What are the Best Adidas Goodyear Men’s Shoes?

by Starry

Feb 25 2021

Choosing the best pair of shoes can be quite the dilemma for most people, luckily, we have the best Adidas Goodyear men’s shoes. Adidas, one of the best shoe brands in the world, makes their shoes with extreme professionalism and design. Adidas knows very well what the customers want and need.

On the other hand, Goodyear offers a sleek and tire-inspired outsole where you can replace the shoes’ soles many times. The shoes that are made by Goodyear are long-lasting. So, if you buy one pair of Goodyear shoes, you should think carefully before buying.

What are Goodyear Shoes?

Goodyear Shoes are the shoes that come into being with a traditional method. It was invented in 1869, and at that time, it replaced the hand sewing method. There are several parts of these types of shoes.

The Leather Upper

The upper part is made of leather. It comes from carefully selected calf hides, which need to be soft and have the appropriate thickness. During the cutting, the tip, vamp quarter, and tongue are cut. Its cutting work has to be very careful so that it does not have any overlap.

Shoes Assembly

The next part is to assemble the shoes. It starts by pulling and tacking the nails on the uppers over. After that, the outer sole attached to the shoe and then stitched. This stitch has to be at least 2 cm of thickness to holds the materials firmly.  

Finishing the Shoe

To finish the sole, it has to pound with vibrating iron. Then the leather heels nailed to the sole and trimmed. At this stage, the shoe is almost done; it just needs a little finishing. The welt has to clean and polished, and the shoes have to spray to be shiny. Then the packaging and send to the retail stores.

Some of the Best Adidas Goodyear Men’s Shoes


This is a fantastic pair of shoes. They are very stylish and can be used by both professional racers and casual users. It comes with a low-top design and an EVA rubber sole. It is available in mainly four colors: Black/White, White/Black, Black/Red, and White/Green. It has a soft cushion layer and a powerful sole in it, providing the wearer a relaxing and complete control when running.

So, if you want shoes for long-term use, comfortable, reasonable price, and eye-catching, you can seriously consider GOODYEAR ORI-E Driving Shoe.


This pair of shoes is excellent for both sport and casual use. It is made of synthetic leather material and has inner textile material. Its outsole has rubber material and the Goodyear logo on the sole. It has a very comfortable Goodyear outsole which gives complete control when running. It mainly comes in black color. So ultimately, this shoe can go with any kind of lifestyle.  

Adidas ADI RACER LOW G16082 Goodyear

It is a PU-coated leather shoe. It mainly comes in black color with white stripes. Its main attraction is its Goodyear outsole, which is very comfortable and fashionable. 

Adidas Originals Men’s Adi Racer Low-0 Trainers G16080

This Adidas Goodyear men’s shoe has a rubber sole and a lace-up closure. It comes with inner leather and outer textile material. From the first release on 15 Feb. 2014, it is still a great choice for sport and casual users.

Adidas Goodyear Street

This is a classic pair of shoes. It has a very cool design and excellent for both sport and casual use. It has a buckle closure, rubber sole, and full logo on the heel. Its textile lining provides amazing comfort to the wearer. Its Full-grain leather upper is soft and flexible and has a removable cushioned insole for relaxation. All of its virtue combined makes it a shoe that is hard to beat. 

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Final Thoughts

Now you should know what the best Adidas Goodyear men’s shoes are. The Goodyear shoes are traditional, proven, and high-quality. It provides the users almost everything that is needed in a shoe. When this traditional method is used by reputable Adidas, something unique must come out. So, don’t wait; search for your Adidas Goodyear shoes now.  

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