Top 10 Armchair Trends in Singapore 2022

by Starry

Feb 15 2022

Where to buy the best armchair? We’d need a textbook-sized amount of room to cover all of the numerous sorts of chairs that come in so many different styles, sizes, and prices, so we’ve chosen 10 of the greatest models on the market today that are fashionable and distinctive.

1. Fauteuil Chair

This extravagant, upholstered chair always has gorgeous textile upholstery, and the open sides of this armchair are the easiest method to spot it.

The upholstered accents seat, back, and could be connected or not. The frame of this chair, which is usually made of wood, is always visible, so if you see one that doesn’t have this characteristic, you could not be looking at a Fauteuil chair.

If, on the other hand, you notice cabriole legs rather than straight legs, you’ve correctly recognised the chair’s genealogy.

2. Adirondack Armchair

       Thomas Lee, a Massachusetts native who spent his summers in Westport, New York, amid this hilly terrain, is credited with designing the Adirondack chair. Lee’s family was fortunate in that they were rich enough to support him during the three years it took him to develop his chair’s unique design, armrests, high back profile, and slanted seat.

Lee’s final design was durable, balanced, and comfy, and customers scooped them up as soon as they were released because they fit where other chairs didn’t: flat areas, sandy beaches, and steep terrain.

3. Dining Chair

Chairs were designated for Pharaohs and monarchs in the Old Testament, and they acted as thrones rather than seats. Until society recognised that dining on the ground put dirt into the foods being served, commoners ate on floor mats. Stools are regarded to be the forerunners of dining chairs, but with the addition of backs, space became the most important design consideration.

It took a lot of preparation to fit six or twelve seats beneath a table. For years, wood was the only material used to make dining chairs, and it is still a preferred frame material today, but metals and plastics have grown as popular. Not every decorator insists on matching their dining room chairs, which are available in every furniture style and period under the sun.

4. Deck Armchair

What makes a chaise longue different from a deck chair? According to furniture historians, not much, however deck chairs are meant to be used as seats on boat decks, whether the vessel is a tiny cruiser or the Titanic. Deck chairs were popular in the 17th century when there was a need for collapsible seats that could be put up so witnesses could see executions. They were based on an Egyptian seat that is considered the earliest folding chair design.

When John Thomas Moore applied for a patent in 1886, he sold the deck chair to boat owners and those who needed portable seating to watch lawn tennis matches. Today’s deck chair, whether made of webbing, canvas, or fabrics, remains a popular shopping option for those looking to outfit their yachts with folding seats that can be packed when not in use. They don’t appear to be utilised for seeing executions anymore, as far as we can determine.

5. Recliner Armchair

The chair appears to be a recent innovation, and it is in some ways. Some historians think that the original version of this calming chair belonged to Napoleon Bonaparte. Since Napoleon’s time, designers have achieved significant advances in recliner design. Recliners are the pinnacle of household comfort. Leather or fabric upholstery, manual or electrical mechanisms, and a variety of designs are available for these chair kinds.

6. Club Chair

A club chair creates a relaxing atmosphere in a room, as though the individuals within are being serenaded. The term “fauteuil comfortable” was used in France to describe this sort of chair. The original term refers to the way a club chair envelops you in comfort and has more rounded edges than other types of chairs. Deep seats, a lower back, general roominess, and leather chair upholstery are all characteristics of club chairs.

7. Wicker Chair

Scandinavians developed wicker furniture long before “sustainable” became a catchphrase. The term “wika” means “to bend,” and wicker was not just popular in Scandinavia: specimens have been discovered in Tutankhamen’s tomb and elsewhere throughout the world. In the late 1800s, when Cyrus Wakefield became the most famous wicker chair designer of his time, Victorian wicker was quite popular.

 Until the mid-2000s, when industrial-grade, synthetic wicker arrived, all-natural materials were the wicker industry’s bastion. Synthetic wicker is still a popular choice among homeowners who choose materials that are less susceptible to weather damage.

8. Wing Chair

Due to its unmistakable, towering backrests and side “wings,” even those who can’t tell one furniture type from another say they have no problem distinguishing wing chairs.

You may still ask furniture dealers to show you fireside, wingback, easy, and grandpa chairs and you’ll be in the company of a wingback chair, which has been known by several names throughout the years. The roots of this chair may be traced back to the 17th century, when it was designed to be used next to roaring fireplaces, with lofty backs and side wings to shield occupants from draughts. The Chippendale wingback is one of the most instantly recognisable of all furniture styles, having been adopted by several furniture builders over time.

9. Lawson Chair

A Lawson chair is a form of chair that falls between classic and mid-century modern. This sort of chair is good for reading since the armrests are at the correct height for most adults to rest their elbows on. The Lawson chair is distinguished by its firm cushioning and straight lines in design, with rounded or square armrests that are lower than the chair back. Lawson chairs are ideal for a library or a reading area in the living room.

10. Ghost Chair

Don’t let the name of this chair style deceive you. It’s not that a ghost chair is haunted; it’s just that it’s made of translucent plastic. For any ultra-modern house, ghost chairs are the ideal dining room furnishings. These chairs are available with or without arms, in sets of two or four, and a variety of heights. The legs of some ghost chairs contain metal or wood embellishments. These elements may give a dining room set more depth and appeal. Do you want to incorporate this chair type into other areas of your home? In a living room or workplace, certain ghost chairs make excellent accent chairs. You can also select stylish leather sofa at URBAN MOOD when you consider buying your desired armchairs.

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