Sequins – The Ultimate Style to Flaunt This Year

by jiatongma

Jan 10 2023

Sequin is all that we have seen in trend these days. We have witnessed sequins everywhere, from red carpets and ramps to advertising campaigns. Well, if you are wondering about the sequins meaning, it is a heavenly shimmery attire that people can style in multiple ways. No matter if you are looking for heavy party wear for your prom night or something lighter for your anniversary celebration, with sequins, you can never go wrong.

This year some famous brands and celebrities were seen wearing sequin dresses, sequin shoes, and even carrying sequin bags. Thanks to them for reviving this trend because people love it. The sparkly gold, silver, green or red sequin fabric can be sophistically designed and tailored according to personal preferences. A rough estimate shows that these bold colours are over the top of the glam world and quickly flying off the shelves.

The best part of this glamorous trend is that it is available globally, in small or big brands, in various designs, and at highly affordable rates. You can jump on the bandwagon, too, with Atome (Get the app) and its interest-free monthly payment plans. But more of that later.

We believe that a bit of glitter in your life can skyrocket your confidence and make you feel good. For this reason, we have created a list of ways to style your sequin clothes. So let’s have a quick look at all the recommendations because you are definitely going to love them.

How to Style Your Sequin Clothes 

Styling sequins is an art, and it is amusing to see how people can drape them in multiple ways. Whether you buy a complete matte sequin dress or just loose sequin fabric, you can create different looks with the dresses for several occasions. Let’s start by breaking the common idea that shimmery sequin cannot be worn for casual street style. 

Cool Street Wear

You can style a sequin top with funky baggy pants or utilitarian pants to create a casual look. This streetwear looks effortlessly cool and gives a perfect classy vibe. For instance, choose a gold sequin top with plain white baggy pants and accessorize it with some statement jewellery pieces to complete the look. You can also buy a cool sequin crop top with black button-up pants and fabulous sequin high-soul shoes.

Eye-Catching Long Dresses

What could be better than a sequin dress to look glam and glitz at any event? Long dresses, either entirely or partially covered with sequin, are a game changer. Whether you want to buy new years eve sequin dresses or a stylish sequin saree with eclectic flair, all such clothes will make you stand out in the event. You can style a long red sequin dress with small elegant silver lustrous jewellery and a stylish bun to rock the diva look.

Sequin Jackets

A colourful sequin jacket and cool pants with sequin side stripes are also in demand. If you are to attend any office party or have to attend a mega concert, then this look can work great for you. There are a variety of sequin jackets available in the market with plenty of designs. Some come with cool writing on them, while others come with exciting designs.

A monochrome sequin jacket with a contrasting inner and high ponytail will look absolutely gorgeous. You can flip the idea and go for a more subtle look with a plain leather blazer, pants, and an inner sequin top. 

Sequin Butterfly Tops

This year sequin butterfly tops were the most liked trend. Several high-grade celebrities went for butterfly tops. Recall the Dua Lipa butterfly top that she wore on an award show. The shiny, glittery, and multicoloured sequin tops became the trend in the market just after her public appearance.

These dresses look perfect for the festive season. In summer, you can style the sequin butterfly top with flared or high-waisted bell bottoms, and in winter, it can be worn with a warm blazer to complete the festive look.

Sequin Gowns

Sequin gowns are something that has been circulating throughout the globe. No matter which region or culture people belong to, the craze of sequin gowns has got them all. You can style a silver sequin gown with pretty high heels, beautiful minimal jewellery, and a decent hairstyle. Various other colours are trending as well, such as royal blue, red, emerald green, and gold.

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Of course, you can head to online stores like ezbuy where you can buy your desired sequin dress for the coming year-end party.

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