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by Starry

Jan 18 2022

As an adult, it isn’t easy to go looking for baby toys in Singapore as you cannot imagine your needs and desires. What you need is a comprehensive page that gives you all the options, and that is what Puttot Singapore does. It is a company based in Singapore but also operates in Brunei and Indonesia. They cater to all needs of what a young one might desire. From the necessities of a newborn to sending them off to school, from their stationery to accessories to impress their peers, you will find everything for young ladies and masters. They are the distributors for Moulin Roty, OOLY, LOKI, and Polaroid Eyewear and Child home at Puttot, Singapore. Instead of looking up things from different brands, all you have to do is look at Puttot. You will find the best baby toys in Singapore.

Products Available at Puttot Singapore

From Puttot, you are bound to find what you desire. From selling things to welcoming a new baby in your family to sending them off to school, Puttot has everything for everyone. You can pick and choose what you desire. According to the phases, a child goes through, here is a list of products that might interest you.

Getting Prepared

The news of a new baby is the most exciting and beautiful. It means a beginning of a new life, literally, for both, parents and the child. Nothing can be more thrilling and yet emotional than the announcement of a new baby. So why not make it the perfect event in your life by getting the perfect accessories for it. The arrival of a baby changes the life of parents by degrees, so you need to plan for this perfect moment.

Baby Furniture

A baby needs things his size, so the first thing you need is to get suitable furniture for a bay. You need to get a baby crib and a car seat, so log on to Puttot and browse to get what suits your likes and your budget!

Baby Accessories

Of course, the baby needs accessories for his comfort. Incidentally, these accessories will make your life easy too. A diaper bag will help you a long way, especially when you travel. Then the baby will require to be fed. You need bottles, nipples, bottle warmers, bottle organizers, and a formula container. Be sure you have all of these before the birth of the baby. It will make your life much easier as well as the babies. If you are well organized before the bay comes, you will be able to enjoy your little angel much more.


A baby requires little things. A little pillow, little support pillows, an adorable small quilt, or a baby bag. All these are available at reasonable prices. Keeping the baby warm is essential in the early days as they are extremely sensitive.


There will be times when your little bundle of joy will turn into a bundle of disruptions. When that occurs, you would require some distractions. These distractions are called rattlers. It would distract the baby and help him or her get calm again. Some rattlers can be attached to a baby cot to help them sleep.

Baby stationery

Stationary is a big help when you want to keep your toddlers calm for some time. A set of Cat Parade Gel crayons, a mini set of coloring books, or Mini Dots Pixie Glitter Glue, can help them stay busy for some time, especially when you have some important tasks to achieve.

Baby Toys Singapore

Toys are the most beloved possession of any child. It gives them a sense of security and also helps them keep calm and satisfied. At Puttot, you will find baby shark toys Singapore, baby Groot toys Singapore, and other baby toys online in Singapore.

School Stationery

Be sure that your child has what he or she requires. Provide for them a nice pouch that has their favorite character on it. The satchels available at Puttot Singapore are made with your child in mind.

Once your kid starts school, they can take care of themselves, and you can enjoy watching them grow. Give them the toys that have the latest trend, give them stationery items that are both reliable and yet trendy. At Puttot Singapore, they have a variety of stationery items that are ideal for a growing kid.

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