Where to Get the Best Massage Chairs Singapore

by Starry

Feb 25 2021

What is the best massage chair in Singapore? If you are thinking about buying a massage chair, you have to choose the best brand. It is a great decision to get a massage chair for your home, so you should think carefully before making this vital decision.

6 Best Massage Chairs in Singapore worth your investment

Massage is an excellent way to get comfort and rid of pain and distress. It is almost impossible to get a regular massage in a busy life. A massage chair can solve that problem.    

Miuvo MiuDelight V2

If you think about the best massage chairs in Singapore, you have to think about Miuvo massage chair.

Miuvo MiuDelight V2 is a product from the Miuvo brand. There are four models available in the market. It provides Zero-gravity reclining relaxation and has a one-year warranty. It comes in mainly three colors Red, Mocha, and Black. 4 massage styles are available for this brand, Shiatsu, Tui-na, Thai, and Tapping. It will help you to relax your body and dissolve pain and discomfort.

Miuvo MiuDivine V3 Massage Chair

The Miuvo MiuDivine V3 Massage Chair is modified for a comfortable massage, dependent on your particular body situation. It permits you to control the force contingent upon resilience. The eight airbags incorporate your whole body to expand the contact for a more robust massage. With the zero-gravity lean back, you can, in a real sense, recline and surrender yourself for vivid massage treatment. It comes with four therapist design programs.

OSIM uDivine V

OSIM is a local Singaporean brand that has now gone worldwide. Since its start during the 1980s, it has impressed its customers. If you think about a massage chair, you should seriously consider OSIM. With 401 stores, OSIM has genuinely gone around the world.

The OSIM uDivine V is the most recent massage chair released by OSIM. There is a broad scope of massage programs in it that you can browse. We particularly like the 4-gave kneads, which invigorates two masseuses to massage you simultaneously. Besides, OSIM constantly adds on the new system that can be downloaded to your seat to have new massage encounters.

If you want the nearest experience to an authentic message, the OSIM uDivine V is the massage chair you should choose. Enjoy Osim massage chair right now!

Gintell DéSpace Star-X Massage Chair

Gintell DéSpace Star-X is a massage chair that uses AI to make an excellent massage. Controlled by the AI Senses Technology, this massage chair detects, operates, and changes the massage to what you need and like. Moreover, you can likewise control the seat with merely your voice on account of its Voice Intelligence Technology.

This seat is prepared to give eight distinct massages: working, tapping, shiatsu, thumping, rolling, and squeezing. The Gintell DéSpace Star-X is outstanding amongst other massage chairs you can get for your home and office. Its capacities will facilitate any discomfort or pains in your body in only one massage session. Come to have a try with Gintell massage chair!

Ogawa Mysofa2

The Ogawa Mysofa2 has a broad L-Track getting from your spine down to your lower middle. Its goal is that it doesn’t miss any piece of your body. The rollers are intended to imitate human touch, so it feels like you’re in a real sense at a massage parlor. The massage programs successfully target key therapy that focuses on dissolving any pain or discomfort. The airbag treatment additionally relieves strain on your butt and hips. There is also a sensitive mode that gives your body a light massage. You will thank yourself for getting an Ogawa massage chair!

PePu YH600 Massage Chair

PePu YH600 Full Body Massage Chair comes with 6 auto-programs, an all-inclusive twofold SL-track, and a Bluetooth speaker. The chair includes three warming levels for you to look over, relying upon your heat affectability. In the zero-gravity mode, you can rest like you would in a bed.

The chair is easy to control. Its foot roller provides a Gua Sha massage, an exceptionally well-known mode among its users. This massage seat is very space-saving as well.

Pay for the best massage chairs with Atome

You should now know about the best massage chairs in Singapore. A decent massage chair is an important choice. It should be long-lasting and assist you with relieving your pain and discomfort. So be careful before buying one. You may have some specific situations or difficulties, so you should consider all of these when getting one. After all of these, if you still have confusion, you should consult with an expert.

Upon your careful choice, now it’s time for the final step. Payment! Have you ever considered paying for your selected items by Atome? It offers you a 3-interest-free monthly payment plan. How relaxing it is! Act now to get the app!

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First Order Up To $10 Off! Download Atome!

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