Updating your bedroom

by Starry

Jun 07 2020

Your bedroom is arguably one of the places we spend most of our time in. It should be a place of sanctuary, somewhere to put our minds at ease when we go to sleep each night. It makes sense to update our bedroom to what makes us happiest, and make additions to the room that resonates with us and our personality, especially if you’re staying with others, the bedroom is the one place in the house that isn’t a shared space, but a personal one.

Your bedroom should be a cosy environment for you to nestle in after a long day, and it should evoke a sense of peace and stability for you. If you’ve decided to upgrade your room, you can start by identifying what are the things you want to achieve, what are things you need or can do without, and understand the vibe of the room – everyone is different and have their own unique taste, so there’s no one “correct” or one way to do it.

Whether you’re in love with a chic and modern room, or are looking to have a more tropical Balinese feel to your space, you can pay later with Atome and split your bill into three. If you’re changing out your bed frame, it’s important to invest in good quality pieces, which can be relatively more expensive. When you use Atome to pay, the bill gets broken into three equal parts, and is paid over three months with 0% interest. It’s a great way to make things more affordable while allowing you to buy the things you love today.Cotton Pure Pink Stripe Knitted Cotton Fitted Sheet Set

Bedding Affairs: Cotton Pure Pinky Stripe Jersey Cotton

Add a burst of colour to the bedroom with bedsheets. The best thing about dressing up your bed is that you can constantly switch and introduce new colours to your room, instantly brightening up the space. Bedding Affairs offers a wide range of colours and soft, durable sheets that are guaranteed to help you fall asleep soundly. Bedsheets freshen up the space and can speak volumes of your personal style.Lumi Bedside Table

Addin: Lumi Bedside Table

Bedside tables are a staple in every bedroom. It’s important to pick a table that suits your needs. If you love reading books, pick one that allows you to store your favourite reads, and if you like a little privacy and hate clutter, choose one with a drawer to help you store your personal items.Kelson Storage Bed

Addin: Kelson Storage Bed

It’s challenging to decorate the bedroom when there’s limited space. But don’t let that hold you back, look for pieces that can double up as storage units such as this bed frame. There are three drawers on the side, and a rack at the foot of the bed that’s perfect for all your books and magazines. It also features a ledge at the headboard that can hold your alarm clock. Plus, wooden bedframes are a timeless addition to the room – there’s something charming about wooden furniture.Fyren Dressing Table

Addin: Fyren Dressing Table

Indulge in your daily beauty ritual with this wooden dressing table. You can style up your dressing table with your favourite perfume bottles, and skin care products. This dressing table is a beautiful piece to add to your room with its contrasting shapes.King Size Bed Headboard Anggrek

Kulture Home Deco: King Size Bed Headboard “Anggrek”

Finally, how about reliving those good old Bali days and retreat into your bedroom with this magnificent headboard which you can get from Kulture Home Decor. Add a Balinese touch to your room with this intricately hand carved headboard. The frame is made of fiber wood, which is a great alternative to raw wood, and is durable and sustainable. The attention to detail on this piece will have you marvelling at its beauty for ages.

Love It. Own it. Pay later.

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