5 Workout Ideas to Mix Up Your Routine

by jiatongma

Apr 24 2023

Outdoor activities are a way to change up your daily routine, and you can experience the world like never before.

Working out may get monotonous, even if you’re someone keen on self-management and enjoy it. Everyone wants to do something new occasionally, and it’ll also be good for you to get out of the house.

Of course, it’s possible to change what workout you do as well, but it’s actually even better if you choose an outdoor activity. You could turn it into a family’s day out or just a way for you to disconnect from the daily hustle for a few hours.

We’re not suggesting you go outdoors without reason; studies show that it increases happiness by allowing people to relax, and it also increases Vitamin D levels. You’re also likely to work out for longer than usual.

Obviously, the benefits are endless, and even if you can’t make it a regular thing, it’s best to plan an outing once a week or at least a month.

Not to mention it’s quite easy to plan outdoor activities in Singapore. That said, here are a few workouts that you can use to mix up your routine.

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Probably one of the most engaging outdoor activities of all time, hiking has given rise to communities devoted to bringing people together to experience nature on foot, away from the confines of cities.

You can use it as an occasional experience by going on beginner-level trails or seeing if it catches your interest and makes it a hobby.

And there are plenty of trails to go hiking in Singapore, too; it’s not called the Garden City for nothing. Whether you prefer a wetland landscape or want to go into the depths of a forest, there’s something for everyone.

One of the newly-popular locations is the Rifle Range National Park, which will give you several options. There are child-friendly ones and even an elevated trail that lets you look at the scenic beauty from above.

The Southern Ridges also provide an elevated 10 km connector trail that leads to five other parks, making it perfect for a day off. Places like Jurong Lake Gardens or Punggol Waterway Park are enough if you want to stick with easy trails that let you take a run in a serene environment.

The Bukit Timah Nature Reserve will work your calves if you want more of a workout.


Who doesn’t love to get in the water on a hot summer day? Even if we ignore the benefits, swimming holds appeal as a way to work out without feeling uncomfortable since heat can make people lazy.

Moving on to why you need to join a Singapore swimming club, it’s a fantastic way to build muscle strength.

When you’re swimming, you’re working against the water, so it’s a constant struggle. This keeps your heart rate up but removes some impacts by not allowing the body to heat up. As a result, it builds endurance and strength.

As long as you make it a habit to swim, you can maintain a healthy weight and body. The best part is that you don’t need to build your routine meticulously to include every body part; it’s a full-body workout that’ll tone your muscles.

Finding a swimming pool in Singapore is easy since there are many centers where you can join as a member or visit a public place.

Rather than making it weekly, it’s best to incorporate swimming for an hour a few times a week. It’s a great workout; there’s nothing like getting into the swimming pool to loosen up your muscles after a tiring day.

Bike Riding

Like hiking, bike riding has become a community sport with people dedicated to bringing your experience to a whole new level. It’s relatively easy to start even as a beginner since there are even apps that help you track your progress and let you know of the best trails.

And even if you’re not interested in becoming part of a group, you can use cycling to connect with nature or change your routine by riding your bike in the city.

Singapore has several places to go cycling, one of Asia’s most bike-friendly cities. There is around 525 km of paths, which is expected to increase to 1300 km by 2030. So if you only want a short time out, it’s perfect.

If you want a quieter place, then Changi Bay Park Connector or Bukit Batok Nature Park are great options.

You’ll probably need to buy a new bike for this, which isn’t a requirement for the other sports on this list, but you can also consider renting one if you’re not going to be doing it too often. You can also look for a pre-owned option.


It might look like an extreme sport, but kayaking is a world of its own; one worth exploring. If you’re interested in water sports, it’s a wonderful option since you can work out.

There are single-person kayaks, but you could choose a two-person one and go with a friend or partner. And if you think kayaking doesn’t do much, think again.

You can burn around 500 calories in an hour if you’re going at 5 mph. And if you want an upper body workout, there are a few better options.

When you paddle, you don’t just work your arms. Since you have to tense your upper body, it also works your shoulder, chest, and back muscles. Of course, you can tone your legs since you must constantly maneuver and steady them when changing directions.

A visit to the Dancing Crab for a meal would end a day kayaking wonderfully, so you should try it soon.

Rock Climbing

Last on our list is rock climbing. Granted, it’s technically an indoor sport since it’s usually done in climbing and bouldering gyms, but it’s still a way to change your routine.

Visiting a gym is easy, and you don’t need equipment since the center provides it. There are also instructors to guide you, and safety precautions help ensure even a beginner can enjoy his time.

If you’re interested in going outdoors once you’ve mastered it to a certain point, Dairy Farm Climbing is an excellent option for rock climbing in Singapore.

If none of these is your thing, you could just dance. It’s not a sport, but it works your body and is a fun way to change your routine. If you want, you can join an aerobics or Zumba class, but you can also go for professional dance classes in Singapore for a new experience.

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We hope this list of outdoor activities helped you choose your next workout. Any of the given options can be a great hobby and a way to keep fit and healthy without falling into a dreary routine.

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