TFX Funan: Making Your Workout and Fitness Experience Extraordinary

by jiatongma

May 22 2023

TFX Funan is a fitness centre in Singapore famous for its highly professional programs, structured training, and best-in-class equipment. If you are tired of traditional gyms where fitness is just a word, and all you do is blindly follow an exercise routine, then try a TFX fitness centre. They have curated all the programs efficiently and professionally by focusing on innovation and technology. 

If you have experienced a simple gym in your area, you must know that these gyms offer nothing more than basic equipment and exercise material, where people with different fitness goals practice almost the same routine and exercises. 

In contrast, TFX provides a holistic experience to its members. Whether a beginner or an expert, you can get full guidance about fitness and lifestyle tailored to your life goals. Along with advice and professional supervision, members of TFX can learn a lot. From the fundamentals of diet to techniques of workout structuring and evidence-based healthy lifestyle routine, this gym is an institute in itself.

Unlike normal gyms, TFX Singapore is a fitness freak’s heaven. We will explain how, but before discussing this amazing training centre, let us talk about choosing the best gym and gym membership for yourself and what to do if you are still looking for the best gym. So let’s get started.

How to choose the best gym according to your needs

When looking for the most convenient gym for yourself, you must have your goals set in your mind. For instance, whether you want a gym with advanced equipment or a gym with a team of highly trained professionals, or with the least membership fee?

All these questions will help you narrow down what kind of gym best suits you. Moreover, your fitness goals, like whether you want to lose weight or get broad by gaining muscles, will also help you explore the best gym. Below are some tips and qualities you must look for in a gym before getting a membership. 

  1. Gym Hours

We all know that life has become quite busy these days. It has become very difficult for people to balance their work-home life. In such a situation, before adding another activity to your routine, you must plan when and how much time you can spare for it. Therefore, the first and foremost thing to do while selecting a gym is to inquire about its operating hours. 

Suppose, after analyzing your routine, you find that going to the gym is possible in the early morning or late at night. But what if the gym you like opens late and closes early? This short window will not align with your schedule and will only cause stress in you to reach on time. Therefore, it is useless to get its membership. Choosing a gym with flexible hours is always better, one that opens early and closes late at night. 

Besides gym times, you must get information about the trainer’s timings, the hours when certain services are unavailable, and other timing-related rules like how long you can use electronic equipment per day. 

  1. Training options

After that, you must also find out about the training offered at the gym. For instance, is there any professional trainer available and what is their speciality? Always ask the current members about staff professionalism and talk to the trainers about your goals and match training modes before buying a membership in the gym. 

Moreover, you must inquire about the training and workout options available in the gym and if they align with your goal. For example, are cardio and strength training facilities available if you want to lose weight faster? Is there any yoga section where you can learn body flexibility and meditate, or is there any aerobic section in the gym to boost your energy levels? 

  1. Location

The most important factor is the location of the gym. Suppose you come home after a tiring day at work and realize that you now have to drive twenty minutes to the gym to exercise. There are high chances that you will skip working out that day. 

Many people need help staying consistent and motivated when it comes to exercising. For such people, if the gym is far away, they are more likely to quit earlier than expected. Therefore, always choose a gym near your home; reaching it doesn’t feel like a burden. 

  1. Cost

Another important factor is the cost of membership and service charges of the gym. If you want a premium membership with the most privileges, it will cost you more than a simple membership with fewer services. Most gyms take registration charges before giving the membership, and members pay the membership amount monthly. 

However, there are some clubs and gyms that do not ask for any registration or initiation charges. If your goal is to find a gym with almost all basic facilities and fewer charges, then find a gym with no initiation fee, offers a free week trial, and can negotiate the monthly costs. This will be the most economical option for people who want to gain maximum benefit by spending less money. You will have to make a little extra effort to find such gyms in your area. 

  1. Quality of equipment and Environment

Always visit the gym before buying its membership. Keep in mind to check the environment to see if the gym is spacious, has a proper ventilation system, secure lockers, a clean changing room, and a washroom. Moreover, while visiting, check the machinery and equipment. Briefly look at whether the equipment is of good quality, clean and in working order. 

Some gyms look beautiful outside but have most machines out of order. Lastly, also notice if there are any additional services offered by the gym, like working LCDs and vendor machines with healthy drinking or snacking options.

TFX in Singapore

If you are looking for an elite gym and training centre where you can have every facility, bells, and whistles of the world, then you must visit TFX Singapore. This extraordinary training hub’s latest cutting-edge fitness programs will guide you to achieve your goals in the best possible way.

Best Asian Fitness Brand of 2019

TFX-Singapore was awarded the best fitness club in 2019 due to its remarkable services and evidence-based programmes that proved to be highly beneficial for its members. It is also one of the largest Asian fitness clubs, with twenty-five clubs in Singapore and Taiwan. 

This fitness club mainly focuses on fitness and yoga but also offers other services like dance, athletic and functional classes. In short, this club provides all fitness-related facilities under one roof. TFX has paid special attention and extraordinary efforts in creating technology-enabled programs, tracking systems and innovative ideas in taking care of the health of its members. All these quality services and equipment make it outstanding to other traditional gyms. 


There are two main TFX clubs in Singapore, full of amenities and professional values. 

The first one is TFX Funan, located on North bridge road Funan. It has a beautiful swimming pool for relaxation, a range of small and large fitness groups and classes, a yoga studio, and a functional spinning area. Moreover, it also has a separate male and female locker area where you can keep your stuff secure. 

The second club is TFX Millenia Walk, on Raffles boulevard Millenia Walk, Singapore. This club has all the top-class equipment you will not find anywhere else in the city. Being one of the largest clubs, it has a comprehensive range of fitness classes with functional training, group training, yoga and spinning studios. Both clubs offer extremely professional staff, a safe environment, and high-quality services to their members. 

TFX is one of Atome’s partner merchant

TFX has partnered with Atome to offer its members flexible payment options. With Atome, you can split your membership fee into three parts and pay it over time while you enjoy all the benefits of their gyms. Let’s find out how.

What is Atome?

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You can become a member, too, by downloading the app (Get Atome’s app) and registering yourself. You also get a welcome voucher of $10 when you download the app, which can be used for your first purchase.

How to pay with Atome

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WHY Choose TFX 

TFX is a comprehensive club network that aims to provide service to every fitness seeker. Whether someone wants to feel better by joining dance sessions or wants to do high resistance training, TFX offers all. Due to its range of services, single and group training sessions, and top-class equipment, choosing any of these clubs is smart. 

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