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by Starry

Dec 24 2021

Who doesn’t like a faux leather bomber jacket? Leather jackets are a distinctive fashion statement that can be worn with a range of outfits. While real leather is a popular choice, imitation leather offers advantages such as increased durability and a possibly cheaper price point, allowing more people to enjoy the look of leather.

Materials Used to Make Faux Leather Jackets

Plastic-based polymers such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyurethane (PU) are the most often utilized materials for synthetic leathers. Pleather, a phrase derived from the term “plastic leather,” is another term for synthetic leather. Natural materials are used in very few vegan leathers, though it is possible to find more eco-friendly products made from cork, kelp, and even pineapple leaves.

Faux Leather Bomber Jacket Styles

Choosing a style that compliments a certain outfit is the key to achieving the right appearance with a faux-leather jacket. Asymmetrical cuts are used in motorcycle jackets for a beautiful touch to a motorbike outfit. These jackets protect from the wind while riders cycle through the city or into the mountains.

Faux-leather blazers: Faux-leather blazers offer a professional appearance and may lend a leather touch to office attire. The cut was created to conform to the body in the same manner that a classic blazer would. Faux-leather trenches provide you the extra length you need for a polished look on your commute or out on the town.

Collarless leather jackets: Collarless versions have a more streamlined appearance that is ideal for everyday use. Faux-leather jackets have the appearance of leather but don’t have the sleeves, making them a lightweight alternative for warmer days. You may pick from numerous of these style alternatives at a lower price range, ensuring that they have a faux-leather jacket ready for every occasion.

How to Pick the Right Jacket for Yourself?

Faux-leather jackets are a great combination of design and function for almost any occasion. In the heat of summer, the lightest faux-leather jackets may be thrown on over a light clothing to add interest without creating discomfort, while winter-weather jackets serve a practical purpose by offering comfort and warmth throughout the cooler months.

Faux-leather jackets are a versatile and attractive alternative that may be worn on a motorbike trip or out on the town. Customers can afford to buy multiple different coats to accent their outfits in any season because of the reduced price point. Faux-leather jackets are available in a broad range of colours as a PU-based product, giving you even more stylistic alternatives. Faux-leather is a lightweight material that may be packed for vacation or worn on a daily basis. It’s a soft cloth that gives a stylish element to any outfit, whether it’s for hot or cold weather.

How to Take Care of your Leather Jackets?

  • Real leather is more difficult to keep clean than imitation leather. However, to keep faux-leather jackets looking their best over time, they must be cared for on a regular basis.
  • In most cases, stains may be cleaned using a mixture of warm water and a light detergent. After cleaning, the jacket should be left to air dry in a well-ventilated area.
  • Although PU-based jackets are permeable, spills must be wiped away as soon as possible to minimize long-term stains or discolouration.
  • If a stain becomes embedded in the fabric, it is advised that the jacket be transported to a dry cleaner to avoid damage during the cleaning process.
  • Allow a faux-leather jacket to air out if it has been exposed to odours such as cigarette smoke. It may be required to wipe down the entire jacket with a combination of two parts warm water to one part vinegar if the odour is more persistent.
  • Air dry the clothing after wiping it off to protect the material and enable the scent to disperse.
  • While faux leather is easier to care for than leather and comes with built-in protection, users may add another layer of protection by using a spray like our Leather Care Spray, which is designed mainly for faux-leather.

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