Where to Buy the Best Silicone Baby Bowl?

by Starry

May 25 2021

As taking care of a baby is a hard job, it is important to know tips about the best silicone baby bowl to use. Feeding the baby is one of the hardest to do as they may refuse to eat. These baby bowls are here to help you ease your job by providing bowls that are designed for babies.

Mother’s Corn is a brand that manufactures tablewares that are safe for babies. With their high quality products, they are now Singapore’s number 1 top choice for baby/kids tablewares. One of the inspirations of the creation of the brand is the thought of how mothers care about anything that touches their baby’s mouth.

The products of Mother’s Corn are applied with cute design and appetizing colours that pleases every baby that uses the tableware. Another great thing about Mother’s Corn products is that they are eco-friendly. The materials that are used to make their products are all plant-based. Their reason is that by using plan-based materials, they can help in reducing the carbon dioxide that could harm the global environment.  

Mother’s Corn has a lot of retail partners that are scattered in Singapore where you can avail their products. But if you decide to buy from them online, you can also do that. You can use https://www.atome.sg/ as your payment method during your online checkout at Mother’s Corn. Rest assured that your online shopping will be a lot easier with the help of Atome.


There is a wide variety of baby tablewares that you can choose from Mother’s Corn including the silicone baby bowl. These products are tested and proven by many customers. The Mother’s Corn’s tableware is not just made in top quality as it also gives babies excitement during meal time.

Mother’s Corn Baby

  • Sunny Silicone Suction Bowl with Lid
  • Self training Spoon & Fork Set
  • Gureumi Suction Platter 2 in 1 Set
  • Cutie Spoon Set
  • Cutie Fork set
  • Sunny Silicone Spoon
  • Self training Mug
  • Feeding Spoon Set
  • Weaning Bowl
  • Feeding Spoon Step 1

The Mother’s Corn

  • Award Winning Play & Learn Meal Time Set
  • Chopsticks Training Set (Blue, Green, Pink)
  • 4-in-1 No Spill Snack Cup Set + Free Baby Snacks
  • 4-in-1 No Spill Snack Cup Set + PWP Farm to Baby Organic Baby
  • School Bus Platter
  • Enjoy Fishing Twin Bowl

Mother’s Corn Bubble

  • Woody Bubble Blower
  • Lots of Bubbles Set
  • Touchable Bubbles Set
  • Bubble Bath Hair & Body Cleanser with Bubble Blower
  • Bubble Bath Hair & Body Cleanser

Mother’s Corn Kitchen

  • Silicone Mini Spatula Yellow
  • Silicone Cutting Board Yellow
  • Petit Smart Container Set
  • Silicone Freezer cubes

Why choose Mother’s Corn?

Mother’s Corn has always put to mind the care of the mothers towards their babies in making their products. Aside from that, their products are all eco-friendly that helps maintain the goodness of our environment. You can read through below about how eco-friendly are the products of Mother’s Corn.

  1. Plant
  2. All of the products of Mother’s Corn use plant-based materials such as corn and potatoes.
  3. This helps in minimizing the use of petrochemical substances that could harm the environment.
  •  Resin
  • Mother’s Corns products are also made up of Poly Lactic Acid. This kind of substance has minerals that are added to the product to help maintain durability.
  • Product
  • You can ensure that no products from Mother’s Corn that have toxic materials.
  • They ensure the baby’s safety by utilizing and using only the safe and natural materials.
  • Recycle & Reuse
  • All the left-over during the production of Mother’s Corn’s products are gathered and recycled to make an eco-friendly flower vase.
  • Mother’s Corn has also implemented the use of bottle caps as part of their products to minimize waste and save resources.
  • Bis-Kit
  • This is generally made from recycled materials and is assured to be fully biodegradable.
  • Biodegradable
  • Mother’s Corns products are all biodegradable in nature.
  • Once the product is disposed of, it fully decomposes and dissolves in soil.


When looking for silicone baby bowls and other things that could help you in feeding a baby, you should go for Mother’s Corn products. It is mentioned above that their products have a lot of advantages and benefits. One of those is the eco-friendly materials that are used during the production of their products. With that, do not hesitate to buy from Mother’s Corn and use https://www.atome.sg/ as your payment method during your online checkout.

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