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by Starry

Jan 07 2022

Those who are addicted to buying flowers are entirely aware that nothing can make their foliage stand out more than a stylish flower pot. The right flower pot will not only keep your plants healthy and happy, but it can also be a great contributor to the overall style of the space. Ezbuy is the largest global online shopping platform in Singapore that is considered to be a leader in cross-border e-commerce. Ezbuy offers its customers the opportunity to shop for the best flower pots, planters, and flower pot stands at the lowest prices. There are always attractive deals and online discounts from the wide selection of different items at ezbuy. Whether it is the ceramic flower pot, the Nordic style rattan straw basket, or a wood magnesium round flower pot, ezbuy has everything available for you.

Different types of flower pots materials are available at ezbuy

When shopping for the flower pot Singapore, it is crucial that you keep it in proper proportion to the plant’s size.

  • Terra-Cotta

Available in a variety of sizes & shapes, when you buy a terra-cotta flower pot at ezbuy, its earthy color has the ability to enhance the beauty of any flower. It is made from porous clay rich in iron and offers your plant the ability to breathe by keeping the soil cool and wicks any excess moisture from the roots to keep your plant healthy.

  • Plastic

If you are not concerned about the appearance of your flower pot or have plants that are capable of covering the pots, then plastic is the ideal option for you. A plastic flower pot is very durable, it can retain moisture, and you will find it to be inexpensive as compared to other materials.

Plastic is also light in weight and can make a great choice if you have a plan to rearrange your garden. It is better not to go for the black color, as plastic pots of this color can absorb heat and make your plant very hot, damaging the tender roots.

  • Concrete

Concrete is undoubtedly heavy, but it is considered ideal for large plants needing more support. This particular material comes with good insulating properties, which makes it great for protecting the root systems by having an ideal environment for the soil. If you have to expose your flower pot to public areas, concrete offers you an added advantage as it discourages people from accidentally walking on your prized plants, making it a great choice.

  • Wood

Wood is among the most natural and practical containers for gardening, and you will find a wide variety of wood flower pots at ezbuy from some of the best brands out there. A wood planter offers a great look, retains water, and is not that heavy.

When you are to select the wood container, it is always a good idea to make sure that it is made of rot-resistant wood. You have to check the quality of construction because the wood has the capacity to expand and shrink in elements. You can also use a flower pot made of softwood, but it is better to have non-toxic paint in order to prevent rot.

Where should you buy a flower pot stand Singapore?

We all like to fill our sweet homes with different flowers and plants and keep looking for some creative ways to squeeze as many as possible. In order to utilize the space in an efficient manner, we can use a flower pot rack, and ezbuy is the best place where we can find thousands of different kinds of racks and stands, and we can choose one according to our needs.

When we talk about the materials for the flower pot stand Singapore, we have the option of choosing plastic, rattan, and metal. Although it all depends on the finishing that you choose, metal lends can offer you a sleeker and elegant feel, be it gold, copper, steel, or anything else. It is worth noting that when you are to elevate your plant, you can be creative by using different benches, stools, shelves, shoe racks, and even bar carts to make the best flower pot rack according to your needs.

Use Atome to buy the ideal flower pots at ezbuy

Being among the most popular international shopping platforms, ezbuy always keeps itself tuned with the needs of the customers by creating complete solutions. Buy the best flower pot and flower pot stands from top brands and split your flower pot purchases into 3 easy, interest-free payments with Atome.

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