Relax, Unnie has all answers to your medical and beauty-related issues.

What is medical-grade skincare?

Medical-grade skincare sometimes referred to as cosmeceutical skincare, is intended to address certain medical issues and demands, such as pimples or wrinkles. There is usually more accurate performance using such skincare since there is often a greater concentration of active compounds than what is available over the counter, and they have been proven to be beneficial on the skin. This kind of skincare aims to provide both therapeutic and aesthetic advantages. Unnie has the perfect products that you might be interested in. With Unnies, you never must compromise on your beauty and medical-related desires.

Medicinal-grade versus on-the-counter skincare

There are a few significant differences when comparing medical-grade skincare to over-the-counter skincare. Please continue reading to learn more about them. Unnie Korea claims to offer the best of both worlds!

  1. Improved ingredient quality

Products that are intended for medical or pharmaceutical use must have components that are 99% pure. The same requirements are not applied to goods bought from drugstores, department shops, or online retailers; they could include fillers. We recommend Unnie!

  1. Better concentration of active ingredients

Retinoids, antioxidants, vitamin C, and other key substances promote better skin. Elevated concentrations of active chemicals are found in skin care products intended for medical use.

Even if an over-the-counter cosmetic product contains an active component, it may not be sufficient to make a difference or take a lot longer. Unnie is known to have products with greater active ingredient concentrations.

  1. FDA-regulated high research standards, purity, and safety

Any advantages claimed for medical-grade skincare products must be supported by clinical research studies. On the contrary hand, the claims made for over-the-counter products for skin care do not necessarily need to be supported by clinical research or studies.

FDA regulation is in place for medical-grade skin care products. Additionally, the FDA only considers two categories: cosmetic and pharmaceutical quality. At Unnie, the quality is never compromised!

  1. Absorption to deeper skin layers

Reaching deeper layers is the key to success! If you’ve bought anything from a non-medical person, whether in a shop or online, you should be aware that these products only affect the epidermis, the skin’s outermost layer. They scarcely pierce deeper strata as they remain on the surface.

Products for skin care that are medical or pharmaceutical grade are designed to reach the dermis. The collagen scaffold and the cells that produce collagen are found here. The deepest dermis must be impacted for any substantial changes to be visible on the skin. With Unnie Korea, results are guaranteed!

  1. Only a medical professional can prescribe medical grade products

One of the main advantages of utilizing medical-grade skincare products is that you’ll have a doctor’s recommendation to use them. According to people, when they looked into the lines to provide in their medical spa, they discovered a lengthy training period once they realized the issue. They are more likely to find the best regimen, saving their money over time and relieving the burden of constant trial and error.

You may create product combinations appropriate for your particular skin condition and health with the help of a medical-grade regimen that is attentively suited to your skin. Most products at Unnie meet the specific needs of the customers. This is why customers trust Unnie!

What is Unnie k-shop all about?

Leah Yoo Eun Hye, a professionally trained Korean beautician, was the original creator of Unnie. Her team meticulously selects and exclusively imports Korean skincare and beauty items that have been rigorously vetted, driven by great enthusiasm for the beauty sector. Unnie concentrates on premium derma cosmetics goods and conventional cosmetic-grade skincare items. These products use higher-grade, dermatologist-approved substances that can significantly enhance your skin. Are you facing medical and beauty-related issues? Choose Unnies!

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Famous Unnie products you might want to try

Listed below are some top products from Unnie that you should definitely be trying.

The 12% Aptosol Apto-Spot Pro

One of Unnie’s best-seller, the Aptosol Apto-Spot, is a treatment for exfoliating the skin. It is a potent antioxidant treatment that helps exfoliate your skin. Regular use can help you age more slowly and get your skin’s life cycle closer to the 28-day average.

Suitable for freckles, melasma, and other skin discoloration.

Intensive Eye Cream by Bolca Biotechnie (25g)

Bolca Biotechnie Intense Eye Cream employs the first Botulinum-Derivative ingredient with other peptide compounds, MTD skin permeation, and subcellular penetration technology to make your face smooth and shiny. This product is always in demand under the Korean Unnie products.

This eye cream works well for anti-aging and skin lightening.

Cicago Cica Finish Cream (50ml)

A calming and moisturizing moisturizer is Chicago Cica Finish Cream. It is a mild moisturizer for hypersensitive skin that replenishes moisture for soft, healthy, and radiant skin. It feels light and may be used at night and during the day to prime and hydrate the skin before applying makeup. This calming cream enhances the skin’s natural suppleness and is the perfect foundation for skincare and cosmetic applications. Purchase it from Unnie before it runs out of stock!

Essello Ectoin 1.0 Barrier Cream (50ml)

Essello Ectoin Cream is a moisturizer with a creamy texture. Drawing vital water particles to the skin delivers deep moisturizing while building a protective coating.

Suitable for every kind of skin. Excellent for skin repair and sensitive skin in particular. With Unnie, the quality and quantity are never compromised.

EGF serum from CellReju

To restore your skin’s youthful and renewed appearance, CellReju EGF Serum includes a 10ppm potent growth factor, which improves collagen, preserves the skin, boosts skin elasticity, strengthens skin barriers, and effectively repairs damaged skin cells. We advise using them in conjunction with MTS roller or MTS stamps to increase efficacy. A perfect product for all medical and beauty-related skin issues available at Unnie.

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