The coolest bar chairs to enhance the look of your kitchen countertop

by Starry

Feb 23 2022

We all have had the traditional kitchen interiors with the usual dining table. But there is a whole lot of fun you are missing if you don’t have bar chairs yet. These chairs sit around the kitchen counter, encouraging your family to grab a seat to chit-chat with you. They aren’t just fun to sit on and make your kitchen the best hangout spot while you cook or party. Moreover, you can choose from various designs to find which one complements your kitchen design best.

Barstool chairs at Loft Home for you to buy

Here are a few of the bar chairs highlighted from Loft Home that aren’t just simple chairs to sit on. These bar chairs will raise the bar for all your meals times.

Bar Chair – NORMANN PP

This bar chair can be used as a 2 in 1, both in your kitchen and balcony. The chair gives your kitchen a sleek finish with its decent and minimal design. It provides back support while relaxing for hours and still gets up fresh. You can choose from 7 different bright colors that make it a unique piece and a must-have in every home.


If you want a countryside vibe in your kitchen, this stool bar is for you. We can’t wrap our heads around how classy the black and brown look, regardless of the minimal material. With a seat thickness of 50mm, this bar chair makes the perfect match with your dark-colored kitchen theme. The powder-coated matt black steel legs make it a good option as a contemporary and neat high bar chair.

Bar Stool – Bicycle

A unique, innovative, and classic bar chair where you lose calories even while sitting on. Yes, we are talking about a bicycle bar stool. Even better, It comes with an option to choose from solid wood or PU leather seats. The functional high bar chair works as a multi-purpose stool that benefits your kitchen and your health. This chair is your ideal option if you are a fitness freak or can not squeeze in some time for cycling into your busy routine. It comes with a 5-year warranty and a 4-5 weeks lead time for pre-order.


Presenting you the typical cool high bar chairs you will usually find at Starbucks. They resemble the bar stools you saw at the market and always wanted to have one by design. Well, you got the opportunity now! It has a round PU leather seat and anti-rust steel legs. It also comes in two colors- black and brown. The simple design doesn’t take up much space and looks very decent in your kitchen, giving off a modern bar kitchen vibe.

About Loft Home

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How to pay for your bar stool chairs through Atome

Paying through Atome is as simple as choosing your favorite furniture on Loft Home. Follow these simple steps to pay through Atome:

  • After choosing your favorite bar chair, head on to the checkout page.
  • Choose Atome as your payment method.
  • Pay your first payment, and enjoy your new addition in the kitchen.

Last say on bar chair Singapore

Loft Home has the perfect bar chairs to bring all your family together while you cook or sit to eat. They are made accessible to buy all thanks to Atome’s 3 easy, interest-free payments.

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