Top Flat Boots Trends in 2022- Bershka is your Go-to Place

by Starry

Dec 24 2021

Fashion is ever-changing; what is fashionable one season may be stale the next. Every fall and winter season, we all feel downright thrilled at the prospect of donning our most admirable boots, both old and new.

It appears that the runways have followed suit, as there were plenty of boot choices on display at the Fall/Winter 2021 shows. We’ve whittled down the most excellent boot styles for you, from classic combats to the revival of ’80s platforms. In 2022, several of them will also suit your spring and summer ensembles. Now is the time to get them before the rest of the fashion world does. To buy flat boots for women in Singapore, Bershka is your go-to place.

Cowboy Boots

The key to this trend, which ranges from conventional black leather to shiny silver, is to combine your personal style with the Western charm of cowboy boots—think old-school Americana and darkly lit saloons.

Models are seen wearing upgraded burgundy western boots with premium knitwear in Isabel Marant’s collection, creating an on-trend yet appropriate look for everyday use.

Flat Ankle Combat Boots

If there’s one thing the previous year has taught us, it’s that comfort is essential. Coach’s bottle-green boots make a strong argument for colour this season. On the other hand, Combat boots promise to be a long-lasting footwear solution because of their practical and sturdy construction. These battles, while practical, aren’t designed for the muddy terrains you may expect from the shoe.

The vibrant hue suggests that this winter is all about making an impact—and nothing shouts style maverick like a pair of polished leather boots on the pavement. While ’90s fashion is making a comeback, these new clunky, practical combat boots don’t lack femininity.

Bold-knee High Boots

You don’t have to skip out if you’re a minimalist by nature: two-tone boots are a simple way to create a striking impression without straying too far from your usual wardrobe—just look at Bershka.

Cuban Heel Boots

Keeping with the western vibe, Cuban heels are making a comeback significantly. Lanvin’s low ankle pastel silhouette takes a high fashion approach and adds a brilliant spark to any ensemble.

For this style, we recommend leaning on the informal foundation of Cuban heels. For example, if your choice in footwear is more luxurious, pair your boots with a relaxed oversized shirt to balance your image. If you like a more worn-in look, pair your brown Cuban heel boots with a feminine dress for a cowgirl-chic effect.

Benefits of wearing flat boots

According to the Harvard Medical Publishing website, the parameters for a perfect shoe include a broad and non-pointed tip, soft material, and flat surfaces. Wearing flat boots provides its own set of health benefits. The following are some of the reasons:

  1. Unlike high heels, which can cause the spine to bend, flat shoes keep the spine straight.
  2. Flat shoes can assist distribute body weight equally over the soles of the feet.
  3. Flat shoes are also more comfortable; they allow you to move freely, do not cause fatigue, provide security when walking, and are more ecologically friendly.
  4. 2. Calf muscles will relax as a result of the flat surface.

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