REM Sleep and Sleep Deprivation Side Effects

by Starry

Aug 02 2021

With work, higher studies, jobs, and even family. It is a known fact that life was never easy, but sleep should be.

Sleep is a very important recharging function of our brain and body. The body does not need to be reminded how to fall asleep, but the mind needs to be regulated with our biological clock to start the repair and recharge.

The Biology of Sleep

Each day is divided into 24 hours, and among these 24 hours, our body and brain needs almost 6-8 hours of sleep. When the body is tired and has not been getting the required rest, it does not need to remember how to fall asleep; rather, the body collapses. In this sleep and a night of normal sleep, the difference is that the body is too tired even to repair the damage, and you will wake up tired as well.

When you know how to fall asleep and have a healthy sleep cycle, you will wake up feeling refreshed and energized. When the body is sleeping, different factors and enzymes are released all across the body and skin that help to repair the damage that has been done. It renews the skin and organs; it layers out the bones and other cuticles.

Even our teeth are layered constantly with new enamel and dentin layers. It is as if the body is restores itself, but only with proper rest. But don’t worry, Amazing Life has just the right things to set you staring and help you get relaxed into the bed.

The Non-REM Sleep

When you lay back in bed and close your eyes and then how to fall asleep? Normally it takes you almost 20-25 minutes to get into the non-REM sleep, and normally, it remains most of the part of your sleep. For some lucky people acquainted with their biological clock, it takes almost 5-10 minutes. The answer to the question: how to fall asleep? It simply takes a larger chunk of non- REM sleep.

There are certain steps to Non-REM sleep that is important to know if you are looking for an answer to falling asleep? There are a few steps into Non- REM sleep:

Stage 1:

This stage is the very light sleep stage; it is almost when you are awake and asleep. It is the feeling when you start drifting into the sleep cycle.

Stage 2:

The stage is where you are in a slightly deeper sleep. Your heart rate lowers, your breathing prolongs, and your temperature also drops. Many researchers are on a quest of how to fall asleep. The research on this stage especially.

Stage 3 and Stage 4:

This is the deepest portion of sleep where the blood supply increases, the body starts to repair and grow. The hormones also release, and your body is replenished. Normally adults below 30 should have 2 hours of non-REM sleep.

Atome helping you sleep better

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Dangers of Sleep Deprivation

Sleep is a very important requirement of the body and brain. You may now understand how to fall asleep, but your body knows that it’s time to sleep, and your brain synchronizes with it. If you do not give your body the proper amount of sleep and rest. It has been fatal for many, and it can be a cause of many mental instabilities. Sleep is the ultimate recovery for our body;

1. With your body being deprived of sleep, your body feels tired, and it is hard to cope with different physical activities, even the very simple ones.

2. With recurrent sleep deprivation, you cannot function properly; even doctors do not allow sleep-deprived people to drive cars or any heavy machinery.

3. Sleep-deprived means are more prone to depression and anxiety. There are more mood swings in people who are sleep-deprived and can end up in an argument.

4. For people who are obese, their obesity is directly related to their sleep cycles and sleep deprivation.

5. People who are sleep-deprived and always on the run have a higher risk of high blood pressure and cardiac arrests.

6. Sleep deprivation can permanently damage the neurons, and there can be loss of plasticity, leading to short impulses. Such a stage can lead to dementia or Alzheimer’s.

REM Sleep and Sleep Disorders

Normally the REM sleep takes one-third of the total sleep. It stays for 20-25 minutes. REM sleep is where your brain is active, and your muscles are also twitching. In the portion of the sleep, your brain has lucrative and vivid dreams.

REM sleep is also directly related to depression—people who have a longer period of REM sleep wake up tired. If you are figuring how to fall asleep, you must know that your REM sleep should not be more than one hour.

REM sleep is the hallmark of depression because even when you are asleep, your brain is awake, and the stressful stimuli are still affecting the body.


Sleep is a very important aspect of our health. It helps the body repair and energizes. It also allows the brain to recover from the day. Knowing how to fall asleep can enhance your sleep quality and adjust your biological clock. The Amazing Life offers amazing facilities to those who are seeking better sleep.

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