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by Starry

Mar 22 2022

Today, in this article, we’ll be gloriously exhibiting and showcasing some of the flower bouquets flashed and paraded by The Florté – a leading flower bouquet provider in Singapore. By the end of this article, you’ll be squirming in your seats to get a flower bouquet in Singapore from The Florté – that’s a guarantee!

The finest flower bouquets in Singapore – Try The Florté

The Florté flatters itself in its quintessential range of flower bouquets in Singapore. The said bundles of flowers have just the right amount of aesthetics, vibrance, and positive hues to make an exemplary gift for anyone or your home.

At The Florté, you’ll find a colossal variety of flower bouquets, including wedding flower bouquets, balloon flower bouquets, birthday flower bouquets, preserved flower bouquets, cheap flower bouquets, dried flowers bouquets, bridal flowers bouquets, and even small flower bouquets that are just the cutest and most enticing.

Josephine, Bouquet

This is a gentle and feminine floral bouquet with shades of purple chaperoned by whites and grays for all the romantics by heart. This gorgeous flower bouquet features lovable menta roses, tulips, dusty millers, and dancing orchids.

Salted Caramel, Bouquet

The flower bouquet is wrapped in The Florte’s signature Kraft and burlap wrap boxing cappuccino roses, eustomas, and other seasonal blooms. The salted caramel bouquet dances in hues of shades, seamlessly transitioning from pinks to browns.

Greek Yogurt, Bouquet

Anyone who sees this bouquet will be envious of the lush blooms of these white peonies mixed with ivory and white roses. A splash of vibrant colors is provided by Italian Ruscus.

Café Crème Rosa, Bouquet

This is certainly one of The Florte’s most-adored flower bouquets to build, with luscious, dreamy blossoms that will dazzle anybody who sees it. The Café Crème Rosa comprises quality carnations, ivory-white roses, cappuccino roses, anthuriums, and poofy white eustomas in pink and white hues.

The Aussie, Bouquet

This colossal and magnificent bouquet is a testament to Australian floristry, with gorgeous and lush blossoms such as yard roses and white phalaenopsis orchids. The Aussie, packaged in Kraft and burlap, frequently transports us to the bush!

La Flamingo, Bouquet

This bouquet is characterized by towering white and pink blossoms, with pinkish undertones softening for the loveliest finish. Find quality carnations, anthuriums, roses, and matthiolas that have been expertly positioned to satisfy and tantalize. Do you not really like how it looks with just a little green? We know you do! Want stylish flower pots to display your purchased flower bouquet? Read on to take the best pick!

About The Florté

If you’re looking for the best flower bouquets in Singapore with The Florté, you’ll always be in the right hands. The Florté boasts a homegrown floral studio that was founded back in 2017. The Florté takes all of its aspirations, inspirations, and more from the Convent Garden in London.

The founder of The Florté has characterized a distinct style for the brand that showcases every floral creation that they have and can produce. The crew at The Florté go into overdrive to seamlessly orchestrate a culture in Singapore in which flowers and flower bouquets are highly praised. Their florists take their time to carefully select the greatest flowers for you, driven by a desire to bring joy and solace to the hearts of our relatives and friends.

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How do I pay for flower bouquet using Atome?

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Ending thoughts

Having an exquisitely preserved flower bouquet peacefully sitting on your cabinets and TV consoles speaks volumes about your exemplary aesthetic sense. Moreover, flower bouquets prove to be a fine gift if you’re unsure as to what you’re going to get for your loved ones.

Buy all your flower bouquets in Singapore from The Florté and know what it feels like to be on the top.

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