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by Starry

Feb 28 2022

Finding a cheesecake in Singapore might seem like a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. Together we will explore a one-stop-shop for all your sweet cravings. We will also talk about some of the most delicious cheesecakes baked to perfection for their customers.

Cheesecakes have a unique texture and flavor derived from the thick and rich cream cheese. They taste different from a regular cake because they are sweet and tangy at the same time. However, despite their peculiar flavor, they’re a people’s favorite!

Zee & Elle’s is an ultimate cake shop where you can find the most decadent cakes and desserts. If you love cheesecakes, you will definitely enjoy their beautiful and delicious creations. Have a look at all the yummy options.

Here are some cheesecakes you will find at Zee & Elle’s.

Summertime hojicha cheesecake

This is a rich and creamy cheesecake coupled with a buttery biscuit base. A perfect summertime treat, the Hojicha cheesecake has a fragrant, earthy note that reminds you of a cool breeze on a hot summer day.

Summertime classic cheesecake

This is another classic treat for you to indulge in this sweltering heat. The cheesecake is rich, creamy, and decadent with a buttery biscuit base.

Mini blueberry New York cheesecake (Box of 16)

If you enjoy fruity and tangy flavors, then you will enjoy the delicious swirls of blueberry on this cheesecake. This bite-sized snack has a smooth buttery base and has edible dried pink cornflower on top. You can buy this mini cheesecake in a box of 16 pcs and share it with your friends over a cup of tea.

Mini caramel New York cheesecake (Box of 16)

The sweetness of caramel fused with New York cheesecake’s rich, unique flavor makes this an irresistible snack. The edible dried osmanthus flowers sprinkled on top add to the beauty of this yummy treat.

Mini New York chocolate cheesecake (Box of 16)

This is one of Zee & Elle’s bestselling mini cakes, with a buttery biscuit base and creamy chocolate cheesecake, a perfect bite-sized snack to pair with your afternoon tea.

Mini raspberry New York cheesecake (Box of 16)

This is one looks amazing! The baby pink cheesecake is topped with edible gold sprinkles, making this a temptation too hard to resist. This creamy cheesecake is filled with raspberry jam on a buttery biscuit base. You can order this in a pack of 16 pcs.

Exploring Zee & Elle’s cake shop

Does nature inspire and excite you? It sure inspires the talented team of Zee & Elle’s who create the most beautiful pieces of art and bake them to perfection. Their cake designs are simple and minimal yet creative and innovative. They have created a niche for themselves, away from the noise and hustle-bustle of routine life, and attract customers who are willing to experience new ideas.

What does a cake shop tell you about its ingredients if it is inspired by nature? Zee & Elle’s are committed to using only the freshest and best ingredients for your orders. No preservatives are used in the baking process, and they are meticulous about upholding the highest quality standards for their customers.

For Zee & Elle’s, customer service is a top priority and their R&D team works continuously to explore new techniques and ideas to serve their customers better. Ultimately, they work with hopes that their cakes remind people to take a step back and enjoy nature and all that it has to offer.

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Cheesecakes are a delicacy that is hard to say no to, and with the beautifully scrumptious cakes at Zee & Elle’s, who can resist? Whether you are planning a party or not, you should try their special cakes and lose yourself in flavorful freshness.

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