Where to Buy High Quality Baby Care Products in Singapore?

by Starry

May 21 2021

Babies need to have the best care that they could have, thus, it is important for parents to know where they could find the best baby care products in their area. Choosing the right baby products to use is very crucial as the skin of babies are very sensitive. The right baby products are safe to use and are free of harmful chemicals that could harm the baby’s skin.

When talking about high-quality baby products in Singapore, Little Baby is the most answered shop. Founded and launched in 2014 by Daniel Ho, Little Baby has made its name not just in Singapore but also to the whole of Southeast Asia. Aside from the brand’s retail business, Little Baby has continued to flourish and is doing business international distribution to countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei.

As one of the rapidly growing baby stores in Singapore, Little Baby ensures its customers that their products are of high quality and are authentic. Suppliers of baby products that Little Baby distributes are carefully chosen. Buying of baby products from Little Baby is made easier and less-hassle by https://www.atome.sg/. A lot of benefits are instore for you if you choose to use atome as your payment method whenever you checkout from Little Baby.

Little Baby also has its showroom at Ang Mo Kio in Singapore for customers to visit and feel like it’s their own home. You can visit the showroom through an appointment. Thus, you need to schedule an appointment as soon as possible as their showroom is always booked.


Little Baby has chosen suppliers that produce high quality baby care products. With their ever growing business, they currently have over 100 suppliers that includes some of the well-known baby product manufacturers. A list of some suppliers that are partnered with Little Baby is provided below.

  • Philips Avent,
  • Graco,
  • Chicco,
  • 4moms,
  • Baby Einstein,
  • Ergobaby,
  • Vtech, and etc.


Bath & Babycare

It is always best to provide the best care that you can, especially for babies as they tend to have a more sensitive skin than adult ones. And with that, choosing baby bath products are very crucial. With suppliers that are proven and tested to be of high quality, it is a good choice to buy from Little Baby. From bath cushions, baby foam shampoo, and baby oil bath milk, to bath thermometer and bath towel, Little Baby has almost all of what you need.


It is hard to feed a baby as they are still childish in behaviour. That is why, it is good to be prepared with the things that could help you when feeding a baby. Little Baby has bibs, placemats, bowl & plates, high chair & booster seat, and a lot more. Aside from that, they also retail baby products for baby food preparation and for cleaning after feeding the baby.

On The Go Travel

While it is hard to take care of a baby at home, how much more if you are traveling. With that, Little baby has provided you with things that could help taking care of the baby. Baby carriers, bags, and strollers are all available at Little Baby.

Another baby product that is essential while traveling is a baby car seat. The baby car seats are very much needed when you decide to ride a car with your baby. In addition to that, it is also illegal for you to travel in a car with a baby without a car seat. Baby car seats can become very handful in times of little accidents on the road.


There are also baby retail products such as baby & kids wear and home safety available at Little Baby. If you plan to design the bedroom for your baby, things that could help you are categorized by Little Baby with the name of Baby & Toddler bedroom. From comforters, night light, cushion & pillows, and beddings & mattress, to sleeping cribs, there is a lot of variety that you can choose from at Little Baby.

Other Products

Little Baby is also selling products that could help pregnant women aside from those baby products. From family planning to pregnancy products, a lot is in store for buyers in Little Baby. Health & Beauty products from Little Baby are categorized below.

  • Pregnancy,
  • Postnatal,
  • Nutrition,
  • Bath & Body,
  • Beauty, and
  • Family Planning.

Not just that, they have also expanded their brand and are now selling home & lifestyle products such as kitchenwares, laundry & cleaning equipment, air purifier/sterilizer, and beddings.


Little Baby is the best place to shop when you are in search of baby care products. Aside from their retail products from high-quality suppliers, Little Baby has proven one again that they are the best in the business by receiving such awards as Mother & Baby in 2015 and Parents World Singapore 2018. Make your experience buying from Little Baby a lot more easier by using https://www.atome.sg/ as your online payment method.

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