5 Fail-proof Ways to Stick to Your Workout Routine

by jiatongma

Mar 30 2023

Let’s be honest; working out can be challenging, especially with the busy work-life, social commitments, and giving time to family. It just does not fit. Sometimes you need to force yourself to get up an hour or so earlier in the morning, which is a massive task in itself.

Whether you are a noob or a seasoned fitness enthusiast, it isn’t easy to be motivated by your daily workout routines. When you lack the motivation to do your workout, it will make you inconsistent and hinder your progress.

To stay on track, we have five effective ways to keep your motivation levels for the workout high so you can achieve your fitness goals in a realistic time and stick to a consistent schedule.

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5 Effective Ways to Boost Your Workout Motivation

  1. Partner-Up for Fun and Accountability

Isn’t it fun to have a friend around you to keep you company? A good friend can even make the most boring trip fun. Not only while working out but otherwise as well, it is essential to have the right partner, your best friend, your soul-lifter, who can keep you going.

Life’s not easy, and scheduling workouts in the busy routine is even more strenuous. However, we always look forward to moments to spend together with our favorite people. Those who laugh with us, whom we can connect to, and who are there for us when we are tired from the extensive leg day workout.

Partners are a great help in motivation for your workout. It is a two-way street. You are a motivational boost for them as they are for you. They want the better for you; do not judge you and pull you to get up on days you do not feel like exercising, jogging, or hitting the gym.

Always have a health buddy to make workouts fun, and keep a check on yourself and them.

  1. Set Realistic Goals

The biggest demotivation is when you cannot reach the goals you set for yourself even after trying extremely hard. You are not an expert, and therefore you might make mistakes in setting realistic goals.

It is not important to lose a lot of weight in a limited period. However, it is important to consistently do the workouts to lose a small amount of weight and inches around your body over a longer period.

That’s why realistic goal setting is essential. If your goals are unrealistic, you will not be able to achieve them, which will be a significant factor in demotivating you for workouts.

You did not put on 10 pounds in one day, so you cannot lose it in one day. Also, losing weight is harder than gaining, so be kind and gentle with yourself, and do not be tough. You must give yourself a realistic time frame and, if needed, get professional help setting up a diet and workout plan for your fitness routine.

  1. Mix it up

The same daily routines can make things pretty dull and monotonous. It is recommended that you change your workout frequently and avoid repeating the same movements to keep your motivation levels high.

You need proper goal-setting for the time of your workout. Fix your daily time schedules and weekly exercises. You can do upper body workouts two days a week, lower body workouts another two days, core strengthening for a day, and a daily yoga routine. Keep one day off rest and start the week over.

Mixing it up with different exercises helps you achieve your goal smoothly without getting bored or distracted with the same old routine workouts.

There are so many types of workouts that if you want, there is no chance of one getting bored. Yoga helps relax muscles and makes you more flexible, whereas Zumba dances are high in intensity with a high-calorie burn. Hundreds of variations exist, so select what suits you and your day.

  1. Assign a Playlist

Having a playlist has helped a lot of people stay focused and motivated for their workouts. Find your favorite fast-track songs, and the beats will help you keep going with running, jogging, and even exercising.

Music has played a vital role in motivating people to work out. Be it a piece of subtle music that helps you relax in your yoga positions and transition from one position to another or an upbeat playlist for your running routine.

Some workouts are done on music only, like Zumba and aerobics. Music helps movement and is a great way to enjoy a boring workout.

  1. Track Yourself – Be Accountable

Results are important. It motivates you to go beyond and helps you pinpoint your mistakes. Be your judge because no one knows you better than yourself.

Your fitness buddy will also be a great help for keeping accountability for your workout routines. Track yourself and remember that your health is the most important part of you; everything else comes later. Your family, career, and friends will only have the best of you if you are fit and fine.

Eat the right foods, drink plenty of water, exercise properly, and be consistent. You are your best self when you are healthy and happy.

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