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by Starry

Jul 27 2021

Fruits are considered as a source of minerals and vitamins. In addition to providing a health benefits, fresh fruit juices are also considered to be a source of refreshment. They contain many important minerals including pectin (apples) and citric acid (lemon) that helps in maintaining our body health by eliminating harmful toxins from the body. This regulates normal metabolic functions of the body and keeps our hair and skin healthy. Cold pressed juices are famous in Singapore.

They also increase the number of anti-oxidants which help the body in fighting toxins. They also reduce oxidative stress that further leads to heart diseases; cancer etc. therefore fresh juices extracted from fruits are a great detoxifier and energizer as compared to the artificial juices which we get from superstores. It is the easiest and most convenient way of providing our body with essential nutrition.  

Mougou Juice is a Singaporean brand that works on providing a glass of perfect fresh juice. The brand not only pays attention to the quality of its products but also ensures that their customers enjoy every sip of their juices. Their products are packed with vitamins and nutrients for e.g. cold pressed juice Singapore. Mougou juice, has done partnership with leading brand Atome in order to increase their growth and digitalization of its business with the help of online and offline channels. The company provides products of high-quality with easy access to customers in many countries.

Mougou Juice offers a number of products including smoothies, cold pressed juice, fresh fruit treats and juicy bundles. They specialize in identifying the need of a healthy drink, combined with perfect taste to make you feel satisfied.  Their well-known products, cold pressed juices Singapore, are highly refreshing. It consists of many categories of juices which are beneficial for different purposes that include: heart and skin activators, digestion and anti-cancer, healthy skin, detoxification, weight loss, immunity, hair, etc.

Cold pressed juices:

Cold pressed juices Singapore provides you with an opportunity to have vegetable and fruit intake in your diet in an easy, fast and portable way. This kind of juice is made through hydraulic pressing and uses pressure to extract 100% juice from fresh vegetables and fruits. No additional oxygen and heat is used in the process therefore there is no loss of vitamins and minerals. It means that you can enjoy your fresh drink without losing its nutrition, taste, vibrancy and safety. Using the ripest, freshest fruits for health benefits, they have multiple categories that are used to provide you with different health benefits including detoxification, cancer, healthy skin, healthy heart and weight loss.

So if you are looking for refreshing glass of fresh juice, then cold pressed juice Singapore from Mongou Juice is a perfect solution for you.


Smoothies are nutritious, quick and versatile option for health conscious individuals. Mongou Juice provides the best smoothies for you in a reasonable cost by collaborating with Atome that makes the product budget friendly for you. Mongou Juice has introduced their smoothies by combining health benefits with the refreshing taste of different fruits. It enables us to keep ourselves fresh and take care of our health.

Our taste related to foods and drinks is changing with time, therefore Mongou Juice offers smoothies made from variety of fruits and vegetables so that you can get your desired smoothie and enjoy the flavors of life. The refreshing, vibrant smoothies offered includes summer blush, eye powder, mango passion and dance monkey.

Cleansing juice pack:

If you want to take a break from all the processed and artificial food and want to pamper yourself with some rejuvenating and healing experience, you can try their healthy beverages like cleansing juice pack.

Mougou Juice designs their cleansing juice pack in such a way that they provide optimum results. It removes all the toxins from the body and supports your healthy lifestyle. The On! is one of their famous products that contains a range of smoothies, nut mylks and cold press juices and provides a good balance of healthy calories, essential minerals, hydration and fibers.  It not only refills electrolytes in your body but also refreshes your mind as it is made by mixing it with cold pressed juice Singapore.

Therefore if you are looking forward to cleanse your body or to live a physically healthy lifestyle, The On cleanse program is all you need!

Juicy bundle:

Sometimes we find it hard to enjoy different flavors of juices in a pocket friendly price.  But Mougou Juice by doing partnership with Atome has made it affordable for everyone. The juicy bundle of Mongou consists of a pack or bundle of juices of different variety which will enable you to enjoy all flavors in just a single bundle. They have named their bundles in a way that it attracts the customers. The most famous juicy bundle of Mongou Juice: I am stressed out! consists of juices of four different flavors. The main objective of this bundle is to decrease your depression, anxiety and elevate your mood.

Fresh fruit treats:

If you want to have sweet and juicy melons but feel troublesome to make a bowl of fresh fruit then Mongou Juice is there to help you out by providing you with freshly cut fruits for your daily intake of dietary fibers, minerals and vitamins in Singapore. The fresh fruit packets include freshly cut honeydew, papaya, watermelon, guava and many more.

Therefore, by doing partnership with Atome, Mougou Juice helps you to enjoy healthy and refreshing life by providing juices that will benefit you in terms of health and are also economical. Atome lightens your financial burden and Mougou Juice provides you with the utmost quality products like cold pressed juices in Singapore. This collaboration proves that Mougou Juice does not compromise in providing satisfaction to the customers.

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