10 Factors To Consider Before Buying A Flower Pot In Singapore.

by Starry

Dec 24 2021

Choosing an optimal flower pot is very important by all means. When faced with a sea of options, choosing the wrong pot can result in a waste of money, effort, and even damage to your plants. When picking containers, there are 10 main factors to consider.

1.Price and Time:

Depending on your budget and time constraints, you may want to reuse or recycle containers instead of purchasing new ones. Rather than buying at full retail price, many people opt to utilise pre-loved or recycled containers or pots. With a little creativity, you can save money, extend the life of an object rather than toss it away, and add character to your yard.


Consider a material that does not require periodic restoration, like wood, if you want low-maintenance pots. To keep their look and avoid degradation in the weather, wooden containers may need to be coated with a preservative or stain once a year.

Using such pesticides raises the entire cost and poses a health risk, particularly if you’re producing food. These may not be concerns for you if you want a rustic or earthy style, wish to cultivate ornamentals, and have the time.

3.Weight of the flower pot

When saturated, moist soil becomes quite heavy. If you select a hefty container, moving it around will be more difficult. It’s a good idea to think about the overall weight of each container (soil + pot + plants + water). If you’re growing on a balcony or deck, this is very crucial. You may need to consult an expert to see if the structural capability can manage the extra weight.

If you want to be able to change the design of your garden frequently, choose pots made of lightweight materials or mount them on castors before planting them. Pot selection is critical if you have little sunshine. Mobile flower pots can benefit from the sun’s movement, but not if they’re too heavy.

4.The durability of the flower pot

The lifespan of a container is determined by the quality and kind of materials used, as well as the location of the container. Consider if you simply require a temporary container or one that will last for a longer period of time. More durable pots may be more expensive at first, but they will pay off in the long run.

5.Environmental problems

Materials utilised must be safe, long-lasting, and ethical. If you’re unsure about the safety of a product’s materials, request a Material Safety Data Sheet from the store or manufacturer.

6.Type and manufacturing material of the pot

The sort of energy required to fire a pot is largely determined by where it is made. For example, ceramic pots are burnt with gas (the least harmful), coal, or wood/rice husks.

Italian pots are generally made of high-quality terracotta that has been burned with gas. Gas-fired, completely glazed pots with bare rims are created in Malaysia. China’s pots are normally gas-fired and entirely glazed, although they can also be made using coal or oil. The majority of Indonesian pots are unglazed and wood burned (using wood and rice husks).

7.Temperature Insulation

Pot selection can be influenced by how rapidly a container warms or cools. Choose a pot with strong thermal qualities and dark colour to draw heat in cold weather. This might be advantageous in terms of protecting fragile roots from frost and extending the growing season by keeping the soil warmer for longer periods of time. Dense containers, such as polystyrene cartons, assist offer a heat buffer in hot weather.


If you’re not planning on moving the pot, go for a heavier one. If you want to move it within periodically, protect it from the weather or pests, or simply vary the look of your container garden from time to time, a lightweight one is a smart choice.


Moisture and air can pass through porous containers such as those constructed of unglazed terracotta or clay, lumber, paper pulp, and other natural materials. They allow air to circulate the roots of the plants. The liquid evaporates out the pot’s side, cooling the soil and assisting in the removal of excess water, preventing root damage.

On the other hand, these pots, as well as the potting mix, dry out more rapidly (particularly in direct sunlight). If not watered regularly, this might cause plant stress or death. Non-porous materials such as porcelain and plastic require more regular watering.

10.Drainage system

Whatever flower pot you choose, be sure it has enough drainage holes. Healthy plants require not just space to develop, but also appropriate oxygen for their roots. Plants must be able to escape excess water or they will drown.

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