Body Types and Which Fashion Would Suit Your Body

by Starry

Apr 26 2021

Following a certain fashion does not mean following the trend blindly. It would be best if you analyzed your body type before you try to carry a dress. Are you an endomorph? An ectomorph? Or a mesomorph? If you haven’t understood your body, then you never knew what would suit you.

Not every brand will look that deeply in their niche. But play dress Singapore is one of a kind, and they understand fashion is for everyone. For that reason, they fabricate fashion in a way that can be chosen as a lifestyle—a trend for everyone.

Being an Ectomorph

If you are an ectomorph, you are either a model or have higher chances of being one. Because an ectomorph body is what we all crave; a long lean body with little muscle and little fat. They have a hard time gaining weight. At play dress Singapore you can fit in almost all the dresses but to make yourself slim and sleek features prominent, you should you try to wear;

a. High waisted jeans

b. Knee-length skirts with buttons blouse

c. Playsuit with a dark color coat

d. A tank top with a high waisted skirt

Because of your lean body style, your limbs look extra long; with a fashion that showcases them will make you look even skinnier. Look into the variety of clothes offered by play dress Singapore; you will find exactly what you need.

As an ectomorph female, you will be judged for being too skinny, but you can prove them wrong with the right clothes. Understanding an ectomorph body can be tricky. An item of slim-fit clothing can enhance the illusion of you being skinny.

Being an Endomorph

Ever admired the beauty of Marilyn Monroe? How classically fashionable was she? Well, she was an endomorph. That means they tend to have more body fat, more muscle mass and gain weight very easily. These women are rounder and heavier. But who said they couldn’t have it all? And here at play dress Singapore we make that possible.

For an endomorph, then they need clothing that helps their limbs and back look longer. For that, straight jeans or mom jeans would work perfectly. With a Shirt and a jacket or a shirt that covers their hips and thighs.

With a rounder and curvier look, endomorphs can easily take a look from cute to sexy. The collection from play dress Singapore has multiple items for you to wear;

a. A tie jumpsuit b. Aloha floral belt Romper

c. Solana baby doll midi dress

d. T back dress

e. Maxi dress

The aim is to make your height prominent. That can be done with a little straighter and a little fitted dress.

Endomorphs are usually termed fat. When in reality, they are just wearing clothing that doesn’t compliment their body types. Endomorphs are a little heavier and rounder. Their clothes need to be fitted around the waist and the bodies for a sleeker and longer. Slim-fit jeans won’t do them justice; straight jeans or cotton pants are what they should go for. It will help their thighs appear slimmer.

Being a mesomorph

These individuals are not overweight and are not underweight. They have athletic bodies that are solid and strong. It is easier for them to gain or lose weight without any effort. These women have a little manly built. And are also a little broad. And there is nothing a good pants suit can’t make look amazing, from the play dress Singapore.

These women have stronger shoulder bullets, and for them, sleeveless won’t do the job; they can wear everything like any ectomorph. But due to a little broad built, their fashion is mainly jeans and shirts. They look amazing with two under-tone jeans and a T-shirt.

Look at the collection at play dress Singapore and analyze what you might like about yourself.

Combination of two

There are many women on this planet, and every one of them is different and beautiful in their way. The fashion sense truly starts when you accept yourself for who you are. Here at play dress Singapore we acknowledge beauty as confidence. Here is why we understand everybody type and provide the best for every one of our precious clients.

There are commonly occurring two variations among the body types

1. Ecto- endomorphs:

They have a thin upper body and high-fat storage in hips and thighs. These individuals are tall, sturdy, and have curvy bodies. Anything you put on them will look amazing. Try any of the play dress Singapore collections and see for yourself.

2. Endo-ectomorph:

They have more apple-shaped bodies, with high-fat storage in the middle and thin lower bodies. The main issue these individuals face is tummy fat. High-waisted pants, a summer dress frock, or a high-waisted skirt will work just fine in making you look and feel amazing.

Everybody type is beautiful. Accept your reality, and that is when you will start to make the correct fashion choices. Other brands will offer similar items at a higher price. But none would try to understand their clients at such an intimate level.

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With play dress Singapore you can dress in the most highly fashionable clothes on a budget. The company is known for its intricate work. It is a highly trustable firm and knows what it is doing. Visit the online website for more details.

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