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by Starry

Nov 10 2021

It can be quite an overwhelming process to choose healthy food for your pet. Pet owners have plenty of options out there in the market, but companies like Royal Canine Singapore come with good ingredients, adequate nutrition and sufficient calories. KrisShop is a Singapore Airlines retailer that began as an inflight duty-free shop but has then expanded, and at present, the customers can shop anywhere and anytime.

Why should you feed Royal Canine Singapore to your pets?

  • Innovation

Royal Canine is undoubtedly a master in kibble research. They take the size, texture, and shape of the kibble and then match it to different characteristics of each dog and cat breed in order to provide you with an accurate nutrition solution. Royal Canine Singapore keeps developing new and updated formulas that are based on their scientific evidence.

  • Research

It is never that simple to formulate the best pet food. Royal Canine Singapore has successfully developed pet foods for different sizes, breeds, lifestyles, and importance to pet health needs. These foods are specially formulated by a team of experts who are engineers, scientists, and nutritionists.

  • Palatability

Royal Canin Singapore creates every pet diet in a formulated manner to ensure superior palatability. As pets can be sensitive to the feeling of kibble in their mouths, this means that the correct texture of kibble has its own importance in enhancing the feeding experience for a pet because it matters a lot for the pet owners.

  • They only use the Royal Canine manufacturing plants

All of the Royal Canin Singapore diets are made in the manufacturing facilities that the company owns, and therefore, rigorous safety and quality control standards are maintained. They keep their plants cleaner than the majority of the restaurant kitchens that we see out there, while all of the raw materials are entirely tested and checked throughout the manufacturing process. They even stop production once a week in order to make sure that the entire facility is deep cleaned.

List of the top Royal Canin Singapore pet foods

  • Royal Canin Hypoallergenic

This is a complete feed for any dog that Royal Canine has specially manufactured, and it is formulated to reduce the intolerances of different ingredients and nutrients. The Royal Canine Hypoallergenic offers you the selected sources of proteins as well as carbohydrates.

It contains hydrolyzed protein with a low molecular weight to make sure that the food is entirely hypoallergenic. It also comes with a Skin Barrier that is a patented complex to support the skin barrier effect. With the help of fatty acids, your pet can maintain healthy skin and a healthy digestive system. Therefore, Royal Canine Hypoallergenic contains all the nutrients that happen to support a balanced digestive system.

  • Royal Canine Indoor

This cat food by Royal Canin is undoubtedly an ideal alternative for those cats that are a minimum of one year & a maximum of 10 years in age. Royal Canin Indoor is a great dish that is capable of decreasing the scent of a cat’s stool and is, therefore, very helpful in enhancing its digestive system.

Cats tend to have sensitive teeth and gums that can break up in a quick manner; therefore, this Royal Canin Singapore comes with moderate energy content, reduces the fecal smell and any odors, regulates the hairballs, and is superb for the young cats that live indoors.

  • Royal Canin Kitten

This is a dry food by Royal Canin that offers a healthy start to your kitten as it has nutritional precision. The Royal Canin Kitten is an innovative mix of very digestible vitamins, proteins, and various other essential minerals that happen to support the maturing digestive system of the kittens and does everything to keep providing strength to their growing bodies.

This Royal Canine Singapore is suitable for kittens up to the age of 12 months. There is no doubt that it has an enhanced digestive tolerance which is excellent for the kittens, and it does contain L.I.P., which is a protein specially selected because of a 90% digestibility rate.

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There is no doubt that KrisShop has become a market leader for its innovative technologies in the e-commerce airline retail business. It serves millions of consumers all over the world, selling to different destinations. KrisShop has become famous for its beauty, electronics, health, and pet products, and Royal Canin Singapore is among the most practical options for pet owners because it has a long shelf life and is cost-effective. When buying at KrisShop, you can use Atome for a safe and secure shopping experience. Atome is one of the top buy now pay later platforms that have become very popular among people of all categories in Singapore. Headquartered in Singapore with over 5000 partnered merchants and available in 8 markets, Atome offers its users the choice and convenience of flexible payment options for a variety of products and services. The app allows shoppers to split their purchases over three interest-free monthly payments by scanning a partner retailer’s in-store QR code or upon website checkout. By splitting their payments, Atome users will be able to better manage their budget while making quality products and services more reachable.

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