Do you like archery? How to get started quickly?

by mylovesiren1

May 15 2023

If you are eager to learn a new skill or searching for a fun and productive activity, Salt & Light Archery is the place to go! You will be signing up for the time of your life, and that is not an exaggeration.

Archery is one of those mesmerizing skills that we often see in the media, think about giving it a try at some point, then forget all about it until the next movie or show. After all, there have never been that many archery ranges to welcome enthusiastic students until Salt and Light Archery. The range is open to people of all ages willing to take a shot at this excellent sport, pun intended.

If you are tired of spending your day off doing the same old stuff and desperately want a break from the monotony of life, do not think twice about checking out Salt & Light Archery. You will get to expend your energy in a healthy way while learning a new skill that will help you stay alive during a zombie apocalypse. I am kidding, but honestly, who knows? You may end up discovering a hidden talent.

If your interest is piqued and your mind invested, read along to learn about the sport of archery and Salt & Light Archery, a fully equipped archery range based in Singapore.

Archery throughout history

World history is rich with detailed accounts of archery over the course of centuries. The earliest one talks about the Egyptian and Nubian cultures using it for warfare and hunting around 10,000 BC. The Shang (1766 – 1027 BC) and Zhou (1027 – 256 BC) dynasties of China appointed archers to war chariots and held elaborate archery tournaments.

Japan was introduced to archery in the sixth century by the Chinese, which had a lasting impact on the development of martial arts. Kyudo is a form of martial arts based on archery which means the way of the bow, and it promotes moral, spiritual, and physical growth. It was formerly known as Kyujutsu – the art of the bow.

The Greco-Roman period witnessed bows being used for hunting game and personal exploits as opposed to their use as weapons of war. The Parthians were highly-skilled marksmen and horsemen who could shoot arrows backwards at full gallop.

The Middle East had the honor of being known for its superior technique and equipment in archery. A composite Turkish flight bow could shoot an arrow as far as 900 yards; this was way beyond what the English yew bow could do.

Mythology and Literature are also rich with detailed accounts of archery in folklore and ballads, such as Robin Hood and Odyssey.

Finsbury, England, witnessed the first formal archery competition in 1583, where an overwhelming number of 3000 participants contended against each other.

The use of bows and arrows as weapons became obsolete when gunpowder was introduced during the 30 Years War (1618 – 1648). Luckily, the intrigue of the sport did not allow it to be forgotten, as many around the world continued to take it up as a recreational and competitive sport.

Salt & Light Archery

Salt & Light Archery is on a mission to propagate passion and appreciation for archery among the masses and get it the well-deserved limelight. It wants the centuries-old sport to become an essential part of several lives, much like other mainstream sports. It envisions a future where more and more people participate in archery to showcase their precise marksmanship.

The people at Salt & Light Archery believe that archery is more than just taking aim and shooting arrows; like many other sports, it plays a vital role in shaping character, strengthening values, and building lifelong friendships. One learns to cultivate great focus and master the art of precision to ensure that the arrow always hits the target. It is as remarkable a feat as it sounds.

Don’t let the business’s name throw you off; it was carefully chosen to reflect the beliefs of the team at Salt & Light Archery. Just like salt brings out the flavors of your food, they believe that archery enhances the way one experiences life by making it more happening and fun. Furthermore, they hope people’s newfound intrigue and love for the sport will bring it back into the spotlight.

The team at Salt & Light Archery consists of full-time coaches and instructors with a minimum of two years of experience in target archery. Among them, you will find a few National archers and representatives of the Singapore University’s archery team. The staff has an excellent command over the sport and are eager to use their skills and knowledge to help you master it.

SLA Archery School – What do they offer

It is natural to be intimidated by the prospect of taking up new activities, which is why Salt & Light Archery School offers three different courses that you can choose from depending on your comfort level. The best part is that for every course, you can choose to book a solo session or bring along your friends for double the fun.


As the name suggests, this course is excellent for first-timers who are ready to discover their hidden talent for the game! This program offers several different sub-categories that you can select.

  • 10 Arrows Try-Out: A 5 to 10-minute long session where 5 to 7 years old get to shoot ten arrows for $10.
  • 1hr Guided Funshoot: An hour-long guided session which is perfect for anyone over eight years old, including adults, and costs $40 per person. You can choose between Traditional Recurve and Modern Recurve, and the eligibility criteria vary for each, so make sure to go over the details on the website.
  • Basic Archery Course: This comprehensive session lasts 4 hours and is suitable for children older than eight years and adults. It is worth $180 for each person. You can go for Modern Recurve, Compound, and Traditional Recurve.
  • Modified Archery: An excellent initiative to make sure that no one misses out, this is a 30 to 60 minutes long session for beginners with special needs. It costs $40 per individual.
  • Kyudo (Japanese Traditional Archery): Reach out to Kyudo Association’s Singapore chapter for more information.

Experience/ Certified Archers

Individuals enrolling in this programme need to have a Basic Archery Course (BAC) certification.

  • Junior & Youth Programme: Offers weekly training sessions to skilled archers between the ages of 7 and 20. It costs $280 for a total of 4 sessions that are conducted on a weekly basis, wherein each one is 2-hours long. You also get unlimited access to SLA ranges for 40 days.
  • Masterclass Programme: Offers weekly training sessions to skilled archers aged 21 years and older. It costs $240 for a total of 4 sessions that are conducted on a weekly basis, wherein each one is 2-hours long.
  • Private & Group Coaching: Hour-long sessions with SLA coaches to help you hone particular skills. The individual sessions cost $80, whereas the Group Session costs $120 for two people.


Perfect team bonding activities that are great for upping the fun factor on any occasion, be it a corporate event, birthday party, or a bachelor/bachelorette night. You can opt for Target Archery and Tactical Archery Game.

Where to find them?

Salt & Light Archery is currently holding classes at three different locations in Singapore.

  • Salt & Light Archery – SAFRA Punggol

9 Sentul Crescent #01-04 – SAFRA Punggol, Singapore, 828654

  • Salt & Light Archery – West Coast

2A Clementi Road, Singapore, 129803

750B Chai Chee Road, #02-01B

Salt & Light Archery x Atome

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How to book a session at SLA with Atome?

  • Log on to Salt & Light Archery’s website and select the course you want to book.
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You are never too old to learn a new skill or polish an existing one. New experiences help break the monotony of life by keeping things fresh and enriching your existence with new values. So, no matter how daunting it may seem, book yourself a slot at the Salt & Light Archery and try your hand at something exciting. You might end up discovering a fantastic hobby for the rest of your life. Make sure to pay with Atome for some additional perks!

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