Nike Air Force 1 | A guide to Nike Air Force shoes!

by Starry

Apr 19 2022

Nike Air Force 1 has been an immensely popular shoe since it first came out in 1982. Be it the original pair or one of its variants; the shoe continues to rule the global sneaker scene.

The creative genius behind these revolutionary shoes was designer Bruce Kilgore. When Kilgore designed the shoe, it was intended to be the first basketball shoe fitted with Nike’s Air Technology. And as per planned, it ended up being an absolute sensation on the court. Nike then brought six NBA stars on board to create more buzz around the shoe. To this day, the AF-1 is used by professional athletes on the court.

The ingenious Air Technology is what lends the Nike Air Force 1 its distinguishing features. It enables the shoe to absorb impact and protect your feet from injury. It is also what makes the shoe lightweight, comfortable and durable. The AF-1 is meant for playing extreme sports.

If you have ever wondered about the origin of the shoe’s name, then here’s a fun fact: the name Air Force 1 is a nod to the airplane Air Force One that flies the President of the USA.

What makes the Nike Air Force 1 so special

There are multiple reasons why the AF-1 is Nike’s best-selling sneaker every year. The team that designed the original Air Force 1 consisted of aerospace engineers, podiatrists, and biochemists, apart from the designers.

The AF-1 was supposed to be a limited edition shoe, and so it was discontinued in 1984, two years after its release. But the masses loved the shoe a bit too much, and because of the high demand, Nike ended up bringing the Air Force 1 back.

It won’t be remiss to say that the Nike Air Force 1 is one of a kind.

  • It is a versatile pair of shoes that goes seamlessly with all your outfits. You can dress it up or down, use it to make a statement, or fit in with the crowd.
  • The shoe’s silhouette is great, neither too bulky nor too slim.
  • The sneaker offers a great deal of comfort, be it for walking miles or playing sports.
  • The AF-1 is a timeless pair of shoes, it is always in style, so you can’t go wrong with investing in one.
  • These shoes are durable and will last for a long time if worn with care.
  • The traditional traction pattern on every pair of sneakers offers an amazing grip and keeps you from slipping.

These sneakers have had two songs made about them; there must be something extraordinary there.

Nike Air Force 1 Shadow

This pair of sneakers was launched in October of 2019. This version of the AF-1 is a fun and trendy take on the classic design. The Nike Air Force 1 Shadow boasts a layered design and a chunky midsole. Each detail on the shoe is more exaggerated, including the 2 Swoosh designs. Moreover, there are so many vibrant color schemes that you can choose from. These kicks will help you make a statement while ensuring that you remain at ease.

Nike Air Force 1 Shadow

Nike Air Force 1 ’07

Nike knows how to pair comfort with style. The Nike Air Force 1 in black is a great street-style shoe. The stitched overlays and a low-cut silhouette make the shoe extremely chic. A tiny metal plate engraved with ‘AF-1’ has been added to the top of the laces for a newer look.

Nike Air Force 1 ’07 Next Nature

The Next Nature series is Nike’s effort toward reducing waste and carbon emissions. This AF-1 is made using 20% recycled materials, and it retains the classic Air Force 1 look that we all covet. Next Nature is a perfect example of how you preserve the environment without compromising on appearance and ease.

Nike Air Force 1 women’s footwear

While several Air Force 1 designs are meant to be unisex, Nike has a few pairs exclusively for the ladies.

Nike Air Force 1 Fontanka

This sneaker is made in a mix of synthetic suede and shined leather, and it has all the makings of a bold shoe. It comes bearing reflective details as a tribute to the underground rave culture. These details light up under strobe lights. Perforations on the Fontanka are placed randomly to give it a DIY feel. The heels have a cassette-shaped React foam, which elevates the flair and comfort of the shoe so that you can dance in style all night long. The shoe’s tongue is decorated with the triple Swoosh, which is characteristic of the Fontanka. Put on a pair of these Nike Air Force 1 pink to get your groove on!

Nike Air Force 1 Pixel

The Pixel is all about a unique take on your classic AF-1. The pixelated design on the distorted outsole and midsole is what gives the shoe its name. It sports an inverted Swoosh and a new, more modern logo. Interestingly, the left shoe of the pair has ‘NIKE’ printed on its back and tongue while the right one has ‘AF1’. These Pixel sneakers in classic Nike Air Force 1 white color will add character to any outfit you pair them with.

Nike Air Force 1 men’s footwear

Don’t worry, fellas; Nike has a few unique pairs in store for you too.

Nike Air Force 1 ’07 LX

Nike throws it back to the ’70s fashion with this pair, and what’s more retro than suede. These fashionable Nike Air Force 1 low-top sneakers are available in a bunch of interesting new colors. In addition to this, the shoe’s heel has ‘AF-1’ engraved on it in letterman style to give them a distinctive look.

Nike Air Force 1 High ’07 LV8

This high-top sneaker has all the makings of a traditional AF-1 with several unique features. For maximum comfort, the high-cut collar of the sneaker has padding, and it comes with a hook-and-loop closure so that you can adjust the fit of the shoe to your liking. The ‘NIKE AIR’ patch on the back and the ‘Hoops’ on the side add a retro feel to the sneakers. A pair of these Nike Air Force 1 in black and white with purple accents will make an impression everywhere you go.

Nike Air Force 1 React

The exaggerated details on this one immediately make it noticeable. The shoe has a layered look and translucent accents. Made using Nike’s React Technology, these sneakers provide added spring, ease, and longevity. This bold pair will certainly add a dramatic edge to your entire look.

Nike Air Force 1 men's footwear

What’s the difference between Air Force 1 Low and 07?

The 07 are just the newer ones that are a different material than the originals. They are pretty much the same shoe. The only difference is the AF1 has Air Force one spelled out instead of AF1 on the shoe and the midsole is lower on originals.

Use Atome to get your Air Force 1

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Shop for Nike Air Force 1 with Atome

Shopping for shoes on the internet can be rather tricky. There are so many factors that could go wrong, sheesh!

Well, if in-store shopping is what you prefer, we have got you covered. You can just as easily use Atome when shopping at Nike Singapore’s offline stores.

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  • Select Atome to pay for your purchase at checkout.
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Rounding it up

When it comes to athletic footwear, very few brands do it better than Nike. Their versatile products bring everything to the table: ease, durability, vibrant colors, and amazing designs. A pair of Nike Air Force 1 is worth splurging on, and the best way is to do it using Atome. Your feet will thank you for the purchase. For more information about the Nike Singapore brand, please click here.

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