Must-have Items for Cold Climate Travel

by jiatongma

Nov 15 2022

One of the best ways to celebrate vacations is by visiting cold places, especially for sports like skiing. But unless you’re used to it, it can get a bit confusing what you’ll need for the travel. It’s not just about having coats or jackets; you need the right material to protect yourself from harsh weather.

You have to know the best brands for your first purchases because even if it’s slightly pricey, good-quality items are an investment that will last a long time. Using Atome lets you budget your purchases into monthly payments, which means you won’t have to worry about the vacation messing up your budget.

Clothing essentials

The most crucial part of preparation is deciding what clothes to bring. And while stylish coats might fly in less cold areas, you need more protection if you’re going somewhere with actual snow and a cold climate. There are special articles of clothing that’ll provide you with the proper coverage.

Remember that it’s important to have a high-quality article that’ll last you a while, even if it’s on the higher end of the price spectrum. However, that doesn’t mean you should splurge on several high-end jackets. The goal is to shop smart, not hard. It’s possible to pack light, even for winter clothes.

Here are the clothing must-haves you should get.

  1. Puffer Jacket

There’s no mystery here; a puffer jacket is compulsory if you want to avoid freezing during your trip. These have soft material sown into sections and are great for insulating. They’ll keep you warm even on freezing days, so you should always have one on hand.

The North Face has some of the most stylish and functional options on the market, and the athletic wear brand is extremely popular among Gen Z. Their stores have several style options, but the wear you’ll get holds the most appeal.

With waterproofing and several insulation level options, you can get one good jacket that’ll last you for years. After that, all you have to do is layer properly. So, a North Face puffer jacket is a definite need.

  1. Windbreaker

Another winter staple, you definitely need a good windbreaker in your arsenal. These jackets are designed to combat wind with close-fitting material around your neck, arms, and waistband to ensure you don’t feel cold easily. It’s a lightweight option perfect for multiple layers of clothing.

And what better options to choose from than the two biggest athletic wear brands in the world, Nike and Adidas? Although both have a wide range of options, it depends on what you’re looking for.

A Nike windbreaker will give you several options to style yourself while keeping safe from the cold, but you need to be able to buy the right things other than the jacket.

  1. Packing Shirts

If you’re going for a week, your luggage will easily fit anyway. But if you’re going there for nearly a month, choose what you take wisely. For one, remember that you’ll need to layer smartly. A wool sweater is good, but the type of wool also makes a difference in its insulation level.

You can take some collared options; t-shirts, sweaters, and accessories like gloves and scarves are a must.

Remember that we’re focusing on the luggage’s total weight, so try to pack items you can use in multiple looks. If it’s very cold, you’ll only see your jackets anyway, but an indoor dinner might require something extra. A sweater and T-shirt under an Adidas windbreaker is a good choice.

  1. Travel Jeans

A sturdy pair of jeans should be in your luggage, preferably from a reputed brand with quality products. They won’t tear easily, and the material is thicker than regular jeans, so they’re more comfortable.

These are multiple-purpose activities like open mics or other field trips. If you’re going somewhere colder, you’ll need a pair of fleece leggings to go under the jeans.

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Must-have items to bring to your trip

With what you’ll wear out of the way, let’s move to the other essentials. Always make a checklist and make sure you have everything because you’ll need things like heat packs to survive the harsh cold.

Just remember to have a handy travel bag that can hold all the basics, so you don’t misplace anything while traveling from one tourist spot to another.

  • Travel Bag

There are several options on the market, all of varying sizes. You should go for something that’s not unnecessarily big but also not too small that it doesn’t hold your items. You’ll need space for your toiletries, including any skincare and makeup you want to take.

Look for foldable bags with many pockets for your things. You should also have a day bag with you.

The last option is larger and can hold your small camera and wallet, while the other two are perfect for keeping your expensive possessions close. You can order the perfect travel bag online at Zalora.

  • Sleeping Bag

If you want to try braving the elements, you’ll need your own gear. But you can’t always get a proper place to sleep either, so you’ll want to have some sleeping bags in case of emergencies.

You should choose according to your requirements and go for heavy-duty options if you are somewhere with more extreme weather conditions. A sleeping bag can be all the difference between a peaceful and restless sleep, so don’t underestimate its importance.

  • Lip Balm

Even if you live somewhere with relatively moderate winters, you’re likely to have dry or even cracked skin as soon as the colder months start approaching. That’s why you need to prepare more rigorously for cold climates.

Always keep a lip balm and moisturizer with you, even if you’re forgoing the rest of your skincare routine. If you don’t want them to take extra space, you can buy travel-sized versions from several brands on Zalora and have your payment divided using Atome.

  • Heat Pack

A heat pack is a must-have, especially if you’re susceptible to the cold. They can go in your shoes, for your hands, or behind your neck.

It can prove helpful to warm up your sleeping bag, or you could place it behind your shoulders if you get muscle pain.

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