Travelling in Style with 250,000 KrisFlyer Miles: Unlocking Luxurious Adventures with Atome & Standard Chartered

by mavislinsg

Jun 08 2023

For frequent travelers, there’s nothing quite like embarking on a journey with the convenience of airline miles. Take part in Atome’s 1 Million Krisflyer Miles Giveaway, organized in partnership with Standard Chartered, and stand to win 250,000 Krisflyer Miles for you to travel in style to wherever you want to go. Paris, London, Belgium, Milan – shopping with Atome and Standard Chartered can win you a round-trip flight in business class to any of these places.

With 250,000 KrisFlyer Miles at your disposal, you can turn your dream of traveling in style into a reality. In this article, we’ll guide you through the incredible experiences and brands you can explore using your KrisFlyer Miles. So fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a luxurious adventure!

Pack  bags to win  KrisFlyer Miles for a truly luxurious adventure|Atome

Pre-Flight Perks with iShopChangi:

Your journey begins before you even leave the country. Thanks to Standard Chartered’s partnership with iShopChangi, you can enjoy exclusive shopping discounts for a wide variety of products Discover an array of luxury brands, premium spirits, exquisite fragrances, and more. Start your trip in style by using your Standard Chartered debit or credit for iShopChangi vouchers on Atome and make your pre-flight experience memorable.

Samsonite: The Perfect Travel Companion:

As you embark on your travels, make sure you have the perfect luggage to complement your style. Samsonite, a renowned luggage brand, offers an exceptional collection of travel gear. With durable materials, innovative designs, and impeccable craftsmanship, Samsonite luggage ensures your belongings are protected and your journey is effortless. Use Atome to split your purchases of Samsonite products into 3 and travel in both style and practicality.

Fashion and Beyond with Zalora:

Looking fashionable and feeling comfortable during your travels is essential. Zalora, a leading online fashion retailer, brings you an extensive selection of clothing, footwear, and accessories from renowned brands. Whether you need stylish activewear for exploring, elegant evening attire, or trendy travel essentials, Zalora has you covered. Use Atome and Standard Chartered to shop for the latest fashion trends and ensure you’re always dressed to impress on your journey.

KrisShop: Exclusive In-Flight Shopping:

Once you’re onboard your flight, the luxury experience continues with KrisShop. As the flagship retailer of Singapore Airlines, KrisShop offers a range of high-end products, from fashion and beauty to electronics and gourmet treats. With your KrisFlyer Miles, you can browse through an exclusive selection of products and redeem them for a seamless in-flight shopping experience. Discover unique souvenirs, limited-edition items, and luxurious brands, all delivered to your seat.

Traveling in style is no longer a distant dream, tap here to learn more about how to spend and earn chances with Atome and Standard Chartered. On top of that, you can also convert your Atome+ reward points into Krisflyer Miles, getting more rewards out of your shopping. With Atome, you can unlock a world of luxury experiences, from pre-flight shopping with iShopChangi to enjoying exclusive in-flight privileges with KrisShop. Choose Samsonite as your trusted travel companion and elevate your style with Zalora’s fashionable offerings. Remember, your journey isn’t just about reaching your destination but enjoying the moments along the way. So pack your bags, win your KrisFlyer Miles, and embark on a truly luxurious adventure. Bon voyage!

Convert your Atome+ reward points into Krisflyer Miles

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