Work out in stylish comfort with Oysho

by mavislinsg

Feb 25 2021

When it comes to activewear, we often find ourselves spoilt for choice. With countless brands to pick from, it’s no surprise that the vast selection can leave us feeling overwhelmed. Some athleisure garments offer us incredible quality and comfort, while others bring us unmatchable style and confidence. There are some brands, however, that offer the best of both worlds. 

Oysho is one such brand. Their activewear lines provide stylish comfort, making you feel your very best throughout the day. Be it an intense gym session or a busy day out, Oysho’s wide range of gymwear can be yours with three easy payments. What’s more, Oysho’s Exclusive Weekend with Atome is happening on the 27th and 28th of February, and you can look forward to 20% off your loot when you shop with Atome. Enjoy up to $16 off your Oysho goods exclusively with Atome purchases this weekend. 

Oysho: Cotton Sweatshirt
($59.90, or $20.00 in 3 interest-free payments with Atome)

This cotton round neck sweatshirt is especially designed for sports. Look your best with this gray, relaxed sweatshirt as you head off into your yoga or dance class without worrying about sweating excessively. In fact, this sweatshirt has you covered even if all you plan to do is chill out for the day.

Oysho: Cotton Bermuda Shorts
($49.90, or $16.60 in 3 interest-free payments with Atome.)

If you’re looking for multifunctionality in clothes, then Oysho’s Cotton Bermuda Shorts are perfect for you. Go from a quick basketball session in the morning to a relaxed lunch in the afternoon with no hassle at all. These bermuda shorts are versatile, and can be paired with any top depending on your plans. With an additional 20% off with Atome purchases this weekend, these laid-back shorts can be yours in three easy payments. 

Oysho: Ribbed Organic Cotton Cropped Vest Top
($19.90, or $6.60 in 3 interest-free payments with Atome.)

Looking for something light and easy to wear during our workouts? The Ribbed Organic Cropped Vest Top is made from breathable cotton that allows for flexibility and movement. Stretch yourself to your limits with this vest top, available in two colours of black and white. 

Oysho: Compressive Leggings
($69.90, or $23.30 in 3 interest-free payments with Atome.)

Oysho’s Compressive Leggings are designed with intensive training in mind, providing support and compression for rigorous workout sessions. These leggings balance sophistication with functionality as the fabric provides a slimming silhouette without restricting your movement.

With Atome, Oysho’s activewear garments and more can be yours in three easy zero-interest payments. Oysho’s Exclusive Weekend with Atome is happening on the 27th and 28th of February. Shop with Atome at Oysho and get 20% off with a minimum purchase of $80, capped at $16. Head down to Oysho this weekend:  

  • Oysho: Jewel Changi Airport, 78 Airport Blvd, #B1-225/226/227, Singapore 819666. 

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