Happy Castle: A Home for the Early Development of Your Children

by Starry

Nov 22 2021

Parents love to see their kids having fun, while at the same time, they try to make sure that they stay safe. One of the best ways for parents to do this is to bring their children to the indoor playground, and one can find many of these in Singapore. When children visit these places with their parents, the children have some unforgettable memories as they are able to explore different exciting things there. Happy Castle is one of the most popular indoor playgrounds in Singapore that has some state-of-the-art facilities. With the help of their playsets, it becomes possible to train the kid’s motor skills and develop their intelligence. It has six outlets in different areas of Singapore, and all of these have fun as well as interactive facilities so that your kid can enjoy.

What is Happy Castle famous for?

  • A free flow of ice cream

Nothing can be more charming for your kid than a scope of ice cream that they love. The modern café at Happy Castle offers this great facility to the children without any cost. Therefore, the children can visit this area any time in order to eat the ice cream of their choice with their friends.

  • Six branches across Singapore

There are six convenient locations of Happy Castle all around Singapore, and Happy Castle Ngee Ann City is one of these. This one is a space-themed indoor playground where you will be able to find slides, ball pits, and trampolines that are in groovy space décor. However, the same quality is maintained in all the branches of Happy Castle, which makes it easy for you to access them any time, no matter where you reside.

  • Interactive games

You will find Happy Castle to be operating the most extensive of the setups in Singapore, as they have numerous facilities and gaming equipment in order to engage your children. It is worth noting for the parents that all of these activities are not only limited to fun but also to developing your child’s motor and social skills to get the best out of themselves.

Happy Castle features

  • Many outlets

There are many outlets of Happy Castle that aim to stimulate your little ones through tactile play while also encouraging their growth and development. The Happy Castle Ngee Ann City offers children a complete space theme, whereas, at Seletar Mall, they have their flagship outlet where the kids can dive into the ball pit. There is also Bricks Land, where the kids can construct whatever they have in mind.

  • It has playgrounds

With the help of the playgrounds at Happy Castle, the children are able to develop their motor skills through pouring, scooping, and shoveling activities. There are toys like construction vehicles, buckets, and spades for encouraging the essential skills by play. You will find both the Hawthorne seeds and Cassia seeds playgrounds at Happy Castle.

  • Arts & crafts as well as Scenario play

Kids having creative minds can visit the art and craft outlet of the Happy Castle. These crafts include masks, pencil cases, and mirrors, and after getting done with the craftwork, the customized keepsakes can be brought home by the children. The kids also get a chance to engage in roleplaying activities that are necessary to develop their observation skills and independent thinking capacity.

Let your kid enjoy at Happy Castle with Atome

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