Leather Sofa | Key factors to consider before you buy

by Starry

Feb 15 2022

Nothing rivals a leather sofa in terms of pure elegance, durability, and comfort. This time-honoured material softens and becomes suppler with age, and a well-designed, attractive leather couch can last a lifetime.

What’s leather?

Real leather is a natural substance that is both durable and warm, with distinct features that distinguish each hide.

Scratches, growth marks, and hair pore structure are all characteristics that leather will always carry as a result of its natural nature. In general, these characteristics do not negatively affect the leather’s wearability.

Leather is made by curing animal skins, a process generally referred to as tanning. Hides are the skins of cattle that make up the majority of the leather used in the production of upholstered furniture.

The Durability of Leather Sofas

Genuine leather sofas are among the most long-lasting on the market, and with proper care and attention, they may last a lifetime. If you spill something on your leather, it will be a lot easier to clean than if you drop something on fabric.

They also don’t collect as much dust as other varieties of couch upholstery, so you won’t have to go to the trouble of cleaning them as often. Leather’s resilience to wear and tear is where it really shines. It’s a naturally robust material that will stand up to ordinary wear and tear, and any scuffs it gets will add character.

The durability of a leather sofa basically depends on the type of leather being used to manufacture it. So, it’s important to know the types of leather that are generally used to make leather furniture. Let’s have a look.

Top Grain Leather

Top grain is obtained from the same part of hide as the bottom grain, but a few millimetres of the top surface are sanded away to eliminate defects like scratches, branding,  barbed wire nicks, and other flaws. Top grain leather has a highly uniform overall look as a result of this.

 Because the surface of top grain leather has been polished and smoothed, it feels deliciously soft to the touch. It is, however, somewhat less durable than full-grain leather, so there is a compromise between leather with natural marks and nicks and leather that is devoid of flaws. Either one will last a long time, so it’s a question of personal preference.

Bonded Leather

Bonded leather is the mischievous cousin of full grain leather. It’s formed from the scraps left behind after entire skins are trimmed into huge patterns. After that, they’re ground, dyed, and glued to a synthetic underlayer.

Only 17 per cent genuine leather is required in bonded leather. Its plastic coating prevents it from breathing as well as 100% leather, making it unpleasant to sit on after a time. It does, however, effectively resist spills and stains.

Full-grain Leather

Full-grain leather is the toughest and most long-lasting leather available. It’s termed full grain because the grain pattern is exceedingly tight and visible. It has excellent moisture resistance and develops a nice patina over time.

Split Leather

Split leather is derived from the hide’s middle layer. It begins with a fuzzy texture on both sides, is treated to flatten the texture, and is frequently imprinted with a pattern to approximate full-grain texture. It is not as durable as full or top grain due to the processing.

The Comfort of Leather Sofa

When paired with sturdy frames and soft padding, quality leather couches have the potential to be quite comfortable. Once your new couch is delivered, you can anticipate many joyful hours spent lounging on it. Leather furniture has been used in households for many years due to its durability and comfort.

Warranty on the leather sofas

A good furniture maker will not hesitate to provide a broad guarantee. On the frame and cushions, look for a lifetime warranty. Leather is a natural material that will age and wear over time, yet the colour will not rub off or crack. One last thing to think about when buying leather seating is whether or not it can be modified to fit the height or weight of the individuals who will be sitting on it.

Leather furniture is one of those purchases where you get exactly what you paid for. Sofas, chairs, benches, and ottomans of superior quality are an investment that will provide you with many years of delight and relaxation. By the way, you can also try out the stylish table lamp at URBAN MOOD.

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