Bentley Babies Offers Baby Strollers for Best Bentley Price Singapore

by Starry

Nov 17 2021

It can be quite a challenging experience for any parent to engage their kids in outdoor activities, especially when the kids love to play at home with different gadgets. The best possible way to bait your child out from this tech cave is to give the best tricycle to the kids. As you want your kids to remain fit and healthy, you would also like them to be safe all the time. Therefore, it is essential to pick a tricycle that can meet specific standards like Bentley’s baby stroller or trike. Although the Bentley price Singapore is slightly higher, it is highly durable and very comfortable for a great ride. Bentley Babies are the official distributors of the Bentley trike in Singapore, and it is undoubtedly an epitome of design, style, and comfort.

Bentley Babies stroller/trike features

The Bentley trike is an innovative product that is designed in a unique collaboration with the Bentley Motor Company that transforms through various stages to make sure that your child can use the Bentley stroller for many years to come. This stroller may have a bit high Bentley price Singapore, but it is justified, as the trike comes with superior cross-stitched seats, Bentley Continental GT wheels, and leather-wrapped touchpoints to make sure that you can see the reflection of Bentley craftsmanship in every aspect of this stroller. The following are the main features of this product.

  • Its wheels are made from rubber and air-filled to ensure that your child can have a smooth ride on all the terrains.
  • You will see a chrome Bentley logo on the metal frame, and for an added style, you will see the same color finish that is found in the Bentley Continental vehicles.
  • Its seat can be adjusted with just one button for forwarding and backward-facing travel.
  • It has a breathable seat cushion and a reclining backrest.
  • The parent steering system comes with a telescopic parent handle that is adjustable.
  • It has an extra-large canopy which is made with a waterproof fabric.

Different types of tricycles

The first tricycle for your baby is a sweet milestone and a superb way to help her develop motor skills, coordination, and balance. Therefore, if you want to set your child for riding success, you need to do some research and choose products like the Bentley stroller, a unique product by Bentley Motors, and you can get it at a reasonable Bentley price Singapore.

  • A standard three-wheeler

This trike can work great for the older kids who are capable of honing their balance skills. The standard three-wheeler is low to the ground and comes with a handlebar that the toddlers can steer with ease.

This kind of tricycle comes with an oversized front wheel and sits lower to the ground. The new baby riders can easily manage it, and it is possible for them to in and out of it without any assistance.

  • Push trike

This particular version of a trike comes with a handle for the parents so that they get a chance to help move their child along when he gets tired, or if the child loves to sit on the bike but is still not ready to ride on it by himself.

What should you consider when buying a trike?

When you are shopping for a trike like the Bentley Babies trike, it is never wrong to go for a model that contains age-appropriate features and comes with the right size for your kid. It is never a bad idea to test the trike to ensure that it will not tip over and give a sturdy feeling. Keep in mind that the models that sit lower to the ground are less prone to tipping and can be a much safer choice for the kid.

It is never a bad idea to present a tricycle with a helmet and get your toddler to wear it right from the start. Price is also a prominent part to consider when buying a trike, because a cheap trike may not be of good quality, while the Bentley price Singapore might be a little on the higher side, but when you look at its features, it sure is something that you should buy for the kid.

Buy your favorite Bentley stroller at Bentley Babies with Atome

There is no doubt that push-powered balance bikes can be the best way to get your young child get started on two wheels. At Bentley Babies, the new Bentley trike offers six stages for the child of different skill levels and ages. With this trike, it is possible for parents to take their little explorers to discover the park trails and roam the city streets. Bentley Babies has partnered with Atome to provide a buy now pay later option during the checkout process.

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