Where is the best Timberland store?

by Starry

Apr 01 2021

If you ever passed Timberland shop, you would notice the very unique style and color palette of this store. They have very unique characteristics that make their brand unique and very popular among us. Another very surprising fact is that timberland clothes and especially famous boots are popular in every age of men and women.

Classic Timberland boots

As a classic, timberland yellow boots are deeply imprinted in the memory of hip-hop fans and outdoor sports fans. While timberland’s profit increased dramatically at the height of its popularity in the ’90s, the band seemed to struggle with just how big of an impact the hip hop community had on its bottom line. People even wore timberlands with bathing suits.

Hip-Hop Icon – Yellow boots

The Abington shoe company was founded in 1933, supplying unbranded shoes to distributors across the USA. In 1973, they decided to create a waterproof, leather boot and they called it the Timberland Boot. The respective boots got so popular that the company was renamed Timberland. These boots were so comfy for working men that they became very popular in a short period. After years the company made an international move to Europe and they were selling these boots at double price. In Italy, in the ’90s these boots became the number one seller on market.

The first Timberland shop was opened in the late ’80s, and boots got popular instantly in New York’s neighborhoods like Harlem, Brooklyn, and the Bronx. Since this item became a fashion must-have, many hip hop artists were wearing those and this was the beginning of the era when Hip hop and Timberland boots became one symbol. You would be able to see an artist, hip-hop or RNB, without these shoes.

Waterproof boots – Classic boots

The men’s premium waterproof boots are the soles and foundation that Timberland is built upon it’s our original timberlands designed in the 70s and keeping millions of people warm and cozy. This is also called original yellow boot because the work hoop styling and comfort features were concepts decades ago and they’re still evolving today since then. Timberland knows how to design boots to hold up to rough weather. These boots are designed with the environment in mind, all details and products used while producing these boots have been checked and audit by a group of people, checking the environmental safeties. They also are designed to soften over time and mold on your feet to get more comfortable after time. We can say that this can be a product that can serve you for a lifetime.

Timberland shop in Singapore

A well-known brand like Timberland should definitely have a store in Singapore, and it does. There are three Timberland stores in Singapore, two of which are located in the city and one at the airport. At one glance these are typical stores, with the newest collections, where together with famous boots you can also buy jackets, trousers, sweaters and so on. Pricing in stores is in comparison with global prices range, so you will not be tricked, you will get the product with the same price like in other countries.

Online timberland shop

Another very comfortable way of shopping is of course online shopping and of course timberland also has a very user-friendly web page for international buyers and also specifically for Singapore as well. So you will get the chance to see all sales, new products without even going out and visit the timberland stores themselves. You can directly purchase items and you will get them at home.


While everyone is sitting at home, looking through the web pages of the brands they usually shop, in this time period timberland shop may not be very commonplace to go, when we have the opportunity to purchase items at home as well. The fact that there is a special page for Singapore citizens, can be appreciated and used wisely. Sometimes sitting at home, while looking online for new and sale items, can be tricky for most of us. If you shopped a lot and your bank account got overly spent, there is a company helping consumers in such situations. You just need to go on their web page, check the terms, purchase a product and split installments, buy products and pay later without extra fees and commissions. Also, the Atome app allows shoppers to split their purchases over three interest-free monthly payments by scanning a partner retailer’s in-store QR code or upon website checkout. By splitting their payments, Atome users will be able to better manage their budget while making quality products and services more reachable. Finally, if you want to know more about men’s shoes, read this article to find out the best Adidas Goodyear Men’s Shoes.

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First Order Up To $10 Off! Download Atome!

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