Lazy boy chair, a really worthy investment

by Starry

Mar 10 2022

Is a Lazy Boy chair/recliner worth the money? You must be pondering on it before grabbing your desired Lazy Boy recliner. Well, when you weigh the benefits and drawbacks, you’ll find that they’re well worth the investment. This could, however, be construed as a biased statement. Therefore, rather than offering an opinion, this article summarizes the answer to these common questions about investing in Lazy Boy chairs.

A Lazy Boy chair helps you to recline and rock at the same time.

When most people board an aeroplane, the first thing they do is recline their seat a few inches. Because your backrests at a comfortable position, you may relax during the journey. The same concept applies to recliners. The patented mechanism in the Lazy Boy allows you to recline your back without having to lift your feet. To release and recline your back cushion on other recliners, you must first raise your footrest.

It’s far more comfortable to sit in a Lazy Boy since it’s the only chair that allows you to recline your back without putting your feet up.

Lazy Boy chairs improve digestion.

While you’re reclining, take a few calm, deep breaths to help your body relax and digest. Your body will aggressively digest anything you’ve eaten while healing and repairing itself in this stage. Your digestive system will be able to thoroughly process your meal as a result. Allowing your body to relax and digest before bed improves the overall quality of your sleep.

Uni-body frame setup

When it’s time to get up, most folks typically push on the arms of their chair. On recliners with only two or three sides, this might cause the structure to extend apart. The frame of a Lazy Boy Recliner is made of American maple hardwood and oriented strand board when turned upside down (OSB).

Since 1977, OSB has been employed in the flooring and roofing of most structures. It’s also 11% more durable than plywood. On all four sides of Lazy Boy Recliners, this robust and ecologically friendly material is utilized to support the frame. This means that you’ll be able to get in and out of your recliner for a long time.

16 locking positions

You may not want to fully recline your feet while working on your laptop. You may also have visitors and don’t want to recline totally while conversing. The innovative locking footrest from Lazy Boy allows you to angle your feet in three different positions depending on your needs.

As you move through the many locking positions of a Lazy Boy, you’ll hear a clicking sound. This sound of comfort is a proprietary feature that allows you to lock in your preferred rocker position. Lazy Boy recliners feature 16 locking positions that you may cycle through until you discover the one that is most comfortable for you. There are several health benefits of rocking back to a position where your feet are above your heart level.

Release your stress

Elevating your feet helps you breathe better, increases circulation, and decreases back discomfort. It also has a beneficial influence on your neurological system. Your nerves are always activating and functioning to move your body and accomplish tasks. You’re giving your nervous system a much-needed vacation by relaxing and allowing your body to recuperate. Allowing your nervous system to relax might help you have a calmer and clearer mind.

Some beneficial tips for setting up Lazy Boy recliners in your living room

Corner setting: Most Lazy Boy chairs may be positioned in such a way that they can fully recline while still fitting into a room’s corner. If you’re having problems finding a chair that can completely stretch in the corner of your room, check out Urban Mood’s selection of Wall Recliners.

The innovative feature on these recliners allows them to fully recline with only a few inches of room behind them.

High-leg, and push back recliners: Instead of a traditional Lazy Boy recliner, you may go for a high leg or push back recliner. High leg recliners offer a contemporary design and let you push back and recline your feet. These stunning recliners are available in a broad range of colours and designs. By choosing a neutral colour for your couch, you may choose a creative and fascinating design for your high leg recliner.

Check out the Lazy Boy fletcher high leg recliner or Lazy Boy Riley high leg recliner, both of which come in a variety of bespoke fabrics at Urban Mood.

Use a solid colour fabric to match the interior: When someone arrives into your room, their gaze is pulled immediately to the patterns. This is due to the fact that interesting patterns inherently attract our attention. Using a solid colour for your chair will prevent guests from recognizing it as soon as they step into the room. This hue can be bright or neutral, however, patterns should be avoided. To detract attention from your larger pieces of furniture, use patterns in your carpets, cushions, and other accessories.

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