Try the bestselling ice cream cakes in Singapore – Elegant and scrumptious

by Starry

Feb 23 2022

There is nothing more graceful and delectable as a massive slice of ice cream cake on a scorching summer day. Ice cream cakes are considered the master of all summer desserts, amalgamating the elegance and deliciousness of both worlds – cakes and ice creams!

If you’re a fan of ice cream cakes and don’t know where to get an ice cream cake in Singapore, we suggest you get your pick from ZEE & ELLE. ZEE & ELLE has a massive variety of the best ice cream cakes in Singapore, and you’ll definitely love every single one of them. In this article, we’ll be taking a gander and eyeballing some of the best ice cream cakes in Singapore flaunted by ZEE & ELLE.

Ice cream cakes and ZEE & ELLE

If you simply love ice cream cakes, ZEE & ELLE has something for you. From chocolate cakes and cream cheese cakes to ice cream cakes, ZEE & ELLE has a gorgeous cake for every personality. Today, we’ll be looking at some of the ice cream cakes brandished by ZEE & ELLE. Choose ZEE & ELLE for your ice cream cake delivery in Singapore now!

Here are SOME ice cream cakes that you can get from ZEE & ELLE, a prominent cake shop in Singapore.

Confetti Melted Ice Cream Cake

If you’re an ice cream cake aficionado and love rainbows and butterflies, then this luscious ice cream cake from ZEE & ELLE is definitely for you.

This ‘confetti melted ice cream cake’ is known as a gorgeously curated mess by many people who have seen this masterpiece in real life. This beauteous ice cream cake is adorned in a ravishing pastel and embellished by comely, color-saturated buttercream strokes.

Get this cake for your birthdays and other parties to add an exquisite flair to all your events. This cake calls for a colorful celebration. Let the festivities roll!

Seashell Funfetti Cone Cake

This is an ingeniously swirled blue cake that is adorned by an ice cream cone, seashell figurines, baby breath, and fun sprinkles peacefully sitting on the top of this eye candy.

If you’re a fan of the sea and blue things, then this cake is certainly for you. Get this cake now, and enthrall yourself and others with the beauty and grace that comes part and parcel with this luscious delight.

  • Please note that any flowers, fruits, and foliage on this cake are tremendously dependent upon the season. If it’s not the season for a certain type of embellishment, ZEE & ELLE would definitely go the extra mile and adapt without compromising on the looks and aesthetics of this stunning cake.

Get to know ZEE & ELLE

ZEE & ELLE takes pleasure in handcrafting cakes that are exclusively driven by nature and prepared in a cheerful, upbeat manner. The silent buzz of the sea, the sharp rustling of vegetation, and the chattering of birds all singing in a rhythmic beat to entice the forest spirits are also inspirations for ZEE & ELLE.

Furthermore, ZEE & ELLE’s cake isn’t overly lavish — it’s basic, simplistic, and lovely. If you’re an explorer at heart, we recommend you order your favorite cake from ZEE & ELLE right now and watch the cake store fulfill all of your fantasies and more.

Zee & Elle’s ice cream cakes, as well as all of their other cakes, are produced with the highest-quality ingredients, including fresh fruits and berries that are selected and 100 percent pure. Furthermore, the cake establishment does not utilize any preservatives in its cakes – just pure and elegant cakes.

Relax and let ZEE & ELLE’s ice cream cakes transport you to another realm — you deserve it! Get your favorite ice cream cake in Singapore from ZEE & ELLE right this instant and indulge yourself in the palpable delight.

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Here’s how you can use Atome to pay for ZEE & ELLE’s ice cream cakes:

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Ice cream cakes are adored by people of all ages as they confer upon them the best of both worlds! Ice cream cakes are elegant, and you can easily get your ice cream cake delivery in Singapore from ZEE & ELLE. ZEE & ELLE has the best ice cream cakes in Singapore, and you’ll fall in love with them! Get a cake from ZEE & ELLE now and use Atome to slice up your bills!

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