Enter into chocolate haven via scrumptious chocolate cakes in Singapore

by Starry

Feb 23 2022

Decadent chocolate cakes are a dream come true for everyone out there. Don’t you just love those awfully good chocolate cakes that are deluged in yummy chocolate and look enticing to the core? Moreover, if the said chocolate is accompanied by a fluffy and moist sponge, you can, under no circumstances, resist it!

Chocoholics are tremendously delighted when they see that a birthday party or some other ceremony is also home to a scrumptious chocolate cake. Not plunging head-first into the chocolate cake seems like an arduous task, and rightfully so! At least we don’t have the appetite to remain alert at a party and do all the pleasantries the right way when there’s a chocolate cake that’s fogging our minds and thoughts!

Today, we’ll be shedding some chocolatey light on the best chocolate cakes in Singapore that you can get from ZEE & ELLE – a leading cake shop in Singapore.

The best chocolate cakes in Singapore you can get from ZEE & ELLE

If you’re looking for some awfully good chocolate cakes in Singapore, choose ZEE & ELLE to get your cakes. They have the best chocolate cakes in Singapore, and you’ll add some mighty flair to all of your events with ZEE & ELLE’s collection of gorgeous cakes.

Gold Chocolate Sail Drip Cake

This is an awfully good chocolate cake that is accentuated and topped with edible gold sprinkles, gold chocolate sail, and macarons. If you’re a fan of chocolate cakes that boast luxury, exuberance, and intricate aesthetics, then this cake is for you!

Chocolate Berries Overload Cake

This is a ganache-coated chocolate cake that is embellished with a garland of berries, fresh fruits, and grace. If you’re a fan of nature and a chocoholic at the same time, then this cake is for you.

Note: the availability of florals, fruits, and foliage depends on the season. If a certain adornment is not available, ZEE & ELLE uses something else in its place to complement the aesthetics.

Vegan Double Chocolate Cake

Made for all the vegan chocoholics out there, this double chocolate cake is moist, rich, and fudgy to its core. This luscious chocolate cake is layered with the creamiest and softest chocolate buttercream. This cake is egg- and dairy-free and suitable for vegans. However, even if you’re not vegan, this chocolate cake in Singapore won’t fail to tickle your taste buds.

All Chocolate Cake

This is a creamy and milky chocolate sponge cake that is only layered with delectable chocolate ganache and crumbly chocolate pearls. If you’re a chocoholic like us, then this cake is simply for you and will lighten up your mood in absolutely no time at all. Plus, if you’re looking to spice things up a little, you can have it together with a glass of chocolate milk and experience the astounding combination by yourself!

Chocolate Cherry cake

A soft, creamy, milky cake with a chocolatey sponge that is complemented with luscious cherry compote. This cake is an intelligent meld of cherries and chocolate that is sure to enthrall you in all the ways possible. Even if you’re not a chocolate cake fan, you simply won’t be able to resist this chocolate cake sitting silently and waiting for you to devour it!

If any of the above-mentioned (or those on ZEE & ELLE’s website) amused you, don’t wait! Get your favorite and best chocolate cake in Singapore now!

About ZEE & ELLE

ZEE & ELLE prides itself in handcrafting cakes that are only inspired by nature and made in good spirits, radiating a positive vibe. ZEE & ELLE also takes its inspiration from the silent hum of the ocean, the sharp rustle of forest tree leaves, and the chirping of birds that are all singing in a melodic rhythm to intrigue the forest deities.

ZEE & ELLE’s cakes are simple, minimalistic, and elegant. If you’re an adventurer by heart, we suggest you get your favorite cake from ZEE & ELLE now and watch the cake shop satisfy all your desires and more.

The chocolate cakes and all other cakes from ZEE & ELLE are made from the best-quality ingredients. Moreover, the cake shop doesn’t use any preservatives either.

Sit back and relax while ZEE & ELLE’s chocolate cakes take you to another dimension – you deserve it!

Shake hands with Atome

To break your purchase from ZEE & ELLE into three monthly, interest-free payments, you can rely on the Atome app (get the app). Atome operates with no hidden costs and is totally free to use. Atome operates in nine regions spread across the globe and has more than 5,000 merchants (including ZEE & ELLE).

Here’s how you can pay for your chocolate cakes from ZEE & ELLE using Atome:

  • While checking out from ZEE & ELLE, choose Atome as your payment partner.
  • Sign in to your Atome account.
  • Pay 1/3rd of the total bill and pay the balance amount later!

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Chocolate cakes are like the literal heart of all the chocolate fans out there. They are scrumptious, and they never fail to please you. If you’re looking for the best chocolate cakes in Singapore, you can get them easily at ZEE & ELLE.

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