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by Starry

Mar 10 2022

With so many species of flowers created by nature, it’s no wonder that everyone has a favorite one. We know that everyone loves receiving flowers, but have you ever deliberated why that’s the case? Let’s uncover the true reasons why flower shops always stay in business.

Have you noticed how your face instantly breaks into a smile when you receive flowers? That’s because they act as a stress buster, improving your overall mood and lifting your spirits. Flowers are a perfect gifting option if someone is going through a tough time and needs a quick pick-me-up.

Moreover, a flower bouquet works well on every occasion, whether it’s a wedding party, an intimate birthday dinner, or Valentine’s day. You can never go wrong with a beautiful arrangement of flowers!

How can we forget the meanings and symbolization of different flowers? While red roses represent romance, white ones are a display of respect. Each flower creates a different effect on our moods and emotions, and that’s what makes the exchange of flowers exciting!

If you want a special someone to feel all the emotions described above, gift them a beautiful flower arrangement from The Florté, a lovely flower shop in Singapore.

Beautiful flowers at The Florté

The Florté is a homegrown floral studio that started operating in 2017. Inspired by the flower markets of Covent Garden, London, The Florté is the brainchild of its founder, A, who has developed a unique style that sets the flower shop apart from the rest.

Sweet surprise, Bloom Box

Available in two sizes, this floral arrangement consists of envelop white and fluffy champagne eustomas and blush pink avalanche roses. The soothing pastel colors exude a feeling of calm and serenity. You can send this sweet surprise wrapped in a box to your loved one with a personalized greeting card.

Bleu, Bouquet vase

This spellbinding floral arrangement comes inside a vase, along with a personalized greeting card. While the color palette features lilac, cool shades of blue, a touch of greying yellow and green, the flowers in this vase depends on the freshest cuts of the day. It’s a perfect gift for someone who prefers a modern look for their bouquet vase.

Autumn garden, Table vase

Available in three sizes: classic, premium, and immense; this flower arrangement consists of the best blooms in shades of blue, purple, burgundy, with a touch of light peach for a fresh look. It is recommended that you place the flowers away from direct sunlight, draughts, and radiators to keep them vibrant and fragrant for longer.

More about The Florté

The Florté means forte in floral artistry and is pronounced flawr-tey. If you are in search of ‘a flower shop near me,’ The Florté is an ideal flower shop where you can buy lovely gifts for someone you love.

The team at The Florté believes that flowers are not just meant for special occasions but are something we need every day to bring us comfort and joy. The company strives to create a culture in Singapore where flowers are appreciated and viewed as a symbol of love and happiness. Each flower arrangement is hand-picked by florists so you can enjoy the best that nature has to offer.

There are several flower arrangement options that the store has to offer, including

  • Bloom box– signature, bloom box of the day, dried and preserved, glasshouse, and gift box.
  • Bouquets– signature, bouquet of the day, dried and preserved, and large bouquets.
  • Vase– signature, vase of the day, dried and preserved, bouquet vase.
  • Flower market bundle
  • Floral stand– congratulatory and condolences.
  • Gifts– French girl organics, little fawns, etc.

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How to pay at The Florté using Atome

  1. Select your desired items and continue to check out.
  2. Choose Atome as your payment partner.
  3. Enter your Atome details and continue to the next step.
  4. Pay one-third of your bill at The Florté, and the remaining can be paid over the following months.

Express your love with The Florté

Flowers have their own language, and they can do a great job at conveying what’s inside your heart. So if you want to say something to someone you care for and love, head over to The Florté and send them something special. In a word, choosing the right flower shop will brings desirable results!

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