7 Ergonomic chairs in Singapore – which one You should go for?

by Starry

May 11 2021

A workplace with a comfortable environment leads to employee motivation, and that is what makes a business reach its aims and goals. However, how would you expect to reach the goals without focusing on the physical well-being and comfort of those who work in the offices? The major question here is where to find a good quantity and quality of ergonomic chair Singapore and how to manage to pay for those in one go?

Atome is one of those platforms which sell such facilities. The best part about it is that you can make a payment online, or you can split the bill into 3-months installments. This enables companies to manage any interior they require for a workplace without compromising on the quality of the product.

Importance of ergonomic chairs

Chairs are back-supports, in a literal sense. Not a lot of people are familiar with the fact, that a lot of health implications take place due to prolonged hours of sitting. This is a major concern for those who have a regular 9-hour job, where they sit for a few consecutive hours.

Sitting down for so many hours in one go leads to increased stress within our bodies. Hence, it is important to look for seating facilities like ergonomic chairs in Singapore for workplaces.

A lot of countries have starter emphasizing the importance of ergonomic chairs and how much they help with human interaction and physical health. Few of the ergonomic chair Singapore has gained more importance over time.

This is because people who work 9 am to 5 pm per day tend to experience backaches, sore necks, and muscle pain due to them being confined at their desks. Due to the evolvement of back-support chairs, ergonomic chairs were introduced and became an important requirement in offices.

Ergonomic chairs are the best choice due to them preventing musculoskeletal disorders due to excessive sitting. As compared to other chairs, ergonomic chair Singapore is the trending product and very popular in workplaces.

A few other office chairs:

• Drafting chairs that normally compliment the standing desks

• Leather Office Chairs which are made of real leather and have none or hardly any benefit for the human body

• Executive Office Chairs are stylish and highly opulent, but they aren’t very back-friendly

Important things to consider while selecting an ergonomic chair

It isn’t easy to choose from so many great and high-quality chairs. The ergonomic chair Singapore is to be purchased while keeping in mind the human body’s health and the practicality of the chairs.

If you want to buy an ergonomic chair, make sure you stick with preventative measures for sitting techniques on the ergonomic chair.

Make sure you understand to choose a more generalized style of an ergonomic chair for a workplace, as every person has a specific problem that may differ from the other, leading to a difference in preferences. It is important to choose the right type of chair, which would avoid strain and support the back. Buying an ergonomic chair Singapore, with many different varieties of chairs available in stores, needs to follow the following features:

• The height should be compatible with the range and height of the user

• Adjustable height of the chair

• The adjustable backrest should be a part of the ergonomic chair Singapore collection.

Types of ergonomic chairs in Singapore

The following ergonomic chair Singapore is the best-reviewed chair that has helped in supporting the employees and their physical well-being.

Ergotune- the chair which provides a backrest and conforms to your back

This is one of the best ergonomic chair Singapore which helps those who have to be seated for a very long time. The Ergotune caters to all body types and people’s sitting habits.

One of the best qualities about this chair is that it consists of 11 adjustable points, which include a headrest along with an arm resting as well. This leads to finding the angles that work the best for your body.

Moreover, the ErgoTune has a unique ATLAS, i.e., an Auto-Turning Lumbar Area Support backrest. The ATLAS calibrates itself to the spine with every movement. This fully assures you that your lower back will be supported no matter what activity you do while you’re sitting.

Each of the ErgoTune is fit with DuraWave, which is hybrid mesh upholstery. This is made with a comfy material that helps you stay cool at all times.


This ergonomic chair Singapore is the best for spontaneous pains within your back and helps relieve them. The Yoke YOE A8 consists of a dual backrest that is made from molded foam. This helps soothing and keeping the back muscles from tension or knotting up.

It is great neck support due to its adjustable headrest, which tilts up to 45 degrees.

Ergomeister F AEZ8ERG

This ergonomic chair Singapore is one of the best quality chairs you can find here. Due to its amazing quality and details, it doesn’t come cheap, but many platforms offer trial runs first. This helps to check whether the chair is suitable enough or not.

The best part about this chair is that it is durable. Durable is still an understatement, as the chair has a warranty for 15 years. This means they can work long term, which avoids buying new chairs for a few years.

Ergometer is a great beck support chairs, as it allows ventilation and prevents any heat from being trapped between the chair and the body.

It has a firm and adjustable lumbar support as well, which helps you sit up straight and uptight.

Kliig Large Dual back Chair

The underestimated ergonomic chair Singapore is mostly considered to be boring due to its monotonous shades. However, every ergonomic chair isn’t boring. This one comes in 4 colors, which you can match with your room or office’s aesthetic.

The condition of this chair is known to remain intact for a long time due to the material it’s made from.

It is made from premium synthetic leather, which is water and tear-resistant. Hence, this is easy to maintain and is durable enough.

V.Hive Top Gaming Chair

This is a great chair that balances the work play ratio. It supports coexisting of both the activities and is an ideal office chair and back-support for long-term activities. This ergonomic chair Singapore has an amazing added feature as well, i.e., brake castor. This locks the chair’s wheel while getting up or sitting down, which prevents any accidental spills.

Comfort furniture Astrid Highback Office Chair

We might be aware of the posture of our body, just like everybody is of others. Many people might have dealt with ‘sit straight’ orders due to their shoulders slouching. The Astrid Highback is an ergonomic chair in Singapore that has heightened lumbar support. This adjusts to the weight and allows the lower back to function to form a natural curve and get rid of the slouching. This lumbar support is fully customized. The mesh material of the chair makes it easier to sit on it for a long time and makes it breathable for the back.

Benel Embrace highback Grey

This is a hybrid of mesh and fabric and gives some extra back support. This ergonomic chair Singapore doesn’t only look good, but it also feels amazing. The materials it is made from helps the chair support the back and lets it breathe.


Conclusively, there are many amazing ergonomic chairs available in Singapore. Most of them are durable, which makes it profitable for the offices and companies, as they wouldn’t have to invest in the office interior every two years. However, according to the nature and practicality of the work, most ergonomic chairs are a perfect fit. If you are interested in massage chairs in Singapore, let’s read this blog!

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