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by Starry

Sep 02 2021

The relationship between female wellness and body image is a complex one. Women constantly ponder about how they are perceived. The media exposes women to highly toxic body standards. They play a big part in instilling unhealthy body image in women. They expose them to modified aesthetic norms and how all attractive women have the same ideal body. At Cheryl W, the leading advocate of weight management Singapore, we encourage women to abandon unsafe methods of weight loss and try healthier ways.

These norms keep changing from time to time. It comes at a grave consequence. Most women have started to perceive themselves in distorted ways. They use unhealthy methods to fit the beauty standards.

Most women try severe dieting and rigorous exercises to reach an unattainable standard. All the products are vegan-friendly and have traceable nutrients. They are made without any artificial colorants, synthetic fillers, or GMOs.

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Weight and Wellness

Promoting positive wellness and weight management is the need of the hour. Cheryl W is a brand founded by a female to help other females. This brand aims to destroy the toxic norms of beauty.

Cheryl W has curated this range to aid healthy weight loss. It also provides radiance and health benefits. It has products that offer to detoxify and cleanse your insides. Their natural ingredients can also enhance your beauty and glow.

Body Care Products

Accepting their bodies and actively caring for themselves is rendered as a form of self-love by many women. They can do this by using body care products. Purchasing products with harmful chemicals will only benefit you for a short period. Cheryl W offers a way of self-care with natural products. Their range is also multi-use.

Body Firming Cream

This holistic range consists of several wellness products. One of the most popular is Sit Tight Body Firming Cream. This product is specially made for postpartum care. It promises to tone up your body. It offers sculpting, tightening, and firming benefits for your desired body area.

Hello Sunshine Spray

Their hello sunshine spray is as heartening as the name suggests. Its exotic scent can help to amplify positivity. It can boost your immune function and speeds up metabolism. Its refreshing and sparkling aroma can relieve stress and anxiety.

No More Baby Blues Spray

This spray was introduced to fight off all the factors contributing to a bad mood. It has anti-anxiety properties. It also has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial functions.

Quality Services


The signature royal body flush treatment can be your best pal if your concerns are feeling lethargic and weight loss. At Cheryl W, we believe that quick weight loss fixes are ridden with side effects.

That is why this service can help you shed excess weight gradually. It does so by detoxifying the body to remove the waste. It can boost your metabolic activities to help with better absorption of nutrients. This service includes a steam bath, detox scrub, body mask, and thermal blanket.

Lymphatic massage can help you refreshen and relieve stress. Our everyday lives can leave us drained. This massage service can improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage within an hour.


Their Fat Freeze Treatment is a non-invasive method of weight management. It is a targeted treatment as it helps you reduce fat in any desires area of your body. It uses a device with cooling plates that destroy fat cells. These dead cells are later released through waste. This treatment is harmless for your skin and organs. It also has minimal side effects.

This is the best method of weight loss. You do not have to undergo any surgery. And in rare cases may you end up with slight bruises.


Acne is common among most adolescent women. It can ruin one’s self-esteem. A person with acne is likely to judge themselves harshly. One may start to view themselves in a distorted manner for not meeting the ideal aesthetic norms.

Cheryl W offers Strengthening Pore-fection Facial Service to help unclog your skin. This service is for you if you are tired of ineffective beauty products and painful extractions. At Cheryl W, we use hot and cold treatment. This is a painless treatment.

Heat can open up the pores. This way, it becomes easier to unclog them and cleanse the face. It also increases blood circulation for a natural glow.

Cold treatment closes the pores. It has anti-inflammatory benefits to reduce any swelling or puffiness.


Diseases associated with pain and fatigue are relatively more common among women. Women go through great suffering and pain in their lives. This can be in the form of menstrual pain or labor pain. The responsibility of managing a balance between their home and work life can cause great measures of stress and anxiety.

This brand of wellness Singapore offers Ginger Sparkle Treatment. It is a holistic way of relieving tension and anxiety. It uses ginger as an active ingredient. Ginger is commonly used in traditional medicine for its gastrointestinal and distress-relieving benefits.

This treatment is especially favorable for pregnancy and post-partum care.


Post-partum is a difficult time for mothers. Women endured extreme pains to bring a new human to the world. Their bodies have lost nutrients. Weight loss is one of the difficult aspects of post-partum. After giving birth, the baby bump does not just bounce back. New mothers cannot engage in rigorous exercises and extreme dieting.

Mummy Tummy Trim Treatment is an effective way of post-natal weight loss. It can also help tone up loose skin on different body parts.

Cheryl W wants women to love and embrace their bodies. They believe that losing weight should not come at the expense of one’s health. Browse their website of wellness products and pay through ATOME. ATOME is an interest-free method of payment. It divides the price into three small installments.

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