Dining Chairs for The Contemporary Outlook of Your Living Room

by Starry

Sep 26 2021

Are you looking for the best dining chairs or court dining chairs, or wooden dining chairs while in Singapore? HipVan is the best place to drop in. In Singapore, you can either directly purchase your required furniture items from the HipVan outlet or place an order online on the official business website. 

About HipVan:

HipVan is a Singapore-based furniture brand. The furniture brand was started on 1st April 2013, and since then, the businesses have witnessed tremendous growth. 

1st April is called a fool’s day, but this is not the case with HipVan. The Singapore-based furniture business makes a reliable commitment with its customers- those who love to buy classy furniture. The HipVan aims to help the homemakers. 

What is the inspiration behind HipVan?

The HipVan was initiated with the idea to help the people of Singapore build their dream homes. The initiators of the business knew that the Singapore market has a limited number of furniture businesses. Almost all of them are expensive with high retail mark-ups, and the quality of the products is also not for a lifetime. 

HipVan has furniture items for your bedroom and home furniture, and another home decor at the most affordable prices in the market of Singapore. 

From dining chairs to court dining chairs and sofabeds, you can find them at HipVan. The management of HipVan has brought stylish furniture to the people of Singapore at the most economical prices. HipVan believes that even a single-salaried person shall have access to the unique home furniture, including dining chairs or home décor items, at the most reasonable prices. 

Items you can buy at HipVan:

You can select your required furniture item from the following categories:

Bedding, mattresses, sofas, dining, furniture, lighting, kitchen, lifestyle, décor, and soft furnishings. 

Besides, HipVan also has a corner for kid’s toys and backups. If you are looking for a different kind of toy, you can get one from here. 

It means either your need a dining chair to wooden dining chairs or court dining chairs which are in trend these days for your living room or dining room; HipVan is the right place for you in Singapore. The HipVan is the name of quality with unique designs. 

What makes HipVan so different?

The management of HipVan knows that they can only acquire a large segment of the market, only if their products are unique but manufactured with high-quality materials. HipVan knows the long-lasting products(furniture) make the customers loyal for a lifetime. 

Unique designs with good prices:

The furniture brand in Singapore is famous for providing unique furniture designs in the market with the most competitive prices. 

Less is more:

The brand believes in quality instead of quantity. So instead of a collection of items in the warehouses, the business comes up with items that the homemakers in the Singapore market need. The management at HipVan knows that it can attract the customers and keep them loyal to the brand only if the businesses would provide them with unique designs of furniture made with high quality. 

No retail overheads:

HipVan charges the most direct price from its clients. It cuts the retail overheads like rental and renovation to give its customers the most direct prices from manufacturers.

A maximum number of choices online:

HipVan has outlets across Singapore. But a complete variety of latest and stylish furniture is also available online for the convenience of the customers. This is a digital world, and people today are more digitalized who prefer to buy online from the comfort of their homes. To book an order for a dining chair today, visit the official business website. 

Shipping and returns:

Currently, HipVan only delivers in Singapore. You can place an order for any of your required furniture items to any street address in Singapore. However, some areas are restricted. These are Pulau Ubin.

HipVan does not ship to foreign countries, but if you want to order at HipVan out of Singapore, contact them for any queries. The furniture items are only delivered within Singapore. 

Within the country, enjoy free shipping on all orders exceeding $250. HipVan provides the facility of the door-step facility. The business has its in-house delivery team so that no item is damaged by the third-party courier while delivering. The standard delivery period is 5 to 7 working days. If you want to receive your order on Sundays, you have to pay an extra fee. While checking out, select the option. 

HipVan makes sure you receive your order just the way you were fascinated by it online. However, if you are not satisfied with the item received, for instance, you are not happy with the color or size of the received dining chair, you can return it to HipVan within 100 days of receivable. But the returned item shall not be broken and is in its original condition with the business purchase receipt as proof. 

Though the furniture and other items of HipVan can be purchased online from the business official website, if you are limited with a budget and want to upgrade your living room with the beautiful set of dining chairs, you can buy the HipVan dining chairs from Atome.

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Our verdict

Everyone wants to décor his home to make it a perfect living place. If in Singapore you are looking for unique dining chairs for your living room, HipVan is the most loved brand. HipVan has the best items for your home, from the bedroom to kitchen and lighting.

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