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by Starry

Apr 19 2022

When it comes to shopping online, it is arduous to choose from so many options, and exploring something new is a gamble. So, when reliability, comfort, and durability are in question, the first thing that comes to mind is, of course, Adidas Singapore. Adidas SG is your one-stop-shop destination for the best and most durable footwear, bag packs, and fashionwear.

Need to rock a flamboyant look with the pinnacle of comfort? They got you covered! Since its inception in 1949, Adidas has strived to deliver its promise of premium footwear that is equally as picturesque as it is comfortable for the wearer.

Adidas vehemently believes that “Impossible is nothing” and tries to ensure that it doesn’t fail to deliver that promise. From top athletes to the most trending celebrities, the one that is mutual among them is their trust in Adidas.

Get to know Adidas Singapore – The brand story behind

Adidas came a long way from its founding outlet in Germany to its reach worldwide. But the journey wasn’t an easy one. As a young and budding company, Adidas had to pave its way and make its name in the market. Then it finally got its break in 1954 when the German football team won against the undefeated Hungarians in the World Cup final, and Adidas got some credit for it and managed to catch global attention.

This was the stepping stone in its road to success and outreach, becoming the face of the most trending athletes of the time like David Beckham, and ultimately getting established in the far-fetched regions of the world. That’s how Adidas Singapore (Adidas SG) came into being.

Get your haul from the top Adidas outlets in Singapore!

Adidas SG has many outlets throughout Singapore such as Adidas Sports Performance ION Orchard, Adidas Orchard Brand Centre, Adidas JEM, Adidas Flagship Store, and many more. This is why when a product shows up on your social media that swerves your attention, the odds of finding it in any of these outlets are thin.

Adidas Shoes – Rock your footwear!

We know you just can’t fathom the idea of having to walk out of your home without donning a pair of Adidas shoes. Listed below are some Adidas shoes that will surely add some flair to your every stroll (and more!).

This list is not exhaustive. You’ll find a myriad of Adidas shoes in Singapore, including the Adidas Ultra Boost, Adidas NMD, Adidas Slides, Adidas Superstar, Adidas Yeezy, Adidas Continental 80, Adidas running shoes, Adidas women’s shoes, and more.

Adidas shoes

Adidas Stan Smith- The original White Adidas Shoes

First launched in 1965, Adidas Stan Smiths are tennis shoes that were originally named Adidas Robert Haillet. However, in 1978, Adidas Stan Smith shoes were renamed after the American tennis player, Stan Smith. What’s peculiar about these shoes is the fact that they don’t have the conventional three stripes of the Adidas logo, rather they have three rows of perforations to keep your feet well ventilated, and occasionally, with a picture of Stan Smith on the tongue of the shoe.

Adidas continental 80- The recent line of White Adidas Shoes

Debuted in 2018, the Adidas continental 80 share some resemblance with the Stan Smiths, albeit not having the history associated with a legend, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t among the fan favorites of sneaker-heads.

Adidas Ultra Boost- The ultimate Running Shoes

Launched in 2013, Adidas Ultra Boost is a revolutionary footwear item and is one of the forefront runners in the shoe industry which speaks for itself. An engineering marvel that uses thermoplastic polyurethane particles which are expanded to form pockets of air.

As a result of this, Adidas Ultra Boost boasts a plethora of benefits for its users, ranging from the epitome of comfort through its cushioning properties, and thermal insulation, to durability and flexibility. Perhaps the most important thing that makes the Adidas Ultra Boost stand out from all the others is their power to absorb and return more of the athlete’s kinetic output, making them the perfect running shoes for an athletic experience.

Adidas NMD – Be the spotlight

Adidas NMD is inspired by the Adidas originals. With a blend of its archive shoes like Micro Pacer, the Rising Star, and the Boston Super, Adidas NMD is also known for its strength and flexibility along with the added cushion effect of the Boost soles.

Whether you’re running errands or just want to go for a casual stroll, the Adidas NMD is bound to make you the center of attraction with its vibrant colors and beautiful patterns.

Adidas Superstar – Be a superstar with the Adidas Superstar!

Making its first wave in 1969, the Adidas Superstar are low-top basketball sneakers. Featuring a rubber shell toe and an amalgam of leather and herringbone-patterned outsole, the Adidas Superstar rose to the spotlight by the basketball prodigy, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Throughout the years, there have been multiple remixes in designs and colorways in the Adidas Superstar, and they recently celebrated their 50th anniversary in 2020, vouching for the fact that they are true, one of the most popular shoes of all time.

Adidas Slides- Your very own comfort zone

When it comes to comfort, even the sky isn’t the limit for Adidas. With the advent of the creation of Adidas Slides, all other footwear companies and conglomerates struggle to reach the likes of Adidas. Adidas is notorious for setting a dangerously high precedent for their competing companies with their slides.

The beauty of these simplistic Adidas Slippers is that it always keeps you on the go whenever you racing against time. Whether you’re going for your 8 am lecture or just your morning coffee, the Adidas Slides are a common sight and a treat for the sore feet of the wearers.

Adidas Yeezy- Out of options? Easy, think Yeezys!

One of the most notable works that Kanye West is going to be known for will be his collaboration with Adidas for the creation of Yeezy. It’s safe to say that the Yeezys are one of the best sellers of Adidas, with a one-of-a-kind design that is definitely the eye candy of the entire outfit of the wearer.

Due to the skyrocketing demand for Adidas Yeezy, there is a sea of sizes, shapes, colors, and designs in the Yeezys to choose from, and regardless of their popularity, it can never be a cliché to absolutely rock those kicks!

Adidas backpacks – Your companion. Always.

Adidas caters to all sorts of backpacks, from traveling bags to simple laptop bags, Adidas has got your back! When on the go, the biggest concern for a student, gym-goer, or a traveler is that their bag might tear open, or their strap might break.

Adidas sportswear and apparel – Because no sport is complete without Adidas

Besides their footwear, Adidas is also famous for plenty of other lines of products such as sportswear, watches, eyewear and miscellaneous sports and clothing-related goods, and the famous Adidas caps and Adidas T-shirts.

For any good athlete, choosing the proper clothing for their training sessions and workouts are quintessential for their proper ventilation, optimal circulation, and, of course, peak comfort. Irritating clothes are a hazard for the wearer because they predispose them to the development of rashes, itchiness, and overheating.

However, Adidas uses the softest and breathable fabric, which is specifically designed to minimize the punitive condition of the wearer, for a comfortable experience in the gym or out in the field.

Adidas Outlet Singapore

Adidas Singapore and Atome

Did you know that Adidas SG is a proud partner of Atome? This is where Atome comes into play. Atome is a platform headquartered in Singapore. It is partners with more than 10,000 online and offline merchants throughout Southeast Asia.

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How to pay for Adidas Singapore items with Atome?

It’s really quite simple, just follow these instructions and you’re good to go!

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So, in a nutshell…

Adidas SG is one of the most trusted names when it comes to shopping for shoes, sportswear, backpacks, and fitness accessories. So wait no more, and shop at Adidas SG!

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