Quirky Date Ideas to Spice Things Up

by jiatongma

Mar 10 2023

One tried and true way to make a relationship last is to try new things together constantly. It makes sure you’re not getting bored, and the shared experiences just work to bring you closer to each other.

A relationship needs investment, and it needs effort. But it doesn’t have to be hard, and as long as you and your partner are willing to put some time aside for each other, you’ll work it out.

But you might be having trouble deciding what your next date is going to be, and we’re here to help you out. From art-making to rock climbing, here are a few quirky ideas to spice up your dating life.

Make Art Together

You definitely don’t need artistic talent to have fun together, and having physical mementos of your date takes everything up a notch.

Making Pottery

One of the cutest ideas for an art date, you can each make something to take home. Pottery classes are easy to find, and many studios have beginners level one-day workshops where people can try their hand at making something by hand.

Making something small like a vase or cup that you can place in your home as a memento will make sure you both have something to remind you of your day together.

Take an Art Class

You don’t have to take a pottery class because there are so many things to do in art. You could try your hand at a beginner’s watercolor or oil painting class.

It might seem like it would be boring, but you’d be surprised by how fun it is. The trick is to find a common topic, and you could both make a portrait of your pet.

It doesn’t have to be a class either; you both could just take sketchbooks to your garden or a park and have a relaxing picnic and drawing date.

Resin Craft

Resin art has become extremely popular thanks to TikTok, which means getting classes is easier too. But you can also just follow a YouTube tutorial.

All you need to do is get the necessary stuff and decide what you’ll add to your molds. It could be something fun, like charms or even dried flowers with a story (flowers from your first date or wedding bouquet).

Recreate Your First Date

What better way to celebrate your love than remembering when it started? The cutest idea is to recreate your first date; it doesn’t matter if it isn’t picture-perfect. It’ll be loads of fun; even something as simple as a dinner and movie will leave its mark.

It’s even better if it’s for an anniversary. But to really leave a mark, you can add a twist.

An obvious way is to make it a surprise and see if your partner can guess what’s going on. You can turn the details into a fun game if you remember the details or have any previous mementos. And it’s easy to do; you could choose a theatre showing the movie you watched or recreate conversations.

Another idea is to turn it into a photo shoot. Instead of actually recreating the date, act it out and hire a photographer. You could have a dinner photoshoot, wearing the same clothes you did on your first outing together.

It doesn’t have to go as far as getting a professional either; you can just take photos of each other and a timer to get snaps of both of you. You could even make it a regular thing and put together an album recreating your favorite moments together.

Rock Climbing Session

Rock climbing might not seem like the most romantic idea, but remember that the goal is to have a great time together. And something as exciting as this is the perfect thing.

If one of you is uncomfortable with heights, or neither of you has the experience, you don’t need to skip over this part. You can easily visit an area in the city, like Climbing Central in Singapore, which has an indoor rock climbing wall.

These centers have trainers and safety briefings, so you don’t need to worry, even if it’s your first time. With safety harnesses and softer floors, you can focus on enjoying your time together.

While rock climbing in Singapore is usually in indoor facilities, you can also make a trip out of the city and go on an authentic trip if you both are up for it. You can hire trainers who’ll guide you through everything, and if you’ve been to indoor facilities, it’ll be easy to get started.

While you’re there, you can also go on a hike. If both of you are active people, then hiking a trail and having a nice picnic is a great idea for a date.

You can also make a regular thing out of it and go on more exciting dates, like bungee jumping or even skydiving. There are also skiing centers at indoor facilities if you want to try something new.

Paintball Shootout

Last on our list is an exciting idea straight out of a video game. Paintball or Laser Tag both work great, but you might need partners. Many centers pair you with other players if there aren’t enough people, but you can also get all your friends together for a great night out.

Paintball usually has partners or teams; you and your date can team up to take everyone down and test your teamwork.

One thing’s for sure; paintball’s a workout, so don’t forget to make a reservation at a good restaurant if your entire group’s meeting up for lunch after. There are no rules, and you can make it a group date or go off on your own.

A relaxing walk in the park after lunch is the perfect way to end your day out, and you can order takeout at home to end your day.

Activities other than paintball or laser tag, like visiting a maze or even an arcade, are other ideas you can keep for future dates. There are several centers that provide fun activities, and you could see it as a level up from the classic amusement park date.

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We hope this list helps you out, but remember that the first step is to have the intention. You and your partner need to be open to trying new things.

Don’t be afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone, and challenge each other to face your fears. Experiences and memories bring you close to each other, even if it’s not something novel.

Remember that you don’t need an out-of-this-world idea to have fun together; something as simple as cooking or going on a walk is enough.

The point is to spend time together, but who doesn’t want some excitement now and then?

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